Midnight Cowboy…

I guess, when you think about the name…
This lipstick makes sense.

I mean if a Cowboy goes out at midnight, you would assume that they would be like Ninja’s, thus completely invisible.

So in that sense, the name fits the colour quite well.



Midnight Cowboy is a very sheer colour for me. The only way you can tell its on my lips, is that there is that gorgeous shimmer. I am not usually a fan of shimmery/glittery lipsticks, but this one…if I layered it on another lipstick, I think I could make it work.



Upper swatch is one swipe on the back of my hand, the lower swatch is after 5 swipes.

Left side of my lips is with Midnight Cowboy on, and the Right is my bare lips.

Regardless, luckily this is a teeny tiny sample size, and thus I won’t have to feel obligated to use it. Actually it sat in my box for the last year, untouched :T


Anyway do you see a point in buying a lipstick that doesn’t really do anything for your own lips?
I mean I guess I could argue a MLBB, but its not really…more like a gloss if anything…


3 thoughts on “Midnight Cowboy…

    • yeah, at least as a sample I cant complain…but if I wanted a sheer only glitter lippie, I would just go with a gloss from a drugstore brand that is far cheaper

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