Canadian Made BB Cream? Yup it’s true~

For my Sunday Picture, I will be also reviewing the Marcelle BB Cream.


I hadn’t expected it this early, and was super delighted when I did receive it in my mailbox. So it is only fitting that it is featured as part of my Sunday Pictures as it is one of the main highlights of my last week.
Moving on…

Advertised as the “first Canadian made BB cream”, it has had all us Canadian beauty bloggers a twitter on twitter since the Montreal unveiling in November 2011.

So seeing as I haven’t used it long enough to do a proper review I will mix in a few thoughts on the product, and a few blurbs about the press release in this post.

8 in 1 Multi-Benefits
• Minimizes the appearance of imperfections and pores
• Evens out skin tone
• Provides an excellent makeup base and replaces primers
• Matifies skin and controls shine
• Offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits
• Soothes and calms kin
• Protects from premature aging and environmental stresses
• Promotes skin regeneration

The Marcelle BB can be used with or without your usual moisturizer. It can also just be used as a base/primer for your other foundations (which I have yet to try, but have done with BB’s in the past. I felt that it gave my foundations something to grab onto). In general, it will help to smooth out the skin. In my case it smooth out a lot of my acne scarring, and redness around my nose and mouth. Which is what I would expect from it. However it doesn’t eliminate everything (like my dark circles due to the lack of sleep from school stressors at the moment lol >_

My BB history:
In the past I have used Tony Moly Brightening BB that I received from my friend DA as a gift. I have also used Mamonde samples that my friend AY gave me, and have used a few other sample sachets that I received with my makeup purchases when I was in Korea 2010 (Face shop, Skin Food, Missha). I liked use the Tony Moly in the past as it really held up in a sweaty environment. It also fit my skin tone the best, though slightly yellower than I would have liked. However it was heavier than the other BB’s that I have tried, and had a slight smell I didn’t like very much.

Marcelle BB Consistency:
The closest consistency I can describe it as is that it is like how everyone has been describing BB’s; like a tinted moisturizer. What I liked about it is that it isn’t heavy, and isn’t oily when it is going on.
On the skin, it glides about really easily. I also liked that you didn’t need to rush too much, as it didn’t dry quickly. Feeling wise, it had a slight slippery feel to it, making it easier to blend into the skin. Marcelle’s BB is definitely thinner than what I am used to. as I usually use cream, liquid or mineral powder foundation.

I just did a quick swatch of the liquids.


(MUFE 123, MUFE 125, Marcelle BB)

Swatch Comparisons:
So MUFE 123, MUFE 125, and Marcelle’s BB cream
On my skin, and of the three, Marcelle is the lightest. It is closest to the MUFE 125 that I have in my possession. However BB is not as pink and s a tad more yellow than the MUFE 125.


Marcelle BB Dispensing Mechanism:
One pump is more than enough for half my face. The pump it self isn’t too bad at all. Definitely not like the insanity that MUFE introduced to us back with the older foundation pump bottles. The bottle is a squishy bottle, with a airless pump. Which means that if you want to use up every little bit of the product you would have to keep it standing on the cap So if you want to use it all, you will have to resort to cutting it open once you get to that point (once u get to the end, unless its THAT good and can suck out everything☺).

My Impressions on the Product:
Again, this is only after two uses of the product. So it isn’t a review to explain very much. Will write up another follow up later.

As I mentioned, a pump is more than enough for half my face. I applied it with my fingers, dragging my fingers in a diagonal motion from my nose to the edge of my face. I believe I got the light sample, and it fits me just right. Without the half face application, you wouldn’t know that I was wearing it at all. The only way you could tell on my face was that my pores were far more visible on the BB-less side, and that you could see more of the redness and other skin issues on that side compared to the BB applied side.

(Left-With BB and Right-without BB, comparison of my face)

After 4 hours, my face isn’t bad at all. My nose is just a tiny bit shinier than when I first applied it, but not disgusting, and not a big deal. My cheeks and the rest of the face was otherwise fine.

So what?
If you are a BB junkie (a few of my friends are xD) you can grab the bottles of the tube from their online store starting TOMORROW!

Just head on over to and it is available for $22.95. The catch is that you do need to buy something else if you want to qualify for free shipping, which is a minimum purchase of $25. But it is Marcelle, and if you need any suggestions, you could pick up their Waterproof liners ( If you want to swatch it out for yourself before you buy them, then you will have to wait until February 6, 2012. It isn’t that long away, and will give you more time to read reviews of other bloggers.
In general, I know that if I had not received a sample bottle from Marcelle, I would have bought a bottle for myself. It is hard to not want to be part of something that is a Canadian-made newbie to the cosmetic world.

Are you planning on placing an order? Or will you wait for the store release?



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