So in Korea, there is this thing in the cosmetic world.

Basically, when you think about products that we use, for example creams (lip, cheek, eyes), it takes a really long time to finish one up. I mean take the MAC Paint pots for example, they tend to dry out before one can use them fast enough!

Thus pot splitting was introduced.
Basically you pull out the product, slice it up, take one of each, and shove it back into the pots.







This one is another I made with MAC PP Chilled on Ice and Bare Study.

This is Benefit Creaseless Cremes in Skinny Jeans and Birthday Suit
(this was my first try, which is why its so ugly looking. Plus the formula of the Creaseless Cremes are really mushy/smooth, thus harder to work with.)


Sigh…you ladies are too lovely~
I want to split up more pots, but I don’t really have any other pots to split up!
People do split up dry baked blushes and shadows, but I have a feeling I will destroy them before I am able to master it. So might not want to venture into that territory.

(actually I tried it on an ELF shadow. Totally destroyed it! LOL so yes, I’m not trying that on pan blushes of shadows. I guess I will leave that to the pro’s xD)


4 thoughts on “Addicted!

  1. That’s a wonderful idea! Oh my, but hey, do you feel what I feel? It breaks my heart to split the paint pots but hey, what must be done to keep them fresh!!! Mine dried out!

    • Lol Nikki I totally agree! It’s so hard to split them up, as they look lively in their normal state, but makes things easier so ucant complain too much xD less pots to open

    • I really like doing it!

      I mean, it really does make paint pots more affordable for those who don’t find that they use cream bases frequently. And more colours for you buck, is always a plus!

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