Many many weeks ago…
I got a box of goodies from Farley & Co.
I will eventually get the rest of the reviews up~ (hopefully >_<)

So back in the summer of 2010, in an effort to escape the curse of the raccoon eye by mascara, I decided to commit to wearing fake lashes everyday.

For the most part it was easy, as I cut the lashes at a thinner width than the width of my own lash line, making application simple for me.

It was just a matter of waiting long enough for the glue to dry to the right consistency.
Anyway this went on…til one day I noticed a bit of a crazy urge to scratch my eyelid. Then that urge became an overwhelming need, and finally…into a full-blown swollen eyelid once the lashes were removed.
Thus ended my love affair with lovely lush lashes.

I would only wear them on special occasions when I wanted to look extra flirty (lol).

In Korea (December 2010), I came across the Darkness double eyelid/lash glue for about 5500won (about $5CAN). Because my first assumption was that I was allergic to latex, I figured looking for latex free glue would be my ticket out of this mini hell I created. Then I found the same exact one being sold at Daiso for 2000won (just under $2 CAN). Aside from the awesome cost, I liked it because it was a brush. During the month in the Summer, my application method resulted in taking an eyeliner brush, and brushing a line of the DUO eyelash glue onto my lash line, then applying the lashes when the glue was dry. Felt easier for me to control my curler natural lashes. Though may seem unhygienic, it made things easier for me, and less brushes to wash every day.

Unfortunately all this glue did was allow me more time before the allergic reaction (itching) would occur. Where the DUO glue gave me only 4-6 hrs of wear time, the Darkness would give me about 5-7 hrs of wear time. However despite the wear time before the itching, the swollen lids would still occur. So I was still on a search.

So during the past year, I have tried a few others, by the suggestion of friends who have kept out on eye for me.

Luckily, I was invited to participate in a survey from Farley & Co. Actually it sat in my inbox for a week after it was received. When I finally got through it, I was told that I would be sent a variety of products to test out.

And how can reject play time with new fun things?!

So thus the lovely MesmorEyes eyelash adhesive entered into my life.


I did a quick check of the ingredients…and I found that WATER was the first ingredient. This gave me more hope as what can be more natural than water?

Ingredients: Water, 2-Ethylhexyacrylate, Methyl Methacylate, Ethylacrylate, Methylacrylate-acid

It was also purely by accident that I was able to discover that I may not be actually allergic to latex (which the Darkness glue, which is latex free, kind of make me aware of as well). Basically when I was removing the lashes, I was tearing up on one eye, and not the other. The eye that was watering, was the eye that ended up swelling, while the other that was not watery, did not swell (it made for an awkward few days waiting for the one eye swelling to settle down).

Anyway, as long as I remove the glue properly, not cry, and remove with facial cleansing oils, I can avoid the swelling reaction! SUCCESS!

So that is my MAJORLY long story to my glue story. So lets get to the point of this review.

This glue is quite different from the others I have used. It is VERY watery (cause of the water, duh lol), so you have to use a gentle touch when squeezing the tube. Otherwise you will accidentally dispense a HUGE glob of the glue and waste it.

However, because it is watery, I found that I would pull the lashes off when I was done with them, without much resistance. This wouldn’t have been the case for a few other glues, as I would have to soften the glue with makeup remover, before pulling them off. BUT this isn’t to say that the glue was weak. On the contrary I found that it lasted very well. I was able to wear them for 9 hours without any troubles. As a precaution, I had taken the little tube with me, in the case that I would need an emergency touch up, luckily I didn’t have to :) I should also mention that you may want to put a larger drop of glue on both ends of the lash, so that it can really grab onto the eyelid. If you don’t have enough, I found that it tends to lift from the lid, at least in my case.

I also found that because it is so watery, I was very comfortable using it with glitters. I line my eye with glue, attach glitters, and then wash a light layer over the glitters to hold them in place. This was far harder to do with the glues that I had before, though not impossible.

If you feel that you want to ensure a stronger lash to skin bond, what you can do is draw a line of glue on your lid, and the fake lashes. Once they are both dry and tacky, you can attach the two. It seemed to have a firmer grip on each other. This was something I was able to modify from the seminar I attended at IMATS Toronto 2011 in November. Mr Stein had mentioned something like this when working with Spirit Gum, but figured I could apply it to lash glue as well (as they are somewhat similar in their points).

Removal of the glue from the fake lashes is a little harder than other glues, as it breaks apart as you pull them, but not a big issue for me really.

MesmorEyes products can be found at Pharmasave (no idea where I can find those in Toronto, if you know lmk :)) or online (according to the website details).
7grams/ 0.25 oz for $4.59

Though this may not be for everyone, however as a monolid, who has oily lids, this seemed like a treasure for my uses. And I am just DELIGHTED that I now can put my stash of lashes to use again :)


Wimpy lashes, though Annabelle’s Le Big Show helps A LOT!


In terms of the lashes, I received a pair of MesmorEyes Full Lashes in 218 Black. As soon as I saw them, they reminded me of my Ardell pair, the Ardell Fashion Lashes in 108. They are quite similar except that the MesmorEyes is shorter than the Ardell ones. So more than lengthening, this lash set is more for volume; to fill in the sparse lash line that you may have been cursed with (as I am). They are both made of 100% Sterilized human hair, and are both made with the invisible lash band.

Personally I am not a fan of the invisible band, but it’s more for personal reasons. The thick lash bands, when applied to my monolids, give it something to fold over, and leave me with a tiny inner crease. This means that because of the tiny inner crease, my eye looks bigger. I also tend to draw my eyeliner slightly on the thicker side, but if you draw nice thin lines, this would be more of your cup of tea.

Otherwise it is quite easy to work with. I can curl, or apply mascara if wanted. You just need to be careful with the invisible bands. I have found during previous uses of invisible bands, is that they are harder to remove the glues from, and if not careful, lose their shape far easier than the one with the black bands. So use a patient, careful hand.

In terms of cleaning, they are just like any pair of lashes really. I just soak a Q-Tip in MU remover and roll it over the band (or sometimes I just let them soak in the solution for a bit). I then place it back in the tray so that it can regain its shape after the cleaning, and it is good to go for a few more rounds.

Before and after of my bare lashes vs mascara lashes…
(That length is thanks to Annabelle Le Big Show. Just need a waterproof version and I’d be an addict for life!)
(Let’s not talk about the eye damage that my skin has accumulated over the years… >_< )

This is why I don’t like invisible bands. Too delicate…

Uncurled, no mascara lashes

Left eye is with the lashes on.
Right side is curled with no mascara

Lashes on both eyes, hurray for lashes!


As soon as I saw these, I was reminded of the Ardell one’s I had as well. They aren’t exactly the same, as the MesmorEYEs ones taper in, and the Ardell ones are longer, but just saying I was reminded of them.
The Ardell ones is the pink box, whereas the MesmorEYES is the lavender one.



2 thoughts on “MesmorEYES

    • yeah, the glue is a completely different cosistency than others that I have tried in the past, but I’m just happy that despite the odd consistency, it works for me xD

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