My dear friend H returned from her Mali Africa missions trip this past week. It was weird not seeing her for the duration she was gone (I was so deprived!). However she is back, safe and sound, with great memories, and hopefully clearer visions for her future.

It also makes reminds me that I should go one day.

I was going to go to Afghanistan…but then we stopped because it got too dangerous.

2 years back I had planned to go to Mali, but things fell through.

So many in the next 2 years…

Anyway she came back, and had a mini stop over at Paris. Which means…MACAROONS!
Seriously I am such a high-maintenance-jerky-friend sometimes…lol

I got to try my first one at the Groupe Marcelle event in November, and I’ve been in love since…They just look so pretty so they are hard to eat, but lovely to eat.

So apparently Laduree is quite famous, and I was delighted to try their goodies. Thank you H for this opportunity xD

At first I thought this box was jewelry lol but I mean come on, it kind of looks like it!










My only regret, is that I did not have a more refined tongue to truly enjoy this delicacy. Also that I ate it. Looking at the pictures again, makes me wish I had preserved one or something lol I wouldn’t really be that insane, but I can’t help thinking that. Looks so yummy :)

Thanks H :)

In other news, sorry this is my first post for 2012. Caught a cold and have been a tad under the weather. So unfortunately it was neglected. I start my final practicum on Monday, but have enough pictures to last hopefully a few weeks.

Anyway hope that the new years has started off well for you all.

One thought on “Yummers…”

  1. I didn’t know you posted this!
    I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed this little gift from me…
    I will try to buy bigger box next time! lol
    I’m kinda regreting not buying all the flavours they have….
    so next time, bigger box with EVERY flavours! lol
    11 more months and hoping to take another trip to Mali! :)

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