South Korea: Myeong Dong (December 2010)

This is part one of my trip to Korea.
I didn’t edit my flight trips, and I don’t know if I ever will! lol

Anyway the posts are quite picture heavy, which is why I have posted this with the ‘more’ section. If you want to check them out, well…have fun, if not…meh :)

This is not really a ‘guide’ post, more like a picture journal of my days there. If you are looking for a guide…well I would say screw it! Just roam about! Just make sure if you are directionally challenged, that you do your best to keep track of where you are going, otherwise it is possible to circle one small part od MD, and only that block! lol.

If you are a fan of SNSD or Kara, or whatever, there is a store called EVERSING which is on the 5th floor os the SPAO building.

The stores are pretty fun to check out, and there are fun things to see when you go on the weekends. Miligore is also right next to the MD station, which is nice, but many of the sellers there are quite catty. Can be frustrating, but you have to remember that they have a crapload of people coming into inquire about products, only to leave and buy it from somewhere else. (Small tip for this place, is that if you buy more, they tend to cut the price for you a little.)

Anyway onwards go!

The Streets…

The person in Purple is a worker for Tony Moly. The thing she is holding are masks, freebies to lure you into the store.
Just wanted to mention. The guy in the picture with the blue hat is an oppa of mine. He pops up a few times (like two…) so I had to mention it, otherwise I look like a creepy stalker lol. Also this is taken in the middle of MD. The building that houses Forever21, Daiso, Zara~


The Food…

Food (1)
Can you tell I was a little obsessed with the stalls?

Food (2)
Food (4)
Food (5)
I took this picture just because Nikki’s husband took a picture here XD

Food (3)
I do not understand Koreans and their donuts. LOL Mister Donut recently entered the Korean Market as well…but yes, apparently they are always on the search for a great donut. On the plus side, they aren’t as oily as our donuts here!

Zpokki (1)
Zpokki (2)
Pokki is just melted sugar with a tiny bit of baking soda added. Basically the baking soda gives off a small chemical reaction, making the sugar puff up a little, and gives it the caramel colouring. Not bad when it is made right, but personally I think it is yummier when I make it at home XD Anyway in Korea they stamp a shape into it, after they dump it out on the counter.

The Shopping…

hef (1)
I didn’t actually check this store out, but I did kind of regret it when I read some reviews afterward >_<

Its their drugstore, without the drugs. But they carry a lot of stuff. Namely Color Club (overpriced!), Duri polish, Maybelline, MBD masks etc etc. What is nice about this store is that if you have their credit card (I think it was their CC), than you get an additional 10% off your purchase~ Always nice…

Just cause it was funny…

Sam (1)
This is another thing I found funny. But then I realized they are basically a boutique reselling brands, rather than producing their own. Did you know that Samsung hooked up with some European company and created cars?! Oh yes they did. I forgot the name already, but they look just like any other car out there. Apparently they are a decent ride though.

NAture Republic (2)
NAture Republic (1)
NAture Republic (3)
NAture Republic
This is the store I got my lovely Pink lipstick from.

The narrower streets are pretty dark during the day, but during the night the stores really light up the place.

If you walk through Myeong Dong from the Station, you will hit the Lotte Department Trio. But Ill get to that in the next post :)



4 thoughts on “South Korea: Myeong Dong (December 2010)

  1. Tony Moly, Etude House and Holika Holika in 1 part of the street = heaven. I was excited to find out Tony Moly has a store at home but disappointed when I went. They had like 10 shades of np (all boring). Etude House stores are tiny too. It sucks

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