Update on me~

So I am just finishing up a paper…that was due Tuesday -______-
Yeah, I decided to sacrifice the 5%.
I was too sleep deprived to produce anything decent.
Not to say that I am not sleep deprived anymore, on the contrary, I’m still
averaging 4.5 hours of sleep a night. However I have to have this in today,
and well at this point don’t care!

Anyway, so at approximately 11am, I shall be done my third semester.
That means I only have one more left til I’m don’t with this frustrating diploma.

That also means that I need to think about what I will be doing next…
…something I have been putting off since last January!

But now that I’m getting closer to that bridge, I have to decide on my options,
and move accordingly.

For now, I will delight in the fact that I am almost done!
Just one presentation at 8am, and then endure the rest of the classes presentations…


Too bad one of my closest friends is leaving to go to Africa for several weeks >_<

But I do get to catch up with another friend of mine (JE what the heck?! we better play lots!)

So those are some things I get to look forward to.

Oh and we can't forget sleep.

Sweet lovely, beautiful sleep :D

Have a great day everyone!


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