Project Festive Red

So a little while ago…on twitter, @Macnunu mentioned that as soon as December hit, she would be sporting reds. Well I thought that was a GREAT idea, and though I would apply that to my nails.

That is what Project Festive Red is all about.

Unfortunately it may not just be reds. I realized that that may be boring, so I might just so colours that are related to Christmas colours, and sparkly goodness. Increases the range I can dabble in to :)

So all I wanted to do, or try (as I already screwed up a day…) was to change my polish every other day. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it really isn’t that out of the ordinary for me. Also it doesn’t take as long as you might think when you have Fast Dry Top Coats on hand.

I labeled the days, according to the polish change, then listed the days worn underneath. Its not really relevant, but thought I would share.

December 14-15
China Glaze Vertical Rush
This one is another pretty one from ChG. It isn’t really red, more of a purple-y red. Nevertheless lovely~
I drew a Snowperson on plastic, then peeled if off when I applied Vertical Rush on my nails. I added the eyes, nose and arms…but apparently it looks more like a penguin! LOL If you can see the glitter, I used Nubar for that. Resemblance to snow :)

December 12-13
Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Exotic
For this one, I drew the tree on plastic, attached the ornaments with the polishes down below, then sealed it all in with
I used Cover Girls Disco Ball and China Glaze’s Party Hearty. The tree is Wet n Wild.

December 10-11
Nicole by OPI Red Rules this Yule
Just to try it out, I layered a few glitters and flakies on plastic, let it dry, and then attached it to my ring finger for some extra bling. Was quite satisfied, so I kept doing a few more things…

December 8-9
OPI Ladies & Magenta-Men
This one is interesting. I was going to link a swatch, but they are SO DIFFERENT than what I have! It was a little shocking. Anyway I would say this is a darker colour, similiar to what I have pictured, though not 100%. I was going to try a Christmas dress on my ring finger, then gave up…so I did dots, to resemble ornaments…but major fail there as well LOL

December 6-7
OPI Let Me Entertain You
I was able to snag this with the help of a friend. But it remained in my stash for quite some time before I gave it a go. Once I did…I feel in love xD It really is a fun polish to wear.
External Swatches

December 3-5
China Glaze Red Pearl
One of my favourite red polishes to wear.
External Swatches


December 1-2
China Glaze Ruby Slippers
TwitPic (sorry for the crappy quality)
External Swatches


2 thoughts on “Project Festive Red

  1. now I can picture you going “ooh… sparkles… pretty…….” xD
    I love the one from OPI… Let me entertain you…. cool name too!!

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