cheap ELF goodies…

Two products I relied on in Korea last year.
I didn’t want to bring all my good stuff with me (at the risk of them breaking in travel), plus it would give me a good excuse to buy new things while I was there. (notice a trend here, especially in connection to the post yesterday? lol)



My apologies for it being so dirty >_< Should have cleaned the edges before taking the photo, but it didn’t occur to me then. Blogger fail lol



Blush on the Left, Bronzer on the right



The Complexion Perfection isnt the ultimate solution for me, however I like using it for blotting touch ups, so even if I do use it a few times a day, it doesn’t bug me. I also find that it doesn’t end up caking my foundation after repeated application. But that could be because my skin oils it up so much that it can’t cake? (I don’t know if that makes sense….)

The Contour duo is lovely though. With blushes, I never wear them alone, I always have foundation on. So I found that they stayed pretty well, considering that they are supposed to be $3USD. I paid half that I believe, and for that price, definitely worth it. I was a tad worried at first, that they wouldn’t be pigmented enough, but dang, if I am not careful during the winter, I can end up looking clowny. NOT attractive >_< The blush does have a little bit of shimmer (leaning more towards glitter), but its for the most part quite fine, so I don’t have issues with it. I prefer my blushes with shimmer and shine, so it suits me just right.

Anyway, a cheap, decent product to toss in your daily makeup bag. If it breaks, you won’t cry, and yet you won’t get pissed off everyone time you see it (pissed because it was a worthless product, which I believe its not).

In regards to gifting season, these could be stocking stuffers~ If you do things like that xD

(Always wanted a stocking…never got one…when I have kids I am making sure I have them for them! Twill be fun xD)


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