Holika Holika

Soon, and I mean in a few days, will mark my one year anniversary of my Korea trip. And damn that makes me so sad…I wish I were planning another trip over there right now, however that isn’t the case. Will need to wait until next fall! Aiesh…

But I am trying to make do. Its not like I need anything from Korea, I just miss the atmosphere.

Anyway, I need to start hammering out posts for the products I picked up back then, and need to post the pictures I took while I was there as well. The site seeing posts were drafted a really long time ago, but just never posted. Shame I know…I will do it soon though, to commemorate the anniversary xD

Okay so moving on, this one of the products I picked up in Korea.

I didn’t want to take a lot of my stuff from home, as I wanted an excuse to buy things in Korea. So I didn’t bring my Shiseido Curler, or my usual brushes, or my usual shadows. So one of the first things I did was to pick up a few necessities, and well this was one of them.

This is the single shadow from Holika Holika BR504. (No idea what Holika Holika is to mean, but hopefully not this)

Moving along…

The single shadow is priced at 4000W which is just under $4 CAN ($3.60 according to XE.com).



The back states that this shadow is called Chocolate Truffle (or rather Cho-co-let Te-ruh-pull xD)



The imprint is a witch on a broom, which is the mascot for the brand.


Now the reason I was attracted to this shade, was because of the fact it looked like such a nice rich brown. When swatched, it is a little different from what you see in the pan. Not bad, but just to note. However when I came home, I was a tad worried that it was similar to the brown in the Stila Trio that I had. It just seemed so familiar! I tried swatching other browns that I had, but it just didn’t look right. One of the colours below is a swatch of Annabelle’s Bronzed Idol, I just can’t remember which one it is >_<


So of course I dug out the Stila Trio Gold Glow and had to swatch it.

It doesn’t look like it so I got lucky there. I just hate when I buy something and it is VERY similar to something I already own in my collection (whether it be polish, shadow, blush…)

As it is swatched, I have the Holika Holika Chocolate Truffle in the middle, and then the two outer Stila colours on either side. The swatches on my hand is what I wish showed up from the trio.




The dreaded feeling that you have something REALLY similar in your stash, so you quickly run and check.

Luckily this wasn’t one of those times. It isn’t quite the Annabelle Bronzed Idol or the middle brown from the Stila Trio Golden Glow. But that just means that I’m safe at home, and don’t have to pinch myself for buying something very similar to the one in my stash…right?

Anyway just a quick sum of the product.

The shadow lasts a fair amount of time. I use it over the UDPP primer (never on its own as I have super oily skin), and I would say with the pricing, it is a decent buy. I am not disappointed by it, or the cost, and kind of wish I had bought a few more (I only have this one and a dark blue one from the line). Ah well, maybe next year right?


4 thoughts on “Holika Holika

  1. I like their blush too!
    I have pink one… (I don’t think I bought it with u… did I??)
    but most importantly, it’s so cheapppppp!!!!

    well, maybe not if we think about the plane tickets >.<

    wanna go together next year?? xD

    • ahhaha well I’ll be going fall/winter w umma and maybe bro, so you should come too!
      we can all rent a place lol
      that sound deadly at the same time… :P

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