Best Served Chilled on Ice….

I had to come to school early (7:30am) so after I did my business, I came to the local Starbucks to gain another star on my account, and to try and be productive by working out a few posts. I had the pictures uploaded for a few weeks now, just not the content. So here is one of the efforts of my productive morning xD

So back in September, I had the opportunity to attend another MAC Warehouse Sale (Thx again to Funnyfacebeauty xD)

This time, I took my dear friend H along with me (she really had no choice, I needed her to drive lol). So we got up early Saturday morning to head over to the sale. We were somewhat early, and yet somewhat late according to the line. There was a lot of people ahead of us, and it was just a little surprising to me. However seeing as the capacity for the venue is quite high, I didn’t think we would wait very long.

Anyway, this is just one of the few goodies that I was able to pick up then.

So this is MAC’s LE paintpot in Chilled on Ice.
This was released in December of 2010, in the Cham-Pale collection. I remember being in Korea and thinking I might pick something up from the collection while I was there. It was a little cheaper as I would have paid the US price, and the department store was having an additional 10% off (if I remember correctly).

I wasn’t interested in it, but after reuniting with H after I went off on my own for a little bit, I checked out what she got. She showed me her hand swatches and POW! I was totally taken by Chilled on Ice. So I went and lined up for my own pot.




Chilled on Ice, is quite sheer, and well the product (when fresh) is a little more slippery (and at the same time a tad gritty) than I would like. The pot on display, at the sale, was firmer and swatched differently. So I was a tad disappointed when I got home and played around with it.

That was…until I tried it over black. I was taking product pictures of my Annabelle Licoriche Smoothie and thought, “Lets smear Chilled on Ice over it so people can see the glitter on the blog”…

My mind was blown!



It is hard to see, my apologies, but it is more glittery than shimmery. However I haven’t had real issues with fall out, and for the most part, all negatives have been silenced by how gorgeous it looked over dark colours.


Chilled on Ice on its own, looks like it would be a great highlighter, however the glitter doesn’t really make it highlighter friendly. Maybe you could use a tiny bit and really work it into the skin?



Just to show the differences in shine between the two, I have Chilled on Ice layered over the Annabelle Licoriche Smoothie on the left part of my hand, and on its own on the right part of my hand.

For $12, I don’t really have a lot to complain about. It is a little hard to love, but once you figure out a way to work with it, it isn’t too bad at all. I wouldn’t say this is the best paintpot that I have (I only have three now), but its different than the ones that I have so I welcome its differences.

The MAC Warehouse Sale is this weekend (if I remember correctly), so if you are going do check it out, this may surprise you :)


One thought on “Best Served Chilled on Ice….

  1. Hey man! Chilled on Ice is one of the BEST I got from that sale!!
    but don’t forget Dangerous Cuvee…. I just love these two!!!
    Thank u so much for taking me to that sale, had lots of fun and goodies >..< lol

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