IMATS Toronto 2011 Saturday


As I have in the last few years, I was excited to attend IMATS Toronto.
As soon as IMATS 2010 finished, I was looking forward to IMATS 2011, and it didn’t disappoint (well for the most part that is…).

Lining up for your wristband wasn’t as bad this year (was pretty horrendous last year). They seemed to have added a few more people to process registrations, however had there been a sudden rush of people, I can see them having to wait a really long time. Not sure what to say really, there needs to be a way to make it faster. Any suggestions peeps?

(btw when I saw the PRO ONLY shirts, my heart skipped a beat. Then I realized it wasn’t actually Pro Only lol)
Once I got in, I obviously hit up MUFE. I couldn’t help it, I didn’t want my stuff to sell out. They had included the tax prices this year, and it did make it easier. One thing that did get to me was their processing. They fill orders quickly, however when the orders are placed on the table, the payment lady would just pick up a random on. Or it would seem to be random, as the other ladies would place the new orders in the spots that the payment lady had just pulled orders from. (I know that doesn’t make sense, but hand in with me.)


So what ended up happening was that people who had orders fulfilled first, were paying much MUCH later than people who had placed them way after them. Not cool, but understandable that the MUFE ladies would mix that up in the chaos. One of the ladies did seem to notice the problem, and kind of shove them down, but with all the orders stacked up next to each other, it was very hard to do. Then what happened was that the orders were being fulfilled so fast, that they payment lady couldn’t keep up, as she had to calculate everything herself. So before the baggies were placed in the queue for payment, they were calculated by the staff, then laid on the floor for processing by the payment lady. (And the prize for the worst explanation goes to Rasilla!! *>_<*)

Alright, that's enough of a rant for now.

My best purchase here was the Magnetic Palette. Priced at $7, and a decent size, it has helped me with all the misc shadows that I have. Maybe this can help with my organization as well? Anyway I was happy. Thought about the Z Palette, but liked this one better. It has its faults (scratches easy, solid cover, can be a bit of a pain to open), however its metal, and black. In my weird books, that's just perfect for me.

Bdellium was my second stop, so that I could cross off the brush off my list. I have a mini review HERE on their Bamboo and Travel line. I was interested in something similar to the Skunk Brush, so spent some time feeling each brush up, and trying to figure out which one I would jump for. In the end I ended up buying a rounded brush meant for powders (but am using it for liquid and enjoying it a lot). It only cost me $9, and it was one of the best purchases at the sale (next to my MUFE palette). Too bad I don’t have a picture of the booth but the guys at the booth were very nice, and charming when answering questions. And it was fun answering questions when a few ladies asked me why I was buying them (they are soft, and they seem to just perform oh so freaking well!). My regret is that I didn’t budget more for their brushes. They were priced really well, and I wish I had gotten a few more. After trying these guys out, I doubt I will ever go back to Crown. I mean their lines are long, and some of their stuff that I’ve bought over the years have been pretty disappointing.

Model in a Bottle was the third booth I hunted down to cross off their spray on my list. The ladies were very nice, and were really patient in explaining their product over and over and over again to the people who stopped by their booth. As I was on a deadline, I paid for my bottle ($15 for the regular spray) and headed off to look around.

Now that I had everything I needed, I decided to roam around and wait til @babybubblz had arrived.

So that meant picture taking time/looking to see what else I might be interested in. Anyway the next group of pictures are from throughout the day though

Now I really REALLY wanted to buy a pair of Velour Lashes for myself (especially after seeing GlitterGeek with them on, you can check out a post with her lashes HERE), however if you have followed since 2010 Summer, you will know that I found out that my eyelids are allergic to a lot of glues out there. I thought that latex-free glues would be fine, but I have found that i am hot free from the pain (I end up with puffy eyelids for the following two days. Basically looks like I had been bawling my eyes out the day before). Not cool really, as these lashes were awesome. Soft and luxurious, and priced so to sell like hotcakes! @Babybubblz and I kept going back, but in the end, I decided to hold off on them, (I would come to regret this decision when I went to the Group Marcelle event, as I like to wear lashes for special events, despite their consequences). Also I couldn’t help remembering this video that @helenli once put up about a girl who didn’t clean her false lashes, and ended up having some gross bugs in her eye! So yes, not being too sure about how I could keep them clean without using alcohol, made me think I should just wait for later (I get lazy, alcohol is the easiest solution for me!)



Lit If I had budgeted this, or felt that I could really make use of the glitters, I would have totally jumped on this. The glitters were ridiculously glittery, and when you see the tray of all the glitters…your heart skips a beat. Be still my heart…The booth was quite popular as I really couldn’t get close to them. The picture of the glitters was the closest I could get, and that was with my hand stretched out in front of me! lol

At the R&L booth, I contemplated getting the CoverFx 160 brush dupe, but held back. Then I wanted to get the retractable brushes that @Babybubblz picked up, and I held back again. Now I’m pretty sure I will add them to my list for next year!

We checked out Eve Pearl to get a glimpse of the new Thumb Palette. As weird as this sounds, despite the name clearing having the word “THUMB” in it, I didn’t realize it would be so small! It was seriously the size of half your thumb. One of the ladies there said that they wear it on their middle finger, so when they go to slap something onto the back of their hand, they see it, and reroute the product onto the palette instead. It still wasn’t enough to get me to get it. I would prefer to get the pastry cutter that @jillojello mentioned before. I do wish I got the Pro Artist Palette (or from anywhere that was relatively cheap).

Watching the students getting ready for the competition.

I couldn’t get near Yaby, which is a good thing. I saw Glittergeek with her haul, and they looked so awesome (like candy) in the plastic bag that she had. It would have been dangerous for me to buy them. I keep saying this…but maybe next year…

One of the surprises for me was that MAC was actually selling products this year! I had assumed full price like NARS had, but the PRO store products were offered at 20% off. Better than nothing really! I didn’t bite though, I didn’t really need anything, and again, not in the budget.


Temptu was really busy as well. Too bad as I do like checking out their demos.

I didn’t get a picture, but one booth I wish I had bought from? Grande Lash MD.
It was hard to turn it down, as they before and after of the lash pictures were RIDICULOUS! I mean Holy Lashes Batman! One of the guys there showed us his before pictures of his lashes, and then fluttered those bad-boys to show us how well they had grown. It was really hard to say no. However I remembered reading reviews where hairs were growing on the waterline (not Grande Lash MD, but another drugstore one), and as I am pretty lazy, it would be hard to apply this night after night. I know I should make that sacrifice for beauty…but…I love my sleep… (poor excuse for lovely lashes, I know)

So I got to sit in on the Mr Stein’s Facial Hair seminar, and the MAC seminiar (partially), but I’ll hold off on another post for those. I will however post about the student competition.

This year’s theme was tribal.

(It was hard capturing her picture, as she kept moving about dramatically…)
All lined up…



Congrats, as it was lovely!

The ladies have two hours to work their magic, so it isn’t an easy task. This years competition also made it painfully aware to me that it is important to go to a good school, however it is also important to always push yourself to become bigger and better.

So that was a wrap for IMATS. I didn’t make use of all the seminars, as I ended up leaving early to head to the Shiseido sale. I do wish I had gone to more though, especially more on effects and the like. As I am still thinking about taking classes when I am done my current program, it was far more interesting for me to sit in on the classes. I mean what other chance do I get to?

In general though, what did I think about IMATS?
Well for starters, IT WAS CRAZY PACKED! I kept bumping into people, or had to made major detours to get around lines (*coughNYXcoughCROWNcoughMUFE*). They seemed to have made the aisles between booths narrower, so that didn’t help. However I did like that the lighting for the seminars were far better than they were in the past (picked up better on the cameras), and I loved that it was bigger. The screens seemed crisper as well (but that may have been due to the general lighting). I didn’t eat the food, so I can’t comment on that, but it was alright. Had I not gone to the seminars, would have been a “meh” experience, so I’m glad I did.

One thing to note?
Make sure you make a list! I made one, and still it was hard! I wanted this, I wanted that…So for myself, I will in the future, try to budget a little more flexibly. So that I can buy a few more things that I really wanted. It also helps to follow the brands on twitter, as they mention deals that they have, or even reviews so that you can check them out and make your decisions.

Anyway did you end up going?
Do you think you will go in the future?
I probably will, until I (hopefully) become an artist. Then I may just go to sit on the seminars.

Bdellium Brush for $9 and Model in a Bottle $15
(having an issue with the MiaB, but hopefully I can sort it out on my own…I’ll keep you updated.)

My MUFE haul. I did have a bunch of other stuff I was getting for others, but this was my share.


4 thoughts on “IMATS Toronto 2011 Saturday

  1. Great coverage! I’m loving the pictures! Next year I’ll have to budget for some Bdellium, I’m so glad you told me about the MUFE palette, it was my best buy too. Hope to hear about the Model in a bottle =)

    • MiaB in an interesting one…Still playing around with it, but hopefully get a review in 2 weeks :)

      And yes, more Bdellium is a must.

  2. I’m thinking of going this year and very excited at that. Thanks for the post, gives me a base to work with, if I do decide to go!

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