Marcelle Lux Dust

So many weeks back, I was fortunate to win a giveaway for Annabelle’s Black Collection. I so super excited! What made the package on my doorsteps even more exciting?

It was stuffed with a few extra goodies from lovely @Mtl_MissIPP with a little note. Made me feel so loved xD

Anyway, I figured I would play with the pigments off the bat, despite pigments in general being a pain, they can be so gorgeous! These guys were no exception…

Marcelle Lux Dusts
10 different colours to play with
0.03 OZ / 1.0 g
with a suggested retail price: $11.95


These guys are new to the Marcelle line, in a way mimicking the sister brand Annabelle with the packaging. Except the silver makes it a tad more adult and sleek. Where the now discontinued line of the Minerals was a little more dull (in shine comparison I mean…), these babies really pack a punch in terms of shimmer.




Sparkled Beauty posted her swatches back in August HERE, and now that I have these babies in my hands, I couldn’t be more excited.

My swatches are dry, which was on purpose, as it shows how well they manipulate the light to their needs (not because I was too lazy to go upstairs and get my mixing medium…).





Seeing how lovely Element looked swatched, was one of the inspirations to my “Cow Jumped Over the Moon” face at the end of October (once I worked with a watery medium, it looked much better than what I had during my trial).

Yes it may be a little difficult to wear these two colours out during the day, as I may dazzle everyone I meet, however when you need a little dazzle in life, these guys will come in handy.

The container is a bit of a pain, but really, I find that I don’t like the way ANY pigment is packaged. Makes me wonder what my personal issue with packaging in general is!

One sucky thing? (not related to the actual product…well yes but no…)

I was at the #beautypremiere which was hosted by Group Marcelle, and held at the Thompson Hotel. We had platters of make up served to us. And guess who forgot to grab a few of the Lux Dusts! I only got one (Pink) but ah well, just means I now have my eyes open for a good sale (I stress sale as I still have problems paying too much for pigments…personal issue realy lol) :)

Disclaimer: I received this as part of extra goodies in my giveaway prize package.


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