IMATS teaser post…


Hello everyone,

I meant to get IMATS Toronto 2011 posts up sooner, but…
Life gets in the way as per the usual.

Plus I get to go to this swanky event tomorrow, and it has got me all worried about if my outfit is right, will I survive in my shoes, what to do with my face…etc.

Anyway, I didn’t get to do as much as I wanted to at this years IMATS. I feel bad, my feet were dying! and I was dragging Mira ( down (sorry girl!).

But I was able to see the student competition (the picture up there is the one that won!)

And I was able to sit in on Mr. Steins Facial Hair seminar (I loved it!)

My haul wasn’t as big this year, as I made the decision to go to the Shiseido sale without my original partner (H :(), in the morning, so I kept the spending at the bare minimum. It helped that there wasn’t that much Ben Nye stuff…so I didn’t have to spend too much there!

All the stuff I picked up…Though not all for me…

This is what was mine (plus two more of the palettes~)

Bdellium and Model in a Bottle were also my purchases.

Then I headed to the Shiseido sale (for my first time)…

Again not all mine…Though most of it is.

Mama’s stuff, and gifts.

It was a madhouse at the Shiseido sale. I actually got into a verbal fight with a man who were there with his wife. People are just unbelievable at times…

Anyway thats the gist of things. I will hopefully be able to post something properly during the weekend!

Hope the week has been treating you well :)

4 thoughts on “IMATS teaser post…”

  1. Wow, not much stuff at IMATS at all, I’m impressed at your self control skill :) You decided to skip on the CoverFX brush (or its dupe)? I’m not familiar with all the NARS stuff, so can you add a little notation of what they are, and prices, if possible?

    1. Yup when I get around to actually posting about them I will.
      Like I mentioned in the title, this was just a teaser post :)

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