Gosh D/Ced Items…

Sparkled Beauty gave me a heads up on twitter that Gosh was discontinuing a few things…

well a lot of few things…

Namely their Banana liner.

Anyway I was at one location today (Westend, Royal York Station), and saw their section, so figured I would share. Sorry that it is just pictures. Couldn’t really take the time to record all the names!

Picture 487

But hope you get the general idea of what is being d/ced, and if there was something in the pictures…you might want to run to your local SDM. Or walk, your choice. But we all know what happened to the HP Touch Pads right? (and with those special words, I invited a crap load of spam lol)

Picture 488

Picture 489

Picture 494

Picture 490

Picture 491

Picture 492

Picture 493

I saw the Annabelle trio that Sparkled Beauty also Tweeted about on Sunday (I can’t seem to link tweets properly since the new twitter happened. It doesn’t always show the time link >__<

Picture 497

Picture 495

Picture 496

Lastly H thought this was cool. You flip the cheek palette to expose the eye colour palette. Was actually pretty cool, and it comes with a mirror~ A tad pricey, but cool idea.

Picture 499

Picture 498

Picture 500

Picture 501

Picture 502

Okay I’m done.
So tired…though it was a happy day :)
A decent Monday for once~
Well kind of…but I’m doing my best not to focus on the tiny stupid thing :)

Have a lovely rest of the week everyone!

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