Day eight…

Day 8

Is dedicated to a photo that makes me laugh.

And as usual I’ve selected two.

First one doesn’t seem that interesting but it’s the backstory to when I took this photo that is more amusing.

I was in Busan (not Pusan. I mean when we pronounce it, it is ‘Boo’ not ‘Poo’. Unless cause of the accent it’s ‘poo’?) and my friend and i were on one of the City Tour buses (~$8Cnd). This bus was a open double decker and it is only due to the good nature of my friend that we were able to sit on the top. I say good nature because it was pretty cold (as it was mid December and near the waters) and my friend was recovering from a cold. I’m a jerk, I know, but we had great fun, and I thank her for that. Basically we were high on life, kind of tired from the traveling, and basically thought it would be funny to sing the Leader song (sung to the Tune of Batman) as loud as we could. It was funny cause everyone on the streets couldn’t tell where the heck the song was Coming from, as they didn’t expect people to be sitting on the upper deck in the cold. So we just laughed, sang, and laughed some more.

The second picture was when we were eating in HongDae, the college/university crowd, and omg it was crowded! It livens up in the evening, and for us to get down a flight of stairs into the subway took 10 mins, as there was so many people there. anyway after some meat, we sat out side, in the middle of all the insanity, watched the pretty lights and took it all in. That is when H suggested Karaoke. Usually they are relatively cheap for an hour, but as this was a weekend, and night, it was $20/hour. Anyway we went in, and sung our hearts out. My Korean gets quite bad when I’m trying to sing, as I need to focus hard on reading, so after awhile I gave up and sang a punch o old school songs and this one in the picture…

So yes, those two are the pictures that make me laugh when I see them. Such a happy time playing with my friend. I’m actually hoping that she gets into teachers college here so that she will come back to Canada for sure…ah he better…otherwise I know if I can wait til the next time I see her, as that could be never at this rate >__<)


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