Every other day?! No Way!

It took me awhile to get used to this…But once I got the hang of the spray, it became a staple in my routine. Especially after I got my hair Digitized.

A few days before I left for Korea, I asked on twitter on any suggestions for dry shampoo, and whether it would work on oily hair (I have extremely oily hair. Not a surprise as my face is oily :T). My fellow bloggers let me know that I could find Batiste at Shoppers (though I haven’t seen it), at Rexall, and Sally’s (the store I was planning on going to).

But early the next day, I got an email from a Rep, who asked if I wanted to try out the products.

And how could I say no?

Anyway I was directed to the website, because it was mentioned in the email that there are coloured versions of the dry shampoo! So I picked the Black version (and received a mini travel size of Blush as well).


So I packed the mini travel size of Blush Batiste, and head off to Korea.

Once I got to the Incheon Airport (one of the two major Airports for Seoul, Korea) I claimed my baggage and went to the bathroom to fix up the hair.

I sprayed way too much the first time (mainly because it didn’t seem like it was working), and I wasn’t too fond of the smell. (In general I don’t like the smell of Roses, which this reminded me of. Actually I don’t like the smell of flowers in general…) So I didn’t think I would touch it for another week. BUT! I went and got my hair Digital Permed on Saturday (at a place I probably wouldn’t recommend to anyone…), and it was suggested that I not use extreme heat to dry my hair, and to only wash every other day.

Now that it something I would NEVER do (I don’t want to even get my hair chemically straightened because I would have to go 2 days without washing my hair…EW!). Again I restate that I have super oily hair. So usually, no matter how tired I am, I have to wash my hair in the mornings. But one of the other reasons I wanted to get my hair done, was so that I could contemplate washing every other day, as perming tends to try out the hair.

So now this was perfect. I have oily hair, but this was dampened a little by the perming, and seeing as I wanted to preserve the curls as long as possible, the dry shampoo made another appearance only days after my first.

This time I used shorter bursts of the product, and shook it up between each spray. I think the main issue I had was that it was too wet in the first run of the product. The shaking seemed to help it out.

And it did.
And it was love.
(please don’t shoot me for starting the sentences with ‘and’ lol I know I do it somewhat frequently…)

I still wasn’t used to the smell, and don’t think I would pick up Blush ever again (luckily they have other scents!), but I do love the idea of the travel size bottle.

However, I’m not sure if this would be enough for my previous oily haired status. I would use more than what I use now, and thus eat up a bottle quite quickly (or so I imagine). But again, there are days when one just CANT get to the shower, and so this can be a huge time saver.

The small travel can lasted me the whole trip, and usually didn’t need too much to restore my hair to a presentable status.

Also, I know that they came out with coloured versions, but I personally didn’t see the necessity of it. I didn’t find the Blush all that hard to work with, to eliminate the white colouring from my hair.

Batiste Sprayed
Blush sprayed…
Batiste Dusted
After I dusted my hair…

All I did was spray the product, gentle massaged it into the surrounding area/scalp, and then flipped my head upside down over the sink/bathtub and shook my hair out with my fingers. 20 seconds later I was done.

Not a big deal at all! I mean I was expecting to have to brush my hair a billions times with a natural bristle brush or something, so very easy to work with.

Also I should mention that the Black version still shows up ‘white’, though it is more grey. It went on Blackish, than slowly turned white-ish…
But again, not too difficult to remove from my head.

Batiste Black
Batiste Black
Blush vs Black
Batiste Black Colouring

My hair on the left is like a day and a half…the picture on the right is after the Blush and Black sprayed.

Ew. yet cool!

Will I rebuy?
Yes. I think that it is something convenient to have in your stash of hair products, cause you never know.

Price wise it isn’t too bad. Travel size is $4.98, while the regular bottle is $8.98, and the coloured versions are $10.98. I will note that the larger 150ml bottle is approx $10 at Sally’s, and apparently slightly cheaper than Sally if you can find it at select Shoppers Drug Mart.

I would probably want to buy another travel size bottle to carry around in my makeup bag, while keeping large bottles at home.

The coloured versions and regular versions are available online at Farely and Co, and in the stores I mentioned before.

It’s funny, I was thinking that I had seen this website before, and I realized I had! When we Canadians were going nuts to look for Ecotools in Toronto, Farley&Co was a huge help in tracking them down. So that is another product you can find on their website, as well as a bunch of others!

This product was a great way to end off my year. Allowing me to try out something new, and saving my treated hair. Thanks so much^^

Have you tried dry shampoos??
How was your experience?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review, and is my honest opinion. It worked pretty well for me, so I can only hope that you will also have a wonderful experience.

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