A new start…

So I start a new academic journey today.

And though a tad scared, I am also VERY excited.

If I can work my best, and show the marks, I hope that this will lead to something else in about a years time, and maybe even lead me down a new path in as soon as 3 years.

Otherwise that will be pushed back a few more years, and then I will probably return to finish my degree. We will see.

Anyway, I’m excited.

Unfortunately this also means that I suck, and have failed to edit the Korea photos that I wanted to have done.

So it is yet another delay. Boooo…

I have one section completed, but I have like 6 others to tackle…I wish I could made a robot to do this for me. Esh.

Continuing on…

Can you believe I wrote ‘Find a cure for cancer’ as my Grade 8 year book comment??
What the HECK was I thinking?!
First off, I didn’t understand cancer.
Second, who the heck was I to do such a thing?!
But it made me laugh the other day when I remembered that.

I still flirt with the idea of going into nursing, but when I see the work that my friends are doing in the field, and how one is doing her masters so she can get out of a part of practical field, I know it isn’t for me.

But seeing as helping others is part of me, I do hope that this new path will lead me to a form of help one day.

Wish me luck.
Total excitement.
I also found out our school has a sauna.
Wooo baby.
I hate the heat, but saunas I love XD

Have a great week everyone!

6 thoughts on “A new start…”

  1. It’s a cute yearbook comment lol I had to think super hard for my grade 12 one O_o Made sure it’s one that I’ll never regret haha. I need to share it on my blog soon hehe.

    So how was school?! Come to OCAD soon and we’ll have some Bulgogi!!!!

  2. I’m excited for you :) I also need to make a big decision of what I want to do in life (can’t believe I still have to do that at this age). A sauna is nice, your school might have some other cool stuff that you haven’t found out lol

    1. i think the sauna is the coolest part. but my friend told me the other day that she has a sauna in her condo so i might go there instead!!! lol

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