Electric Blue can be quite fun~

I was able to get this on a sale, with help from Halifax@Sparkled Beauty, many many months ago. I believe it was Lawtons that was having a sale on select items, so I got this and black. I won’t be using the black anytime soon though, seeing as I am using a few other blacks at the moment.

Milani Infinite Liquid Liner
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner

The price of $3.99 was a steal for me, seeing as my next liquid liner (Gosh Extreme Art Liner) is $16, but I got it on sale for $9. It is a decently amount, and with the times I’ve used it, it hasn’t gotten thicker, or goopy yet. I just wish it didn’t have such a short life, as it states on the package that it is good for 6M (6 months).

The colour of Infinite is GORGEOUS! But I wish it kept its wet sheen.
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner

It does have a slight sheen when dried, but not as gorgeous.
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner

But the colouring is still pretty nice so its okay. Though I think that is attributed to the fact that the formula has a bit of purple pigmentation, so that’s what gives off the slight sheen when dried.

Once dried, it is smudge free, and I didn’t experience any flaking. On top of that, I did the hand washing test. With lots of soap, and lots of bubbles… like 0.05% of the liner came off…that is if I could make a percentage on that lol. But I was pretty impressed, cause with a basic hand washing test, it was on par with the GOSH liner. So it holds up to the waterproof test, and thus does need a proper makeup remover to eliminate the liner. I use Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover. I saturate the cotton pad, place it on the lid for a few seconds, and carefully wipe off. It it doesn’t come off with a gentle wipe, just let it soak again by placing the pad on your eye. Don’t go scrubbing at it, as there really is no need, it isn’t like GOSH in that case, cause GOSH gives me hell when removing…(seriously need to update that GOSH post.)

24h claim?
Well I haven’t worn it for 24 hours, but I have worn it for a full day (9 hours-ish for a few times), and it lasted without issues.

One thing that was a tad disappointing? The applicator. Just like the issue I eventually found with my Gosh Liquid Liner, The brush was too long, and just a tad flimsy. Even though the brush was thicker in this case, I wish that the bristles would keep together so I could get a more defined line, and so that I can control how thin a line I could create.
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner

But otherwise a great buy. So happy I asked her to pick it up for me. Thanks so much Halifax :) I have shadows that she picked up for me as well, but that will come soon enough.

This is just one look I’d like to share. I am still not confident enough to wear brighter colours out in the day, so this was worn for a night out with some friends. (Dark = veil to hide under lol)

Milani Infinite Liquid Liner
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner
Milani Infinite Liquid Liner

I can’t be 100% sure what I used, but I believe I used the Manly palette. Or the 88 palette I picked up at IMATS. Or I could have used a combination of  Annabelle shadows…oh how my memory sucks :T Anyway after I lined my eyes, I used the remaining bits on the lower lash line, so it isn’t too intense, but that is what I was looking for.

After I took this picture though, I made the line thicker, and the second layer didn’t pull away at the first, and didn’t flake after either. But that is me, on a monolid girl, so it might differ from those with double lids.

You can see the whole collection HERE on the Milani website. But for us Canadians, you can find Milani products at Superstore, Fortinos, and online at Well.ca HERE for $7.99.

Also I guess I should explain why I have Annabelle shadows on my hand, with the liner swatch. Well I was just trying to find another way to make those two colours workable for me.

So I figured that using them wet would be one way to make them pop more.
And hot dang, it did! I have avoided using Divine Diva for a few months now, but as we are moving into fall weather, it is perfect to bring back. But what I found was that when used wet, it drew all the bronzey bits in the shadow together and make it look like a brown shimmery shadow, than a purple shimmery shadow it actually is! Oh what fun XD

Yes I realize I am weird. lol


9 thoughts on “Electric Blue can be quite fun~

    • lol I didnt know you didn’t know! but superstore, fortinos. I would suggest well.ca though, just cause getting it in the mail is always fun XD

  1. hehe.. ur not weird :P

    it looks HOT though ;)

    p.s. i was studying and ‘something’ told me to come here and check ur new stuff hehe :)

  2. Love it that you loved it :) Lol at your “0.05%”. It’s great to know it’s in par with your fav Gosh liners. I do think this is one of the best products from Milani. But come on, you can totally rock this look during day time hun

    • lol good thing someone has faith in me :P but seriously, id be self conscious >_<
      ducking my head everywhere I went…
      esh…im slowly getting over it though…little by little!

    • my mono lid eats most of it up, but I did love it XD
      though my mom told me I look creepy >_<
      I Hope she gets used to me with more dramatic eyes

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