Wet, not dry…

Oh how I wish I had checked out the swatches for this before buying them.

Milani Wet & Dry Shadow

I just assumed, that since I loved the single shadows, that these would be awesome as well.

Unfortunately unless you use them wet, they are pretty useless in the pigmentation department. And even then, they need a good base to really get them to show, or you just have to really layer it on. (But at least it doesn’t look bad when you pack them on…)

Secondly, I thought that the glitter in the shadow would be a great addition for a glitter lover.

Unfortunately, the glitter exists only in the top layer, and is quickly gone, to leave just the shadow. (I guess that could be a good thing for those that don’t want glitter in the shadow.)

In the picture, I can’t remember what the first line from the left was, but the second/middle line is the shadows wet (brushed on twice, or maybe three times… to get the colour), and the third/last line is the shadows brushed on dry twice.
Milani Wet & Dry Shadow
Milani Wet & Dry Shadow
Milani Wet & Dry Shadow

If you don’t mind slightly on the sheer side shadows, than this might be something you may want to look into. But for me, once I use what I have, I doubt I would buy them again. They just don’t appeal to me. And thankfully a dear friend of mine was able to get them for me on a great sale. So it doesn’t make me feel as bad.

In the look, I used Moss Scape as my coloured base, than used Shamrock wet, and Leaf Green in the surrounding area to blend out Shamrock. It isn’t anything exquisite, but I wanted to put the shadows to some use. (glitter fall out…woah…)
Milani Wet & Dry Shadow


Totally forgot about Lilly White! lol It is one that I DO love XD

I only use it wet though, and if I want to decrease the intensity, I just brush it after it has dried a little.

—End Edit :P

The full collection can be seen HERE on the Milani website, and Canadians can find them in their local Superstore, Fortinos, and sometimes at Winners. But you have the option of buying them online at Well.ca as well for $5.15.

Lastly, because it was so crazy to me, I added a picture of my neighbours zucchini. Look at how long that thing is! lol anyway needless to say mama had a bunch of fun eating it.
Milani Wet & Dry Shadow
Milani Wet & Dry Shadow

also…its my friend Lo’s Birthday today. He doesn’t know about my blog…but…Happy Birthday Lo~


3 thoughts on “Wet, not dry…

  1. So cool ur website looks awesome on my iPod touch. I wish I could experiment with my make-up as much as you. I bought these mineral eye shadow things and when you wet it it looks like an eye liner kinna but I nvr Use it LOL so useless and waste of money. Aigoo.

    • haha.
      yeah, It actually does look decent. but I think that is default setting for itouch or anything like it^^
      and well I only really experiement during night play~ so I don’t have to feel too self conscious if it sucks XD

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