Loreal Warehouse Sale (by invitation only)

UPDATE: April 2015
I have NOT gone in years. I do NOT have access to tickets. This post is NOT for ticket transactions.

So the Loreal Warehouse sale, which I believe happens twice a year (now and in the spring), started yesterday and continues until October 10th (everyday except for Monday and Tuesday).

Though nice, it isn’t like a few of the other sales, and is more like the MAC warehouse sale, meaning you need tickets to get it. But the good part about these tickets is that you are able to take a friend with you, and allowed two visits. So basically 4 different people could use the ticket, and everyone could purchase one time. (They do write down the amount you purchase on the card).

I get my tickets from my friends Aunt (so I don’t get extras sorry!) but you can look online at Kijiji or Craigslist for tickets sometimes.

That is just a recap of what went on.
I wish I had a ton of invites to share, but I simply don’t :( Sorry. This is more a post on what you can expect to find, I guess.

At the sale, you will find the following brands…

  • Loreal Professional
  • Redken
  • Matrix
  • Loreal Paris
  • Garnier
  • Maybelline New York
  • Lancome
  • Biotherm (skin care, foundations)
  • Giorgio Armani (scents)
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Cacharel
  • YSL (usually just a few from the mens skin care line)
  • Vichy
  • La Roche Posay (skin care)
  • This isn’t a HUGE ‘need to go’ type of sale, but it is if you like using La Roche Posay, and Biotherm products, as they usually go for about 50% the retail price. Expiry dates are very decent as well for the products.

    DSC06547 copy
    Yellow boxes are different mascaras

    DSC06540 copy

    DSC06545 copy
    DSC06538 copy
    Shadow and such

    DSC06536 copy
    DSC06546 copy

    DSC06544 copy

    DSC06543 copy
    DSC06539 copy
    along the right side of the picture, against the wall, are different hair dye products. On the opposite wall/room the hair care products are found.

    IMG_8791 copy
    I only ended up with this, this time around. Which is pretty good. Hair dye was $3.50. I think I want to go back to get a box of blonde dye…LOL watch it turn orange :S The collagen was a freebie when we cashed out. Polish was $2.00, Loreal Liner was 4.50, and only in brown. But the girl was being VERY uncooperative. Unlike the other ladies, she didn’t even BOTHER to look and see if there were any other colours left. But I knew that they still have grey :T Whatever…I guess…

    After the sale, my friend and I went to Yorkdale to get End of the Day Sushi! Woooo~!
    And I was able to put one of my Yorkdale GCs to use. So I bought the AA polish.
    IMG_8792 copy

    Anyway if you do have tickets and end up going, do let me know :)


    10 thoughts on “Loreal Warehouse Sale (by invitation only)”

    1. Omg from your first picture I thought you bought the AA polishes at the warehouse sale LOL!! They give freebies when you cash out?!! Never happened to me before!

    2. I usually check this out too, I get passes from my Aunt also :) I find that lately they are pretty crappy, they used to be better and cheeper a couple of years ago. But I guess it also depends on the kind of pass you get, some allow you to go every day of the sale, where others are limited. They get different stock in on different days also

    3. We get free tickets in the company for this event yay! but it was all gone when I went back to check. I was actually contemplating whether this is worth the trip. Now seeing your photos, hm.. it’s a definite go! :)

    4. OMG lol i have those invitations floating around everywhere at work.. wasn’t sure if i should bother going. :P
      what kind of lancome stuff do they have? do they have perfume?

      1. Hi,

        Sorry I cannot help you there. The invitations are usually distributed to company, organizations and the like. I know that two of my friends sometimes get offered them through their corporate workplaces, and another has encountered them from her grad school (unexpectedly).

        So unfortunately unless you know someone, the chances of getting them is a little hard. Similar to the MAC tickets really.

        If you’d like to thank a chance, you could go to the place and see if anyone has an extra ticket. As one ticket admits two people some might have extras. Other than that, I can’t help you >_<

        Hope you find them (hopefully not Gavin to pay for them through kijiji or similar sites)

    5. Hi there, I am very disappointed that my company did not receive the invite to the Loreal sale. I do know that is has been going on because one of our other firends received their invites…

      1. From my understanding, it’s not that they just randomly send it. If you are in an admin position and get a ticket to go, I know that several years ago you could ask if you could get tickets for your company. That was how my friends company was able to get them. Don’t know how it is now.

    6. I used to get invitations by mail and I didn’t get the one for Falls. Can you tell me how to get the invite for Spring 2015

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