Look into my eye…

…actually don’t. Cause then you will be able to see all the flaws in the look! lol

Anyway these are just a few things I did over the past few months.
I know. Few. Months.

I don’t usually go for something bright. Just when I go out at night. Probably because I’m still not comfortable being this bright!
Also cause I still suck and it takes me FOREVER to get even this simple thing!

All the shadows were applied over UDPP, and then usually with a Benefit Creaseless Cream, than applied wet with Exposed Organics Nectar (seriously <3 and the bottle makes life easy.)

Exposed Organics Nymphette (which is unfortunately now a discontinued colour, but Im sure you could get a custom blend that is similar to it~), is very wearable for my skin tone, and is one reason why I have started liking wearing it. Now I am not the kind of person to pull off pink. I look like I have pink eye, but as a mix with a bit of Annabelle’s purple pigments, it isn’t too bad. Or maybe I am just more confident wearing it than before :) BTW do excuse the stubbly hairs on my brow…ew…but I got lazy :T

For the green one, I used the 120 palette. Definitely not my favourite to use because it can be so crumbly and chalky depending on the colours I use. I had trimmed lashes a day earlier, and just wanted to play around and attach them to my lower lash line. I didn’t go out like that XD but I did throw on a coat of mascara for the bottom before heading out.

I used the 120 palette for the blue, and the Annabelle Studio pigment that I have. The colouring wasn’t actually as bold as it seems in the first picture, but wasn’t as washed out as in the second. I added a thicker upper line after I saw how this turned out on the camera. Because I have a monolid it made it look very incomplete. Anyway I was very proud of this look, I know it doesn’t look like much, but the colours do act as a gradient. light inner, darker outer, and the yellowish shadow (which is actually white with golden shimmer, lovely, I need to find a dupe of it!!) helped to pull it together. I know it seems like a small thing to be proud of, but me wearing blue, and to have tried this hard…well…I’m proud!

I still lack in working with colours like this, but seeing as I wear glasses, I find that my glasses have allowed me to be forgiven in the mistakes that I make.

I also don’t usually go as high as I did in the blue picture. Because my eyes are small, and the space between my eye and brow is so wide, it looks odd to me when I do pull shadows higher up, as others do.

Anyway I just felt like sharing cause I don’t normally wear ‘bright’ colours our very often. But seeing as it’s a night out, and me having fun…why shouldn’t I? :P

ps I labeled this post as EOTD…but its not. I guess I should have labeled it EOTM? lol


5 thoughts on “Look into my eye…

  1. omg do u know how to apply fake lashes?! i suck!!!!! where do i buy cheap eyelash glue lol.. my glue tried out :(

    ur lashes r so long.. thats y i ask.. but i dont remember it being that long.. have u heard of that lash extreme thingie? dont remmber the exact name.. saw it on my flight back into toronto.. u apply it on ur lash line and it grows ur eyelashes like crazy!!!!!! au naturaleeeee

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