Balmshell Sale~

So this has been going on for a week now, but I’m only getting around to posting it >_<

I did ask them how long this was to go on for, but didn’t get a reply.

So basically if you were tempted to buy them, it would be best to pick something up now, seeing as it is a great deal for the clearance products :)

I picked up the $8 goodies

  • That’s So 80’s: $8
  • Balmshell

  • Confessions of a Call Girl: $8
  • Balmshell

  • Today’s the Day: $8
  • Balmshell

But they also have…

  • Beach Patrol: $12
  • Wilderness Girl: $7

Shipping is $5US, and yes, though they are Canadian, they price in American (as it is universally friendlier).

After seeing review from fellow bloggers, I have wanted to try them out for myself. Just that…I really couldn’t justify spending ~$20 on a lip product. (Mainly because I tend to lick my lips a lot, and it just kind of defeats the purpose of having any type of lip colour other than a stain. Which just to add Balmshell also has XD)

So I picked up a few, and here is just a really short note on it.

(I tried to capture the colours the best that I could, but That’s So 80’s is still slightly off for me. Though we get variations due to our computer screens too…)

  • It isn’t something to apply quickly. To ensure a tight seal on the product, you do need to turn it a good many times to release the product, but worth it really
  • I tend to tend with glosses that once you put the applicator back it, the gloss ‘gushes’ back out over the top, and gets messy. Haven’t noticed that with this one yet
  • The top of the vial gives a tight seal so that when the applicator comes out, it doesn’t drag out an unnecessary amount of product with it
  • the ones with glitter/sparkle, isn’t TOO over the top, and are very fine, thus doesn’t make you look like a gross glitter ball when you apply it (like my other experience with a QUO holiday product :T)
  • They are QUITE sheer, so though That’s So 80’s looks shockingly opague in the vial, it isn’t really (actually I kinda like the colouring it gives my lips)
  • it is PARABEN and PETROLEUM FREE!!! big things for lips products as there is a bigger chance of ingestion (especially with lip lickers like me)
  • and of course I like the idea of the detachable keychain element :P

Personally I’m really REALLY liking Confessions of a Call Girl. Fun without too much orange (when I apply it to my lips, because it is quite sheer), and yet gives me the glit I usally love in glosses (don’t like them in lipstick though…) I am tempted to buy more…but we will see…trying to temp my friends to ordering with me this time XD

Their Company Blog HERE

Balmshell site HERE

A few other places to check out reviews…


Lipstick Rules

Sparkled Beauty

Anyway its FRIDAY!!!!
Unfortunately I’m up at 7am tomorrow, and tutoring til 4…
So hope it is a relaxing one for you~

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5 thoughts on “Balmshell Sale~

  1. I want That’s So 80’s! But I can’t cuz I have so many glosses already and I’m a lipstick type of girl. Are you going to keep the key chain part attached? I actually think I’m gonna keep mine detached and just use the keychain right away since the gloss is more portable with the top part removed.

    It looks like Thats so 80’s and Confessions don’t have the Balmshell logo at the bottom – I wonder why is that?

  2. Thanks for the review! I am glad you got to try some of our glosses with our sale. Make sure to check back as next month I am thinking of another sale that you may be excited for! :)

    xo Karyn @ Balmshell

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