EDIT: got a proper reply from Maybelline Can…


Got a reply back. Will let you know what happens. But hurray~! Thanks everyone!

I am truly sorry to hear that you found the terminology used in our myMNY form offensive. This was never our intention.

I thank you for your comments and want you to know that we have already made changes to correct the situation.

As of 3:16pm, I saw…
the rectification...
better than ‘Asian’…

http://twitpic.com/11f17q & http://twitpic.com/11f19v

(Yes I know…If anything I say visit their FB fan page and suggest a better way to describe it…)

a BIG thank you to everyone who did their part, by reblogging, retweeting, viewing…every little bit helped :)

It really makes me wonder if the individual bothered to read it. And seriously, are you REALLY telling me you cannot contact them? At the very least you could have forwarded this email this to them have THEM reply back to me…

So I wrote this email…


I hope that you take this seriously, cause I find this an matter important.

I was wondering if you could help me get in touch with someone in the Canadian branch to solve this issue.

Recently, they (Maybelline Canada) announced through email that they would be releasing their second issue of MNY magazine.

Because of that, we should all update our profiles.

I went over to fill out my profile, and was met with a degrading, and insulting (to those who are) of Asians (descent), that I have tried to get in contact with them.

Under the eye shape, Maybelline Canada has listed ‘Asian’ as being an eye shape.
There all exists a description of said eye shape, as well as a depiction.
Both of which were culturally insensitive as both, as I have called it ‘Lump Sum’ the vastness of Asia into one.

Into one, narrow minded assumption.

Unfortunately I have no heard anything from their Facebook Canada Fan page, nor the US MNYinsider for any help.

As a large company, I know that little things like this can slip through your fingers.

Understanding that, I am trying to have this corrected.

I understand that this is the US site, but seeing as the Canada site gives no proper (convenient) method of contact, I was hoping you could help me.

Any help would be greatly appreciate,

(yeah, I know, I was so annoyed at having to write this email that I messed up a sentence. Good job me on proof reading before sending it out :T Could be why the individual chose to reply back the way they did… Anyway my corrections are in brackets. Esh. Proof reading is important guys :T)

This is what I get back.

February 4, 2010

Thank you for your interest in Maybelline New York, a division of L’Oréal USA, Inc.

You have reached the US website and, although Maybelline New York products are sold worldwide, we are unable to assist you because the product line varies from country to country.

To better meet your needs, we invite you to contact the Consumer Advice Center at www.loreal.com.  On the Home Page, under L’Oréal Worldwide Corporate Website, choose Go Global.  Under “Discover Our Brand Portfolio,” choose Maybelline New York.  Then choose “Any questions regarding our products?” and follow the prompts to send your email.  Or use the following link:


If you are unable to click on the link, copy and paste it into the Address line of your browser.  Then click Go or hit Enter on your keyboard.

Thank you for choosing Maybelline New York.  We hope this information is helpful.



My frustrated reply back?

Hello ****,

I am assuming you did not bother to read the email, and only noticed the title.

This is quite disappointing for a company as large as Loreal.

I can understand that you may be ‘busy’ but I expected more help than that.

Sorry to have wasted your time.

The fact that the individual couldn’t have bothered to give me a proper email to contact the Canadian division…I mean COME ON, is it THAT difficult to give me an email address? And HAD the individual LOOKED at the page she forwarded me to, she would have realized that there are only NUMBERS to get in contact.

I don’t know. I don’t understand why it must be so difficult to contact someone like this.

If ANYONE has received something from the LOREAL company to review, can you send me an email? I’m thinking maybe I can try contacting them through that way.

Thank you for the continued support. I hope that at least someone is able to reach them. Methods of contact are available in my previous post.

If you can retweet (I’m even thinking of going to trending topics cause now I’m really getting pissed), or even just post your own disappointments with the brand…any little bit helps!

Anyway thank you for reading.

EDIT Feb0610:
Thank you again to those who really encouraged me during this time. I don’t really like being in the spot light, as you are open to be scrutinized. But then again I guess I do cause I do blog? (XD)

I had people send me a few wonderful emails, and a few horrible ones, as goes with comments on the blog and YT.

Nevertheless, thank you. If you spoke up, wrote to the company, or RTed it meant a lot, as you got out the message that unfortunately Maybelline lacked some insight on the matter of Asian eyes. I understand that they just wanted to include everyone, but it didn’t turn out the way the individual who thought of this, would have wanted. I know the results we got wasn’t the greatest, but if you are still displeased with it, I welcome you to email Maybelline Canada, or write on the Maybelline Canada FB fan page to get your message out there. Perhaps you can also suggest a better way to phrase what they have currently in place of ‘Asian’ eye shapes.

I just also want to mention two people/blog posts.

Goldfish Cake: Don’t Ignore Us, Maybelline

Macnunu: “Asian” Maybe she’s born with it, Maybe its Maybelline

These two ladies (amongst others) helped me to calm down, and do my best in reaching Maybelline. They were also supportive in getting the message out there (they have access to people I don’t), and well when stupid comments were bugging me, well their comments on Twitter helped me laugh them off (and if you knew me, that’s hard to do). So check out the posts, their voices on the matter, cause it is FAR more coherant than mine was (and wittier :))


9 thoughts on “EDIT: got a proper reply from Maybelline Can…

  1. but beware Rasilla…the cereal squares/bars will be super hard the next day…so if u eat them the next day i suggest microwave it for 20secs or so..lol still cruchy afterwards…i had it this morning for breakfast =)…but they are super chewy when its just made.

  2. My question remaining is did they change the awful up-turned photos to better reflect the actual “new” categories? Or are “almond shaped eyes with no crease” pinched and upturned as well?

  3. It’s good that they changed the description, but the apology is a bullsh*t apology. “I am truly sorry to hear that you found [it] offensive.” You’re sorry WE found it offensive? How about apologizing for BEING offensive? What the hell is that?! A true apology would’ve been, “I hope you accept our sincerest apologies. We realize that our marketing was offensive and ignorant, and we have made steps to rectify it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.” Or something like that. GRR….

    • I completely agree w u. I was ranting about that on twitter. And to some other friends. It is one of the reasons why I have personally boycotted the maybelline brand for myself. I can’t boycott the parent company cause there is a lot that I like, but I figure this is better than nothing for me. Thanks for commenting!

    • is offensive a state of being that one can truly be in? perhaps if there is intentional malice involved in the action. but i doubt people were sitting in chairs at maybelline yelling about how they hate asians so they’ll so subtly undermine them (supposedly) with naming their eye set “asian.” i think she just meant “when i heard it offended you, i was sorry and it hurt me — at least enough to send you an email (also all jobs require it pretty much).”

      your own reply — not everyone thinks the way you do, uses words the way you do, or understand the meaning of those words the same way as you. things aren’t read the same way. things are lost in translation. i submit their apology could be sincere.

      but remember also, it’s a corporation. it doesn’t really feel anything. so who exactly are you mad at?

  4. i see there’s the response. wow — couldn’t come up with a good short term. it’s not really easy for people to say, “oh, i have centered eyes!”

    “i have wide set eyes.”

    “i have hooded eyes!”

    “and i have almond shaped with no crease eyes!”

    doesn’t quite roll off the tongue there. if you’re set on changing names of eye shapes, perhaps you could come up with a new name. i’m still lost at how to describe these. of course, i’m a guy and don’t wear makeup or really know what all these beauty terms mean. when people say i have high cheekbones i’m still confused. whatever.

    • lol
      I can’t say it wasn’t interesting reading your reply.
      I think your comment was summed up by the last statment you made in regards to your gender.
      And hence I can laugh.

      I just hope that you really weren’t awake at 7:46am thinking about what to write!

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