Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics Baked Shadows

So a few weeks ago, Toma @ The Makeup Mix had a sale.

Its really hard for me to restrain from buying at Toma’s online store, mainly cause I really enjoy all the products that I end up getting from her (seriously I do <3 Toma XD). Plus the HUGE plus is that she had ELF cosmetics available to us, without having to pay a HUGE shipping cost, like the ELF website does. (And no, I know I’m praising The Makeup Mix, but I was not paid to write this. I don’t need to be! lol)

I initially only wanted Night Vision, but it was sold out by the time I got to putting my order together, so I opted for Terra Bronze, Moon Beam, and Golden Meadow. The shop does have all 6, with swatches HERE.


Baked Collage

They are kinda small, at 3.8 grams, but depending on your base, a little will go a long way.

(FYI: apologies for the state of my skin. Its cold, and I have not cared/moisturized my skin properly for makeup :T)
The top half of the swatch is without a base/primer, whereas the bottom part is with UDPP Sin (the shimmery UDPP). I know the difference is hard to tell, but obviously the one with the base is more vibrant IRL.

Anyway, at first sight, I loved Golden Meadow for sure. I don’t like wearing green (with regards to clothing), but for eyes…it has really grown on me. The love for the others eventually followed…

First, when I go my face in the morning, I can’t be bothered for many different shadows to do my eyes. Simply because I do have monolids, and second, well I’m just THAT lazy. I have to put on foundation, draw in my brows, contour my morning fat face, curl my lashes, mascara them, and blush it. So really I don’t like spending too much time on my eyes. So the good thing with this is that I could make it as sheer as I wanted, and could still somewhat pack it on in layers to create a deeper colour.
(Excuse my wimpy lashes.)
That should have been all Golden Meadow, with Covergirl shadow for a highlight. I know the flash kinda washes it out, but it looked really pretty, and it has become my default eye makeup for now. (Again, I know lots of girls change it up everyday, but again, I’m lazy. lol)

What really sold me on the love for the rest was…well…let me show you.

See that VIVID gorgeous line??
That is actually Annabelle Smudgeliner in OhMyGoth.
This is what happened. I drew my black line, then looked for the cap to replace it…then I looked back to the mirror and totally went “WTF?!” I knew I had drawn a black line, but I could swear that it wasn’t black (I didn’t have my glasses on…hence even more confusion). So I looked closer, trying to figure out where this insanely lovely blue came from. I blame the fact that it was early in the morning…but it finally hit me…because the Annabelle liner had not set yet (Smudgeliner) the shadow (Moonbeam) had ‘stuck’ to it, showing its gorgeous true blue colour :D And thus found a place in my heart.

I added pink on another day, cause I thought I should be ‘brighter’. Though those who know me know I stick to earthy colours.

The pink is from the 88 Shimmer Palette I picked up at IMATS (yes the same one as the Coastal Scents one.) Its just a random bright pink.

So what do I think?
Well before the whole eyeliner revelation, I just thought…meh. Its not bad for the price I paid, and well I do love the shimmer. But its hard at times to keep building colour. Also for Moonbeam, there are these glitter/sparkle flecks, and they…get everywhere really…as seen in one of the pics up there, under my eye, its quite glittery. So depending on how you use it, it may or may not work for a day time look. Though frankly I could really care less. Also using your fingers distributed the colour much more evenly/nicely, than brushes. Brushes tend to make it loose its colour. I do firmly believe you should use a base with these, so that it adheres to your lids better, and thus reduce the amount of fallout for you. But in general, I like XD

I almost bought more, and a few others colours when Toma announced on Twitter about their new sale, but at the last minute I was able to hold back lol

Anyway it didn’t disappoint a glitter shimmer lover like me, and I am tempted to buy more for backup.

I do need to find my eyeshadow transformer from Missha that I got my friend to bring back from Korea, so I can try the others out with it, for a liner…but…it is kinda MIA in my boxes of hoarding makeup :T

Hope that December is treating you all very well, so far :) And that you have either gotten an early start, finished your Christmas shopping…because…I’m not done >_< Got to get on it before the malls get insane~


7 thoughts on “Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics Baked Shadows

  1. omg that gorgeous blue line is enough to justify purchase.
    Those remind me of MAC mineralised eyeshadows, I’ve abandoned mine because the same amount ends up on my face as on my lids then for the rest of the day I look like a glitter ball. I now only apply it foiled as a liner.

  2. i’ve been wanting some shimmery shadow but couldn’t bear the thought of spending 30+ on one lousy quad from sephora… you know what a cheapskate i am

    i’m going to have to check out jesse’s girl

    and i hear rimmel also has something similar

  3. I read up some more reviews on the rimmel one. I guess it’s more of a cream shadow and the responses seem generally negative. Looks like I’ll be looking into Jesse’s girl for sure!

  4. Love the blue and liner, and thanks for the links!!

    I’ve been trying to find Mac’s Cinderfella after the Style Black came and went (it kills me that they don’t keep these lines in stock!), but to no avail. So I did a little research & found out about “Night Vision” by JG. After scouring their site however, I started to get a little desperate, ’cause it didn’t look like they had Night Vision either… :((( -And then I did some more googling, and found you! Thank you SO much for the links, the great demos, and insightful candor. ^_^ I -adore- the blue and black look you did, and am currently racking up a purchase @ Makeup Mix as we “speak.” *beams*

    Thanks so Much!
    DJ Selchie

    PS: That is “Moonbeam” in the shot w/the “Ohmygoth” liner, right? Gratzie!

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