Hautelook LOWERS Shipping Rate to CANADA!


I know it can get annoying to ship to another country, because rates differ by weight and size and all that jazz.


$20 was a bit much to Canada. On top of that we were ‘surprised’ with duty fees afterwards. Even if the product was made in the US…

Anyway I got this email, so it was something that I might look forward to…

Thank you for your continued support of HauteLook. We’re excited to announce important new changes for our Canadian customers! We’re still the place where you’ll find the world’s best brands at exclusive, members-only prices up to 75% off retail. But now, you’ll save even more!

Canadian members will enjoy a new $10.95 flat rate shipping fee along with an 18% International Surcharge covering all duties and taxes – that’s it! The all-inclusive charge will be added to your order at the time of checkout, which means there will be no surprise costs upon receipt of your HauteLook purchase.

As a valued HauteLook member, we also want to remind you to:

* Shop sale events daily: We’ll send you an email announcing new sale events. You can also preview the week’s upcoming sales 24/7 on our website.
* Get here early: Sale events start at 8 AM PT/11 AM ET and run 36-72 hours. Be sure to log in early for the widest selection.
* Earn $10 credits: Receive a $10 credit each time a friend you invite makes their first purchase. The more friends you invite, the more credits you will earn! Invite friends now!

Thanks for being a member. Start shopping to take advantage of these major savings!

Anyway Hautelook first started out as a referral only sign up thing…

but they have since opened it up so anyone can sign up and buy.

BUT if you use a referral link, both you and the referral individual get $10 each, valid only when you make your first purchase.

So if you don’t mind using a referral link, I would appreciate it…


Otherwise if you don’t believe in referral just head on over to their main page and sign up from there :)

Now that they have lowered their price, do you think it is more enticing to buy things from them when it looks like a good deal??


7 thoughts on “Hautelook LOWERS Shipping Rate to CANADA!

  1. I have been quite dissapointed with Hautelook trying to place orders.

    It seems that they don’t accept all Canadian CC’s, especially VISA cards.

    I’ve tried 3 separate time over the last 3-4 months and each time my transaction did not go though and their customer service can’t do anything about it…

    Very dissapointing as I’ve ordered from many US retailers with my VISA card without any problems. Only Hautelook has given me this problem and doesn’t care about trying to fix it. They claimed it was to be fixed last month but when I tried placing an order though them today I got the same frustrating “nothing we can do”…

    I hate that they advertize to Canadian customers but will not accept my VISA which is accepted anywhere else worldwide.

    I am so not impressed with their service…

    • Hi Anny,
      That’s actually kinda weird. I did have an order placed with them before.
      Visa TD card. But it was cancelled because I used a code that I shouldn’t have used.
      My friend, and a few other Canadians have been able to use Hautelook and have it shipped to Canada.

      So I really don’t know what to say to you :(

      If anything, though its not the same, you could check out Beyondtherack.com. They are based in Canada and thus obviously shouldn’t have trouble with them~

  2. How long did it take for your friends to receive their order? I’m just wondering because I placed an order 12 days ago and I need it by the end of this month (so 3 more weeks). Am worried that it won’t get here on time before I move out…

    • Hi Wendy, will send an email to you as well, just incase you don’t check back, but my friend put in an order recently (mid January) and received it almost the end of February :T But in her case they ‘Sold out’ of the item, so they had to get another shipped to her. If anything try emailing them.

  3. As a Canadian shopper, I’ve had a bad and a good experience with Hautelook. The first time I placed an order was at the beginning of last December, and I didn’t receive it until the end of December. I was disappointed that it took much longer than I had expected, but I thought that maybe it had to do with Christmas. Plus the jeans I ordered were fabulous so all was forgiven. The second time I ordered a pair of jeans, I received them in 5 business days! Was very impressed that time. Both times I didn’t have any issues using a Canadian credit card. Couldn’t use PayPal though, and a customer rep confirmed that it is currently only available for American buyer, but they are working on it.

    • thx jen for your comment~
      I’m sure that the info you provided will be very helpful for others who might want to try the services :)

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