Just a small Thank You :)

I guess I should explain a tad more :)
Thank you for finding me worth the read, to add to your blog roll~
So that others could also check me out when they felt like blog hopping XD
So seeing as Blu3 did bring it up, Thanks to the reader that came from them XD

I haven’t gone through my blog stats in awhile…

mainly cause I was talking about it with someone else, and it started bugging me in a non happy way…

So I decided to ignore it.

Well…just checked some of the stats, and just wanted to say…

Thank you! to…

My top 5 referrers
(of all time! lol WordPress breaks them down into days week month and ALL TIME! lol)

Each with a blog that is unique and fun to read in their own way.

Each with their own special influence in the blogging world (that I know)


And thanks to those who leave me little comments here and there to cheer me up in posts, or give their own insight into an issue/question.

And to readers who well, despite the few that I get, for reading, even when I go on and on and on and on…. XD


(This is a tad late for the Thanksgiving theme, but really we should always try and remember to be thankful for everything…so in a way…its not :P)


5 thoughts on “Just a small Thank You :)

  1. the fact that you thank us especially to me without me doing anything special for you mean so much to me and I’m thanking you for it! i seriously am having a crappy and tiring day, but a simple note of thanks warms my heart! THANK YOU for thanking me and for being such a sweet person. I seriously don’t have any idea how you look like in person but who cares? I enjoy getting to know you through you posts :)

  2. lol you’re welcome :) though I think I should thank my readers who clicked since I didn’t really do anything…but thank YOU for the shoutout :D

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