Buff’d Cosmetics :)

I trust that my fellow Canadians all enjoyed their long weekend last week :)
I had fun carving my first turkey, (though it went wonky at the end…), and enjoyed some time with the family…

But its now back to bloggig :)

Seeing as I haven’t mentioned them in awhile…

I’ll just talk about my own (foundation) love affair with them.

I use their (Buff’d Cosmetics) mineral foundation, in the concealing formula (it has Kaolin Clay for oily skin XD), and though am unable to find the perfect match for my skin, I LOVE IT!

So when I was browsing their website, and noticed that they were offering packets for bloggers to review, well I jumped on it, and hoped that I got lucky~

Which I did XD
Blogger Sample Pack Review
Blogger Sample Pack Review

(side note: click on the names to go to the website page…
Also I fixed the privacy for Flickr, so you can click the picture and view the original size photots)

Eyeshadows in Scribe and Denim

Blogger Sample Pack ReviewBlogger Sample Pack Review

Only the finest mineral pigments go into our eye shadows allowing for great wearabilty and colors that will never fade. Using the Perfect Line brush, all Buff’d Mineral Eye Shadows can be mixed with a small amount of water for the perfect eye liner.

Scribe I liked using as a slightly coloured highlighter for the brow, when I did a smokey eye, and as an inner eye highlight.

Denim is nice in its own way, but I personally like extremes, light or dark, and Denim kind of fell in between.

Both Scribe and Denim are shimmery. And they complement well with the Nova eyeliner.

Eyeliner in Nova

Blogger Sample Pack ReviewBlogger Sample Pack Review

Intense shades specifically formulated for lining and enhancing the eye.

Only the finest mineral pigments go into our eye liners allowing for great wearabilty and colors that will never fade. Use dry for a rich smoky effect or wet for extraordinary shimmering color.

Nova applied quite well with a brush, though because I have oilier skin, I did have to use a sealer (recently tried out the MUFE sealant), to prolong the use. It is a lovely colour, which isn’t too harsh, yet does its job in lining the eye. And it looks gorgeous as a shadow as well :P

Blushes in Bouquet and Thrift

Blogger Sample Pack ReviewBlogger Sample Pack Review

A concentrated formula of all natural minerals and pigments, a small amount of our blush is enough to flush your cheeks with plenty of color.

I really REALLY liked Bouquet, as it is darker (pinker), and showed up on my skin better, but Thrift (peachier?)  is nice for a slight colouring for the cheeks.

Bouquet is slightly less shimmery than Thrift, both stayed quite well on top of my mineral foundation, smoothly.

Bronzer in Toast

Blogger Sample Pack ReviewBlogger Sample Pack Review

For that just-tanned look without risking the burn and other harmful effects of the sun, try Buff’d Mineral Bronzer. Made with the finest natural ingredients, our mineral bronzer is available in a variety shades from the very fairest to coffee-bean dark so that any skin tone can benefit from its radiance.

Buff’d Mineral Bronzer has great wearability and can be lightly brushed on your cheeks, neck and chest – or anywhere else you want that healthy sun-kissed glow.

Toast was nice. I normally like my Bronzers in a solid form, and thus have been using Stila’s Bronzing Powder in Shade 2, but the powder form gave a bit more colour payoff (which I guess is to be expected), and blended out well to avoid harsh lines.

Illuminating Dust in Candlelight

Blogger Sample Pack ReviewBlogger Sample Pack Review

Gloriously sheer powders formulated with the lightest iridescent micas that give skin a radiant and luminous glow.

Available in a collection of naturally soft shades, Buff’d Illuminating Dust can be applied as a highlighter to your cheeks or your entire face giving skin a warm healthy sheen. Illuminating Dusts can be worn alone or in combination with any of our mineral products.

This one reminded me of a powder version of Eyeko’s 3-in-1 Cream, or Benefits luminescent complexion enhancer. Very light, and yet so shimmery and what you would expect a powder highlighter to be!

Definitely might consider getting this one once I finish up the other highlighters that I have…oooh baby XD

Mineral Setting Powder in Downy

Blogger Sample Pack ReviewBlogger Sample Pack Review

Buff’d Mineral Setting Powder has unbelievable matting and oil absorption powers, making it a must-have for those with combination to oily skin. This light-as-a-feather powder, formulated with just a hint of Kaolin Clay, will never dry out your skin making it suitable for all skin types.

Made from all natural minerals and pigments, these setting powders can be used alone for those who only need the lightest coverage, or as a finishing powder in combination with our loose-mineral foundations.

I have had bad experiences with setting powders, where EDM made me break out/allergic reaction, or they just look cakey. Though this one didn’t induce a reaction, and didn’t look cakey, I don’t really think that those with really oily skin (*points finger at self*) should go for it. Didn’t really seem to last very long (again, stupid oily skin), and so the effect was VERY temporary for me.

If I had to pick, I would pick these babies…
Mineral Eyeshadow in Denim
Mineral Eyeliner in Nova
Mineral Blush Bouquet
Mineral Bronzer Toast
Illuminating Dust Candlelight

Though I have a feeling that Bouquet, Toast, and Candlelight will be joining my personal stash by next summer :)

Finally some swatches…
(please excuse the hairy upper forearms >_<)

Scribe – Denim – Nova – Nova Applied w a Brush
Blogger Sample Pack Review

Blogger Sample Pack Review

Bouquet – Thrift – Toast – Candlelight – Downy
Blogger Sample Pack Review
Blogger Sample Pack Review

Anyway thanks Buff’d Cosmetics for giving me a chance to try out your eye products :)

(I was not paid for this review, just a true review for the sample goodies)


One thought on “Buff’d Cosmetics :)

  1. I feel so sad, I was crazy with mineral cosmetics last year and bought different shades of eyeshadows…now, it’s all left untouched :( I have to use them again after seeing your post :)

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