Crank & 17

To celebrate the end of exams…(I’m losing count as to what year this is -_-;;) I checked out these two movies with a few friends…

First off, I don’t mind them. Both the first and the second. BUT I would say save your money and catch it on DVD. Bai Ling was incredibly annoying, though that was her role, and there was more boobs than I remember seeing in the first one. A TOO much more…Though I can’t say I didn’t laugh for a good 3/4 of it…Plus because of the speed, I felt as if this movie ended in like 30 mins! Talk about speed~

17 Again
This was one I did really enjoy watching. I was leaning towards watching Wolverine, with the rest of Toronto but we decided against it and selected 17 Again as our choice.

I am not a big fan of Efron. He just doesn’t do anything for me, but I enjoyed his performance in the movie. I liked the little Ned parts, when he tries to woo his woman. The encounters between Scar and Mike (the teen version).

What I didn’t like…was the fact that WOMEN/MOTHERS bought their kids, who were under the age of 6 into the movie.

“Mommy…What’s a bastard?? Mommy tell me!!!”

There was a baby who cried at least for half of the movie. I was infuriated by this, namely because of the fact that the mother is negligent in terms of the infants hearing. If the infant develops any anamolies in the future, the child has no other person to thank than their own mother.

The toddlers who were sitting behind us, were SO BORED that they started running back and forth in front of the of back seats, and kicking our own chairs.

Mothers were blatantly having their own conversations LOUDLY, ignoring their children. I mean as long as they are within the vicinity, they can’t get lost, so might as well unwind.

I understand that its not easy being a mother, and that you are entitled to watch a movie. BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF EVERYONE ELSE! I didn’t pay $12 dollars to have some child kick my chair at 4 minute intervals, and to have crying infants cause me to struggle in hearing what is going on (Yes the crying was THAT loud).

But it did make me think of my first movie in the theatre.

My Little Mermaid had just been released, and my Dads siblings decided to take me. (Perhaps and excuse to go watch it themselves?? lol) In any case, I remember them turning up the volume of the TV as loud as possible, so I don’t get startled by the intense sound, and cry or something, and they turned off the lights, and told me that when we are in there, we need to be quiet…they taught me, even at that age, how to act appropriately. It was just kind of funny to reminisce about.

Do you remember your first movie??
Would you bring in your infant child into the theatre, at the risk of their hearing?
Have you watched the movies??

Daniel Henney
Not the best picture of these two, but its a shot of my two :P
Daniel Henney

Now I must attempt to FINISH cleaning my disgusting room for the umpteenth time. Seriously…it never gets done. Always mess it up again before I do :T Anyway one else get into this much trouble when trying to clean?? I can clean other areas of the house, or even friends rooms without a problem…its just my room I can’t seem to completely tackle…


2 thoughts on “Crank & 17

  1. The pictures of Daniel Henney is gorgeous! That guy is just a yummy guy to look at… hehe~ :)~

    Your comment about Tobey getting bitten made me sad… hehe~ :P To be honest, I rather get bitten than seeing him. I love him to pieces and I think he is worth much more than me in life… hehe~

    I saw the pictures of the OPI nail polishes. They are gorgeous! I’m really digging them… hehe~

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