slightly stressing…

So this post is just me rambling.

Regular posting will resume shortly.

After I come out of this hole.

Check out the end of the post for the Konad Coupon from Getcha Nails Did.


So NEVER in my life have I had so much trouble writing a paper.

I have two papers due in Infant Perceptual Development, and one in Adult Development due on Thursday, both at 5pm. I’m supposed to go to the Eye Specialist doctor, to accompany my dad at 1pm (He’s had issues with one of his eyes from his teen years, and its recently begun to really bug him again. The issue that aggravated this issue?? The doctor slightly botched the surgery. Refuses to accept it. Too poor to sue it.) And that is why dear friends, I need my two friends to become lawyers…NOW! I don’t even know if they will do that type of law…but as long as they talk the lingo, perhaps it will work to my benefit :P

Anyway back to the paper. I took a nap for 4 hours, and it is now approx. 4am in the morning. I don’t have to do anything today (actually wish I could go out and accompany my brother who is buying a net/notebook), but alas I’m stuck to my old ‘grandfather’ laptop.

So I was wondering why these papers were difficult.

Why was I struggling on something that usually would have taken me only a few days to write. Why I just couldn’t put the proper words down on the paper.

I don’t know.

Academic journals, at least in the relms of perception (my weakest point!) I find that it tends to bore me. Maybe that’s why. But in all reality, these two aren’t that hard to write.

And my logic is now messed up.

I figure, hey…I need something to cheer me up. Lets buy more crap I can eagerly await in the mail.


yes seriously.

I wanted to buy the Konad kits, using the Getcha Coupon code…

(If your pre-tax order is $20 or more, choose “Ground” shipping for free shipping!!) That’s what drew me in…

But I can only justify that for next month…so I gotta wait a tiny bit. I mean I was planning on getting in Korea…but seeing as that ain’t happening this year (maybe next *fingers crossed*) I should probably jump when shipping is free, and there is a discount.

Anyway ladies and gents, I just wanted to check it and say hello.

I’m…surviving. If I can call it that.


3 thoughts on “slightly stressing…

  1. awww, I am sorry to read that you have a hard time with your paper..writer’s Block I guess

    I hope your dad’s eyes are better too!!!

  2. I know you’re stressing, but don’t let this get to you. You’re health and happiness is more important than writing a paper.

    I forgot about my nephew’s birth day is in May… lol~

    By the way, I finally saw your videos on youtube. You sound like my makeup buddy… hehe~

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