I’m actually backed up on online store reviews…but its finals season and I have papers and exams in the next 4 weeks. So we will see what happens. Most probably I will seek sanctuary on my blog though.

Anyway I’m a spazz. I know. Thanks to those who wrote comments to cheer me up. I was having a bit of a break down on Monday because I had a test on Tuesday…which I desperately need to get an awesome grade on. But I woke up with cramps, and cramps for me, is deadly. I used to skip a day of school back in highschool, cause there was no way I could stand up or endure the pain. I’ve had to take a taxi home once from Uni, which was a pain in the butt cause it cost a lot of money. Sigh. Apparently my mom used to get them bad when she was younger to. Thanks mom. So I had that, I had issues with duty (which I am going to dispute this time cause it was an error in judgement. I doubt they will do anything but I can try and get my money back.)

So onto the review.

As followers will know, I love shopping online. I love it even more if its based in Canada do I don’t get stuck with craptastic duty fees.

So I enjoy buying from

They have merchandise on the site, that includes free shipping (usually those that are regularly priced), and those that are on sale are usually not free shipping. BUT they offer the alternative to the shipping, but allowing you to choose which store you want to ship to, for free pickups!

I have thus far, done that on all the shoes I’ve picked up. 4 pairs of Adidas Superstars, and the Two ZiggyNY boots that I’ve gotten this year.

The stock online, gets updated pretty quickly, so you shouldn’t run into “Surprise! We’ve sold out of your item!” Emails. That’s a big plus for me.

They allow you to sort based on a number of things, depending on what you are looking for.

I need to mention on thing though. In the emails they do not tell you to bring in the order number, but apparently you need to depending on what store you go to. If its a bigger store in a mall. You will have to. Apparently.

So I went to pick up my boots at the Toronto Eaton Centre. I walked in and told the man that I was here to do a pick up. He looked at me, and asked for my order number.

I was a bit taken aback because I had picked up those 4 Adidas shoes without bringing in a order number (mainly because the email didn’t state I was to print out the confirmation sheet, or bring in an order number). I had gone into the store, given my name, and they looked me up easily in the database.

So I told him that I wasn’t told to bring in the order number when I made my pick up. He then proceeded to make a huge deal, and just stopped serving me. He didn’t say anything and handled the next two customers. When he was done, he looks at me.

“You’re still here.”

Uh, yeah.

“Gimme your name.” The whole time he was rudely making little comments, that he doesn’t have the time for this. That I should have known that I needed to bring in the form etc etc. I told him that I didn’t need this attitute from him, and that I could just bring it in next time.

Long story kinda short? He was a Jerk so I simply walked out of the store. But just before leaving, I asked a SA if he was the manager. She told me yes.

I had guessed so, because some of the ones that are insanely rude, are the ones who think that they are god in those stores. To an extent yes…but…

Anyway, my point is, bring in your order number so you can avoid having to deal with rude individuals like him. Like I said, some stores you don’t need to bring one in. But there will be others who will insist on having it, and without it will seem to refuse you any service.

Otherwise I enjoy buying from They have an agreement with VISA so if you are a VISA user, and paying with VISA, they have a coupon code on the website. I believe it is 10%.

One more thing to note. I had forgotten to pick up one of my boots, cause I ordered it in another size. But a few days after placing the order, we had a huge snow fall in Toronto, and I needed those boots, so I just wore the ones that I had (they were a tad small). I placed that order in early January.

I got a call about 2 weeks ago, telling me that I had those boots still waiting for me >_< I had completely forgotten. I wrote an email to CS online, and they cancelled the pickup, and refunded me my money (because payment is immediate as soon as you place a pickup order). I was pretty impressed with that, seeing as it was my fault for forgetting, and for allowing such a smooth cancellation. Which is another reason why I enjoy buying from them.

So for the most part, I have enjoyed my experience with them.

I hope that you do too :)

Ps. this was a scheduled post. I wrote it…Tuesday after the test. lol I think I might do this now…do them all at once…and…slowly release them…


23 thoughts on “Review:

  1. I just tried to return a Christmas gift & they refused to accept the return. I even spoke to a manager in their customer service, who also refused. NEVER BUY FROM THESE PATHETIC RETAILERS, as their customer service is PATHETIC! Buyer beware!

    • Did you have a gift receipt?
      I don’t really understand how they could refuse to let you return the item.
      Bad protocol in general :T

      Its unfortunate you had such a bad experience.
      I have had a few issues with returning things at the Eaton Centre, so I refuse to go there.

  2. If you don’t have a receipt, if the shoes are worn or the packaging is gone, or if you don’t have the original card they were sold on you can’t do returns. The shoes have to be in re-sellable condition or the store takes the hit, and since the employees are on commission and the managers on store profit based pay if you don’t follow company policy they don’t have to return anything. You have to have the same card it was bought on, returning it to another card can be considered fraud so they won’t do it, the computer locks it. No one can override it.

    It is the customer’s responsibility to educate themselves on store policy before they decide to purchase.

    Plus, being nice usually leads to managers bending the rules where they can. Being a jerk leads to them sticking strictly to company policy.

    • I worked at softmoc ho and this is so chrissy or alison speaking. basically they are saying if you KISS our ASS you’ll somewhat get what you want. biggest dicks out there. the damn company

      • Thanks Chris for your input :)
        I have no idea if it was them, as it was a while back…but I did hear it did get a little better….
        But if you worked there recently, I guess being an employee hasn’t gone well :T
        Hope you are on to bigger and better things!

  3. Not gonna lie, you come off as a very big whiner in this entry. I’m not surprised the manager treated you like that. Like the person above said, if you are nice to them then they might have helped you out. But when you’re a **** to them then they will usually stick with their policies and procedures and purposely do it to annoy you.

    • I appreciate you commenting, but wish you had read the post correctly. Because I do not believe in deleting comments, this is up.

      However you and Anon bring up good points, in the sense that it is important to be nice to the people who you need a service.

      The thing is, I do not have to take rudeness from individuals who think that they are in the right when they are not. And that was exactly the case with this manager. Customer service for softmoc did back me up, and told me that I shouldn’t have had my form with me, so I did nothing wrong. What was wrong was that manager had to treat a customer so poorly that is dissuaded me from ever picking up from that location again.

    • Rasilla, don’t worry about them.
      The previous posters weren’t interested in reading the post.
      They seem to just make trouble for ppl for no reason so ignore them.

      To the previous commenters David & Anonomous.
      She said she went to do a PICK UP of her online order, not a return!
      Thus I hope that Anonomous’ comment was directed at Rick.
      David you have no excuse, for leaving your comment. Everything you wrote was not applicable to the situation.

      It really isn’t hard to read ppl.
      If you prefer not to, them might as well NOT leave a invalid comment

  4. Soft Moc ????!!!!!!!- Terrible customer service – Never buy from them. In the stores or online they are TERRIBLE!!!!!!!! Never take anything back. My son’t feet bleeding and they claim there in no defect on the shoe ????

  5. I just ordered from and on the page for shipping it gave three options UPS regular, UPS express and in-store pick up. All three of them were free so I choose the UPS express. When I went to checkout they charged me $7.15 for express. I immediately contacted the online chat to report this. They told me that it would not have said that express was free. I explained what I saw and requested a refund and regular shipping. They told me they would investage but there was not an error on the page and that the page would show that there was a charge for shipping. I found it rude that they did not apologize and did not acknowledge that there could have been an error on their page. I would never order from again.

    • yikes, that’s not fun >_<
      I do find that their website can be glitchy, but never experienced it for their checkout. But then again I used their Canadian one, so maybe that is why.

  6. I recently bought a pair of uggs from the sunridge Calgary location. They pushed me to by the ugh care. When my uggs started getting a little dirty I decided to clean them. The ugg care kit destroyed my uggs after only having them for a month. I tryed to return them to softmoc and I have never ever received this poor of customer service in my life constantly lieing to me from their store and customer service. Do Not Buy Anything from this store is there is any defect of problems with your purches they ignore you and make up bullshit excuses as to why they will not replace them. My sister bought Birkenstocks sandals from here and they were damaged within a week strap was falling off. Softmoc said there was nothing they could do and to send them to Birkenstock directly. I will never purches from this store again, and I caution others not to do so as well. Their customer service is extremely poor!!!!

  7. Poor Customer Service even at head office management level. I made 3 attempts to place an order that resulted without fulfillment – online, phone call and email. 3 different methods.

    While I was in Florida, I tried to place an online order for delivery to a Canadian store. The Softmoc Canadian website was inaccessible, only US version available. Then phoned the toll free order # – no answer. Left message to call back, no response.
    Emailed Customer Service to transfer stock to desired store as I would then pay when picked up. Softmoc would not transfer without pre-paying even when it was their processes that failed. I will never send Visa # by email as they suggested. CS Manager said she could not send stock as it is company policy – even a manger has no latitude to mitigate simple customer resolutions????

    I was trying to support Canadian biz but instead walked 1 block and bought them for same price, less GST.
    Too bad for them, they missed an opportunity to sell a pair of last season’s flipflops for $50. They clearly don’t need customers.

  8. Afer working for this retailer for the past just under 3 months I can tell you that the company is a joke. It is mainly run by friends and family of the owner at head office. the pay scale limits what an employee can earn and in my opinion is going to than limit the service you will recieve. The stockrooms are unsupervised creating a havoc and 20-35 minute waits while employees scramble up unsafe ladders to find a shoe that may or may not be in the store. when I was working there (right after an inventory) we had upwards of 35 missing shoes. This all leads to a poor customer experience up front.

    I will say that the online store has a great selection of stock and has free shipping to 80%+ of Canada and have guarunteed timing by UPS. However they ship most of these out of store locations so expect it to have been tried on or on display. Unless softmoc is the only company that sells a particular shoe you NEED go elsewhere for footwear.

    • Yes, I’ve seen the ladders, and they didn’t look that safe from where I was standing. I could never agree to work in a place like that.

      Anyway, thank you for your comment on your inside experience.

  9. I purchased boots today and expected to get my receipt emailed to me instantly but I still have not gotten it – did you have a delay with your email receipt? I am freaking out because I see that you need your order form for pick up

    • Hi Syd, i m sorry but I haven’t shopped at softmoc in ages. I had too much trouble with them. So I don’t remember when I got my receipt. You should get an email, but if you don’t I’d suggest you look in to calling their customer service line just in case. It could be that your order didn’t actually go through. Sorry I can’t be of more help

  10. I actually just bought boots recently from their bloor west village location – and the service was atrocious. I was walking around for a good 10 minutes with no one asking me if they could help. Finally, I saw an ankle boot that i liked in the window, and saw a similar one on the shelf that was almost identical except it hit the calf. I had to call out to the staff who were just chatting to eachother, and when they didn’t look up I grabbed the one on the shelf and asked them if they had it in my size, except in the ankle cut. The sales woman told me flatly that it doesn’t come in an ankle cut. I told her that I think that I saw one in the window. She proceeded to tell me that I’m wrong and the one in the window was the same as the one on the shelf. It was only after insisting that she rolled her eyes and went to the window display, and after moving a bunch of things aside she realized that it did come in an ankle cut. No apology, she just proceeded to be snarky and huff and roll her eyes, and didn’t say a word to me, and tossed them on the floor in front of me. They were too small, and after a good three minutes of ignoring me she finally asked me what size with the same attitude. I was livid at this point and was about to ask to speak with the manager, when I realized that she was the manager. Suffice it to say, this wasn’t the first bad experience I’ve had in any Softmoc location, but it will certainly be the last as I don’t plan on ever going back again. Atrocious customer service.

    • oh so sorry to hear that Melissa. I only went there once about 3 years ago? and even then I wasn’t impressed with them. It’s unfortunate that they continue to serve people in such a manner. At least you stuck it through and got your boots! Which you will need a lot soon. I have no patience for that and would have walked out

  11. I see that these posts span a lot of time going way back. The theme seems to be consistent…poor customer service. I can assure you that as of the last month trying to get resolution on an issue, NOTHING has changed. Rude staff, terrible return policies and clearly an indifference to customers. Last time I will have anything to do with the SoftMoc company also.

  12. DONT DO IT! I bought boots on their website, specifically picking a pair that said they would be ready to pick up in an hour. But alas, an hour after ordering I got an email saying they weren’t actually in stock and you would have to ship them. I would get them in 3-5 days. Well, a week went by, still no call. So I went into the store, they were there but no one called. Unfortunately, when I opened the box, they looked worn and they had a scratch. So I was told they would be replaced… I would just have to wait for another couple of days for another pair to be shipped… Well here we are, 16 days, and three bootless snowstorms later… still no sign… I asked for a refund but you couldnt even give me a refund until the boots arrive… Emailed customer serivce, you graciously offered me a 15% discount on the next shoes I buy with the company but also blaming me for buying shoes this close to Christmas… as if I’m crazy enough to ever buy anything from you again. If you are considering buying from SoftMoc… DONT DO IT…

  13. Bought a pair of Birkenstocks which were defective and cracked. The store gave me a credit and I bought another pair of Birkenstocks. The sandals were not even a month old and I noticed the suede coming away from the cork sole. I contacted their online customer service and they won’t refund my money. Apparently, I have to have three defective pairs before they will refund my money and I have to take each defective pair to a store when the store manager is in to have them inspected. Because that is convenient. Who wants a third pair when two pairs have been defective??? I no longer trust spending my money with Softmoc. Called Softmoc President Bryan Bardocz on Sunday and am still waiting for a return call Wednesday evening. Customer satisfaction does not seem to be a priority.

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