ecoTools in Canada, EDM sadness…

EDIT April 16, 2009:
Ladies, I am happy to say that I found EcoTools being sold at Zellers! I saw them at the Square One Location Today…Unfortunately they are priced a tad bit more expensive than Walmart, but they do have the kits that I was unable to find at Walmart. So now we have two places too choose from, Zellers & Walmart. Though you can always check out MakeUpMasala/Toma’s online store as well (I only wish the dollar were stronger :T)

EDIT March 17 2009:
A lot of people seem to be searching for them in Toronto. As far as I know, it is being sold at ALL Walmart locations. If you can find them in stock that is. I have seen them in Mississauga (South Common & Square One), Etobicoke (Rexdale), Dufferin Mall so far. Hope that helps.

EDIT March 1 2009:
Toma over at Makeupmasala has an online store HERE and she will be selling ecoTools starting March 16th!! So if you can’t get them in your local Walmart in Canada…She has them!! Totally love that she had got into this part of the deal to sell to all us stranded folk :)

EcoTools is now readily available at your local (at least in Toronto…) WALMART!!! Well that is if its still in stock. I was at Dufferin cause it was close, and they only had 1 shadow brush, 1 powder, and 2 5 piece kits (priced at under $14.00)!

Also I found out that they have discontinued the Aquifina brand at Walmart. Which sucks cause I wanted to try it out, to see how it holds up against my Avene Spring Water. I mean I love that stuff, but it wouldn’t be bad to have a cheaper version that I can use like I don’t care how much it costs :)

Okay so now for the EDM sadness part of the post…

I was doing my normal thing…I went blog hopping.

And I ended up at THIS site.

And I found out that They are discontinuing several of the blushes that I really REALLY like.

(The list is straight from that blog, in Alpha order:)
Back to School
Cookie Sheet
Favorite Hoodie
Flannel Pj’s
Flying Coach
Fresh Air
Girl’s Day
Launch Party
Light Peach
Morning Cup
Once & Again
Peach Tree
Raspberry Sherbet
Sandy Bottom
Short Cake
Sparkle Bronzer
Spring Clean
Swimming Pool
Wakeup Call
Yard Sale

Crap! I mean the MPPB is being released in a few days…and I was planning on getting one just to check out the hype I have been seeing, but now I am going to have to put in an order for EDM. Crap!

Plus its March, meaning I don’t get to tutor for 2 weeks…meaning…I don’t get paid for the two weeks >_<

It’s an investment…I think…or not…


9 thoughts on “ecoTools in Canada, EDM sadness…

  1. Woohoo! EcoTools! Thanks for the heads up, gonna check them out :D

    Aquifina… I looked and I couldn’t find them so I didn’t stock up ;o; But I never know where they are in Walmart anyway. I checked their cosmetic section and pharmacy section and couldn’t find any facial spray :S

    • i was so excited about this too!
      i was looking for this specific set, which they were out of stock of, but hopefully next time i can pick one up :)

  2. haha, I just came back from Walmart where I just spotted the ecoTools line there :) I was going to blog about it too :P

    Hmm I have mini kit sizes of Cookie Sheet and Once and Again on my sale blog if you’re interested :)

  3. You’re welcome, you’re welcome! :D I’d just hate for people to suddenly go on the website and not see their favorite blushes there anymore ><;; I heard that some EDM’ers on the forums are rallying to save WUC, so definitely check that out! =)

  4. Yup the mint was just too strong. I thought my skin could take it but it kinda started burning within minutes so I washed it off :P It was quite interesting though, my face was red as a lobster after that, but it went away after a short while haha.

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