SDM: Teen Pack

So I was browsing around blogs the other day, and I came across a blog that shared about the teen value pack from Shoppers Drug Mart.

I unfortunately don’t remember which blog it was though! ARgh!

Anyway luckily I remembered to look for it on Saturday when I visited a friend, and we stopped by the SDM near her place.


Just LOOK at all the stuff that is stuffed into that box! And for only 6.99 +taxes.

I’m only going by the prices, (which are a tad more expensive for a certain items), but this is one HECK of a deal!

Goody Stay Put Elastics
Colgate Maxfresh Toothpaste
Travel size Advil
Pantene Conditioner
Alberto Shampoo
Life Brand Toothbrush
Soft & Dry Deoderant
Gum sample

The Cetaphil alone costs approximately 14 dollars at Walmart right now, so this is just cool! I have always wanted to try it as well, and for the cost of the full size bottle in this box, how could I not?!

Anyway I have tried the Cetaphil once already, and it is pretty interesting. Will write more about that later.

In other news…



I’m leaving Tuesday evening, and leaving NYC friday late evening. I’m not going for very long, but it is something I have been trying to arrange since early May, so at this point, even a short trip will suffice!

I can’t wait :)


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