Paint nee “Electric Cosmetics”

*I will post pictures as soon as I can. I’m actually supposed to be finishing up an assignment, but because I was so pissed off receiving this package, I needed to write NOW. Or risk screwing up my assignment. GRr..*

To sum it up.


So I ordered my 3 5 gram jars, with apparently 1.5 Tbsp worth of pigments. I say “apparently” cause CLEARLY looking at the jars, that is simply not the case. I have been tapping them hard on my dresser, and they are all different heights. I have fluffed them up, and they are still all different heights in the jar.

(I just dumped it out onto a Tbsp. I don’t know what type of Tbsp they are using, but this is not 1.5 worth. Though considering they were “delayed” from the sale, I’m assuming they just rushed everything, and slapped things together.)

I also ordered this on the 27th of May. So typically companies tend to ship out max 2 days, from what I have experienced so far. Maybe that is faster, but seriously, even with a sale, I don’t expect my stuff to be shipped out 10 business days after I have placed my order. TEN FREAKING DAYS! So basically, they sent it out 2-3 days after I wrote them to ask what was up. She wrote back stating there was a delay with shipping cause of the sale, but I DON’T expect 10 business days worth of a delay cause of the shipping. THAT is improper business etiquette. Or had you known this, they should have notified us in some way, or hired more help. Basically my point is, this was handled in a very poor manner.

I paid 4.50 in shipping to Canada. The envelope says 1.42 American. THAT pissed me off ROYALLY. (Have you noticed the EXCESSIVE use of CAPITALS so far?!?) I placed this as third, even though I noticed it first, because I figured that the pigment sizes must have been more than I had expected. But nope. That was not the case.

I am pissed off, cause Chistiana is not off her mark when she makes her reviews. Which is why I love browsing the blogs that I do. They are very accurate, and right to the point. They clearly mention everything. But unfortunately for me, it seems that with the new company, and it’s transition, things have gone to hell. (Hopefully for them, only temporarily.)

The only thing going for them…
Is that their new jars, are pretty kick ass. They resemble paint pots, therefore rightly representing the name change of the company. And like they said in the letter I got, these don’t seem to be the type to crack or have lids pop off them accidentally. But it’s sad when the only good thing to say is that their packaging is great. No?

Oh okay, actually another thing is that their pictures on the site, are almost on mark. Frost wasn’t as sparkly as I thought it would be, but Malignity Rouge, and Hazlenut were pretty on mark. I’d say like 85% on the dot.

But the samples I received were not. Aduacious was about 2 shades lighter, Hey Doll was more Baby pink, then the candy pink on the site, Sassy Vixen was more pink, then the red on site. Allure was fine. Of course it should be mentioned that all computer screens don’t display colours the same. But that would mean even still, some weere on the mark, and the others weren’t.

Oh another thing I should mention, is that I got an extra sample. Not that that appeases me in any case from my 4 points up there. But it was a somewhat nice gesture.

Overall. I do think the colours are lovely. But there is no way I will ever buy from her again. Unless there is some proper business etiquette, or a clear sense that they have sorted things out. I am surprised cause usually smaller business are more keen, more proper, and much more ontop of things, so that they can get their business off the ground. But…for me…this was not the case. Hopefully others have a better experience but this one experience of mine, is FAR more than good enough for me to not want to touch this in awhile.

And I was so extremely excited about my purchase from here…
I wish I spent the 17 dollars on EDM’s instead…
The one thing that would make me happy right now…is…the secret package. LOL


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