Movie Review: Never Forever

EDIT Feb0810
Check out the comments for hints if you like~ Other readers have left their input :)

So last night…being the very cheap person that I am (I got my recent VISA bill…omg…I should starve for the next month…or two…) I watched Never Forever online. (I won’t say where.) I remember browsing a blog, and seeing a trailer (this is the korean trailer, but you still get he main idea of it.) for it. It caught my eye, so when I saw it, I got some snacks to munch on, and started the show.

If you don’t know what I am talking about…
Hancinema Link
Wiki Stub

Anyway I thought that the movie was somewhat interesting. I liked that the movie started with death, and the connection that was made with the end of the movie. Or the connection I felt that was made. Anyway, I thought that the performance by Vera was a heartfelt one. Not too shabby at all. I have seen the ‘Immigrant’ guy in some Korean posters for dramas, and actually was somewhat surprised by his acting as well.

Ok acting aside. The story was alright. I bit more sex than I like even at my age, but it was necessary (kind of) for the point to be made…I thought that the idea that Gina tried to get across to us, as the viewer, was a good idea. I liked the transformation of Vera’s character, in establishing herself instead of constantly trying to please other people, as the reason that was stated by her husband, as to why he fell in love with her.

Anyway my reviews on books, and movies, aren’t all that great. I know. But I really didn’t think it was a waste of time to watch this, and if you don’t mind the nudity, it’s alright. Of course not something I would watch with my mom. But I discussed the ideas that were presented with her, and we had an interesting talk.

The one beef I had with the movie. Was the ending.
I am going to put my beef in black, so if you want to read it, well highlight it…I guess. otherwise…if the trailer seemed somewhat intriguing to you, try checking it out. Obviously as it was her first project as a producer/director? there was room for great improvement, but…whatever.


I loved that the one phone call made, was to his place. Where Sofie was seeking sanctuary. He had faith that she would be there? Anyway… But the fact that the screen blacks out, and then we see her on the beach, with her kid running away, and she’s pregnant. Well…I wanted to see the guy again! I wanted a firm “Hey! I am now married to the right guy!” visual. I read up on an interview with Gina, that was found on The Unarchivable. Her point is clearly valid. It makes more sense to put the emphasis on that…but…it would have been nice to see him with her as well :P



53 thoughts on “Movie Review: Never Forever

  1. There is a very strong, but hidden clue in the end of the movie as to who she ended up with. I had to watch the ending twice to catch it, but its definitely there. Feel free to email me and I’d be glad to point it out to you if you’d like.

    • Was it the returning of the little fish to their rightful home the clue she went with the “immigrant”? OR the knitting of the red quilt as a durable(non-pilling) coverlet for their continuing marriage and bed in Korea?

    • Hi. I would think since she is pregnant on the beach with her second child, that she left her husband. The ocean scene (like the poster on her lover’s wall) leads me to believe that she met up with him in Korea he was deported and they lived happily ever after. Am I right?

      • I don’t believe there is a real right or wrong, as that is what the interview stated. So it’s kind of like inception, think what u want with the information available :)

      • You are correct Kathi. He’s the one holding the camera filming her. They’re at the beach to which he dreamed of going back.

    • please explain the meaning of the end of the movie to me…. i did not get it and i’m wrecking my brain thinking what i’ve might of missed that i did not get the ending….thanks

      • Hi Anonymous,
        Well you can read the comments that have been posted and decide for yourself which one you would like to go for :)

        For myself, I explained my view in the post xD

  2. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for leaving a comment.
    It’s not that I didn’t know who she ended up with, it’s just that I personally would have liked seeing them actually together~ That’s what I meant when I mentioned about Gina’s point on the whole issue :)
    But thanks for offering to clear things up for me.

  3. HELP I jsut watched this movie, and it makes me insane… as to the ending? I see she was pregnant again, but Jihah was being deported to Korea, so it can’t be his?? Then again I cant see how she’d stay with her husband after the way he treated her in the end… Please reply as to your clue, thanks much, Deb in Colorado

  4. I loved this movie but the ending confused me as well, until I watched last few scenes over and over again. There are actually two hints in end: the setting/portrait and her hand. Perhaps the scarf was also a hint? Hmm…

  5. Thanks EJ for leaving your comment, and for sharing your tips in understanding the ending of the movie!
    Perhaps it will help others without giving away the ending :)

  6. the colors are important… there is a color that one of the two men wears somewhat often in the movie… and then the color that the child is wearing and the color of the item that she is knitting all say who these children belong to.

    • No WAY!
      THAT I didn’t see, or even read in the reviews/synopsis’ that I read!
      Thanks for that heads up^^
      I thought that the director was serious in leaving it up to us as the viewers to decide,
      but nice to know she did leave a hint in the end :)

  7. Yes… I was confused too until I thought about it. A) the color orange does have significance.. BUT, remember the poster of the Korean beach, and he said he missed it, and wanted to see it again some day? That made my mind up.. they were in Korea.

    • :) kk~ Thank you for that~
      I love the little things that everyone else has caught in the movie, that I just missed while being too involved in their relationship XD

      Thank you for your comment~

      • Seeing the comments here were very helpful to me. I just saw the movie on DVD. The only thing I wanted to add was that I think it was Sophie’s own cell phone that was at her lover’s apartment and that he had dialed her cell phone (one reviewer or commenter seemed to think–or so I took it–that he had called his own aparment, which to me implied “his apartment’s land line phone”). When I watched, I assumed that she had inadvertantly left her phone there when the police came and took him away.

  8. Also if you look at her hand you’ll see that see that she is wearing a ring that has a blue stone….probably the same ring that the jewlery vendor told him would matcher her eyes.

  9. I didn’t catch all the little clues with the color orange or the ring. But I did figure that the beach was the one from the photograph shown earlier in the film. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly, I love Vera Farmiga, she was great.

    • I got all the little clues at the end, so I figured she ended up with the right guy. But does it bother anybody else that the child didn’t look even REMOTELY Korean??? That, I didn’t understand…. I know he was mixed and all.. but nothing.

  10. Wow! Just got totally engulfed in this film! I’m happy that you guys gave me all these clues as to which guy she stayed with. My first clue was the beach scene, but also, another big clue for me was that she was so at peace at the end. She was very relaxed and happy (unlike the stressed out woman look she had the whole movie long in that strained all consuming relationship)! She finally got joy for herself instead of for everyone else. And yes, I wondered why her son didn’t look more Korean. We all know them genes are stronger!!

  11. I loved the movie and am so glad to have found this discussion of it, since I was puzzled by parts of the ending when I watched it yesterday. I re-watched it earlier today and caught the picture of the beach near the end. Yesterday I was pretty sure she was with Jihah, but I didn’t realize until I saw the picture again that the beach was in Korea. And after reading the discussion and watching the ending for a third time, I finally noticed the ring–thank you! No more doubts that all turned out well.

    Thank you, Kris, for mentioning that the cell phone might have been Sophie’s. If it was Sophie’s phone, that helps explain the almost too-coincidental ringing of the phone just after she’s entered the apartment, unless it wasn’t the first time Jihah had tried to reach her. If it was Jihah’s, maybe his dialing it was evidence of his faith that she would return to the apartment (“Sometimes you have to throw away everything… and start from nothing”).

    My question is whether Sophia was telling the truth to Andrew about the previous abortion or whether she was saying that to convince him not to give up trying (since she was pretty sure by then that she was pregnant already or likely to become…). Any thoughts?

    • actually hadn’t thought about that!
      But I do love that there are things that make us second guess what we might have thought in the beginning.
      The comments I keep receiving on this movie, just makes it all the more fun.
      Maybe someone will have a take on that, but I will have to rewatch before I can say anything :)
      Glad that it was helpful to you!

  12. I just watched the movie and was lost about the ending. Im so glad I found this because i would have gone crazy not knowing who she ends up with. But now that I know I like the movie so much more. thx guys :D

  13. Just watched this movie last night and it’s awesomeeeee!!!!!! looove it , i’am as well married with an Asian husband :) this movie is great and Jihah is aoooo amazing .

  14. Even without the clues I was thinking it was the Korean she was having the affair. A) She obviously lied to her husband about the abortion. That was to make him believe that he was capable of fertility. B) The obvious. She was pregnant and the husband was infertile. The others clues blew the already swinging door wide open.

  15. I was satisfied and was smiling with the ending…and the fulfillment. I knew she was in Korea at the beach in the poster, that she was probably pregnant with his second child, but were they still together ?(I missed the ring) Was she happy enough just making babies, but of course, it was a home movie and he was filming (didn’t even think of that). So the ending was perfect…I loved it that way… much better than if he had spoken during that filming.

    • I do agree.
      Though I hate not having it thrown out there, and told who the father is…I wouldn’t really want the movie to end any other way. I think I came to this realization after reading so many of the comments left by other viewers. It is just amazing the way we can all come to our own conclusions, drawn from what was seen in the video. <3 it :)

  16. I LOVE this movie. I have watched it several times. At first I didn’t like the ending even though I picked up on a lot of the clues. I wondered about the cell phone, if it was hers, how did he know her number? It never showed him trying to call her before. I didn’t see the ring right away and I wondered what she was knitting meant. The picture of the beach was my biggest clue. GREAT MOVIE!

    • ^^ thanks for sharing your hints~
      I haven’t watched it in awhile, and I think I will need to very soon~ cause it was a fun movie to watch. Thanks for stopping by~

  17. Here’s what puzzles me. In the last scene, she calls the first-born child “June.” If that’s a western name, then it is a girl’s name. But we know from the ultrasound scene, that the first-born child was a male. Perhaps the name was “Choon” or some Korean name that sounded like June?

    Director, writer: Know that the movie would have been just as good if you had made it more clear at the end. The payoff would have been showing her with her new mate.

    • Hi Al,

      There are Korean names as “Joon”, not “June”, so it works out. In regards to your other comment, I did agree with your point of view when I first watched it. It drove me nuts not knowing the clear truth. But then again, it is like Inception’s ending. Letting the viewer to makeup their own conclusions with the clues given can be beneficial as well (I guess :))

      Anyway, thanks for commenting~

  18. I watched this movie yesterday for the first time. It was heart wrenching and very sexy! I was bummed terribly by the ending but this cleared it all up for me. THANK ALL OF YOU! I think the main thing to take away is her look of total serenity, which she never had with Andrew. Of course, she ended up with the right man in Korea. There can be no other answer at all.

    • I’m glad that the responses from others was able to give you some help in finding your answer to the ending :)

  19. I had to watch this movie twice to finally be convinced that yes, she stays with the man she falls in love with.
    Like others have pointed out here the ring is the final clue. However, the first clue is the picture of the beach. When she goes to his apartment for like the third time or so, and he is looking at the picture and she asks him what it is; he tells her it reminds him of the beach back home, he says it looks just like it. Then the picture is shown right when Sophie answers the phone, the screen blacks out and we see her at the beach that looks just like the one in the picture, with her son (his son) and pregnant again. She is the woman he taught her to be, the one he helped her flesh out. So this should be confirmation enough that they stay together.
    Even then, the ring is the final key just in case we keep wondering. :)

    Beautiful movie. And I first watched it because Vera is my favorite American actress, and Ha Jung-woo one of my favorites from Korea, right next to Lee Byung-hun.
    If anyone here is interested in his acting career (he is a great actor) there are two other movies in which he is the main lead that I found to be amazing; one is The Chaser (which will be remade in Hollywood) and the other one from the same director is The Yellow Sea. Both movies have English subs.

    • Such a moving and tender love story. I first saw it five years ago, then again this past week. Dynamite actors; I stayed riveted throughout. Appreciate all the wonderful insights and clues here and wanted to add my own.

      My strongest VISUAL clue that Sophie joined her lover in Korea is his seascape photo behind her as she answered his call from jail… the identical seascape shown in the very next scene.

      My strongest VERBAL clue, near the end of the story, was her passionate declaration to her husband that “This is MY baby” — after having earlier told her lover that “This is HIS (husband’s) baby.” Somewhere between the ‘his’ and the ‘my’ she had made her decision.

      For me, the most pivotal line in the entire movie is Jihah’s second question to Sophie as they walked through the park “But what do you want for yourSELF?” Having chronically put the needs and wants of others ahead of her own needs for so long, Sophie had no answer for that — until the end.

      The more I replayed it to try to figure out the last scene, the more I liked the way it ended. But since most audiences don’t go to all that trouble, or thrive on nuance and subtlety nearly as much as I do, I’m surely in a tiny minority.

      The only thing I still wonder about is the title. Back when I was still puzzling out the ending, I thought the title might hold some clues. But nah, ‘never forever ‘ is so blah generic, it was likely chosen by a separate dept for commercial, not artistic, reasons. Even so, maybe it originally had some Korean significance that somehow got lost in translation?

  20. I just saw the movie in Amazon Prize. The ending is simple. She married the immigrant and he is the one holding the camera on the beach.. She is pregnant again and since her husband was sterile , it stands to reason that she got pregnant again by her lover. She had to move to Korea because he was going to be deported the next day when he placed his phone call. Since she was married, she couldn’t save him from deportation. She divorced her husband and moved to Korea to marry her lover.

  21. To me, his words were the key to the ending.
    He said, and I quote:”Sometimes, you have to throw away everything, and start out from nothing”.
    She did.
    She ended up with him on the beach he dreamed to go back to…

  22. when the movie ended I was going gaaaaaahhhh!!!!…..
    but thanks a bazillion this site saved me from going crazy analysing the ending on my own. after they showed the beach and she was pregnant again I did tell myself she did not end with her husband but coming here confirmed the happy ending. But they should have brought Jihah our sweetheart , just a glimpse wouldn’t have harmed :( I seriously missed him so much at the end.

    • Hi Michele
      lol I know what you mean. I love how people have commented on their views over the years. One of the reasons why I keep the comments open. I think it is also interesting that with time, my own perspective of what has happened has also changed.

      In the end, I agree…they ciuld have just give us a glimpse xD

  23. No woman should ever have to take abuse as Sophie did when her husband kicked her in the belly…I went through that when I was pregnant with my son. Please any woman going through domestic abuse seek help.

  24. It took me some time to decipher the ending. One clue was the sapphire ring Sophie was wearing on her left ring finger. It’s the same sapphire ring Jihah saw in the jewelry store. The jeweler recommended Jihah to choose between sapphire and diamond depending on the color of the eyes of the woman. So Jihah chose Sophie over her girlfriend at that time. Another clue was that the beach was very similar to the one in the picture in Jihah’s room that reminded him of a beach back home in Korea. This suggests Sophie chose to go to Korea to live and have a second child with Jihah. Very good ending.

  25. The child at the end was a girl! She had been pregnant with a boy. I get the rest of the ending. I was thrown by the girl child. What is that about

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