Musical Friday with Jang Beom Jun

Jang Beom Jun, most known through the group Busker Busker, released his own mini album. One of which is Difficult Woman/어려운 여자. The fact that he has a slightly unique voice, makes it fun to listen to. At least, for me :)

Have a great Friday everyone~

Musical Friday with Outsider

Hi everyone :)

Currently in Korea, and having fun!

Today I wanted to share Outsider’s MV for Sohn (Hand). I actually liked the video for the making of the track, so I embedded that one. You can see the official MV which incorporates animation on the channel of his new company Assa Communication. Couldn’t find translations for this, so couldn’t link one, sorry! But maybe you will like the sound of the vocals?? (Ack…I tried sorry)

Musical Friday with Jung Joon Young

I only really knew JJY through 1N2D’s, a Korean Variety Show. I knew he was in a band…but apparently I thought he was in a band he wasn’t actually apart of. lol. Not my fault Korea comes out with new groups every single day -___-

But I was surprised. This song, was interesting. I didn’t realize his voice was so soothing to listen to, but still had an edge to it.