Musical Friday w THE SOLUTIONS

Another view I was introduced by Eat Your Kimchi’s recent video on Korean Indie, that I mentioned HERE. So today we have The Solutions/솔루션스

The song itself is catchy. I mean I found myself humming. Plus, the finger walking amused me on the electric.

And it feels slightly summery, doesn’t it?

Musical Friday w Thornapple

I first came across Thornapple thanks to Eat You Kimchi’s Video.

So I did some searching, and pretty much agreed with all that was said in this review.

In any case, today we have a Korean Indie group called Thornapple.

Soothing in an odd way, and just melodic at the same time.

Check out more videos at HappyRobotRecords

Musical Friday w So Ji Sub/소지섭

I’ve always had a mini crush on So Ji Sub. According to my friend, I have weird taste. In any case, I couldn’t help but drool a little in the intro. I loved the weird flash contrast that played in the beginning.

The shoe choice while he is sitting against the car, caught my eye. I mean far be it from me to judge another of their shoe. But it just stood out against the grey, sleep, awesome background…so I giggled. Perhaps it was the contrast against the more macho stance he takes. A sort of juxtaposition?

However, the lyrics…just…it gives us a little deeper glimpse in to what goes through his mind. Inner feelings. Here’s a link for the English Translation.

More often than not, we are judged by how we appear to be. Not because of who we actually are. So it is interesting to see this music video, SJS’s view of the world he interacts with.