How do you like wearing your lipsticks?

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CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lip Color in Bombshell is gorgeous.

Just gorgeous.

That is the only word that comes to mind when I saw it first on Gerry over at PbunnieP.

So of course I needed to try it out.

That meant pulling it out of the box…and overcoming my fears of bright colours.

Different Way w CoverGirl Bomshell

If you are like me, and easily intimidated by bright colours, maybe these tips that I’ve picked up over the years will help.

Different Way w CoverGirl Bomshell

First is the “I Just Ate a Lollipop” that Asia seems to love. I see it on every Korean Beauty Blog. You take your lipstick, and pout. Then dab the lipstick on the inner part of the lips. Use your finger to diffuse the edges so that it looks smoother. You could use a nude colour to blend it out, but I just use a balm.

Second is the “Lip Balm Slip”. Apply a balm that has a bit of slip on to the lips. Then apply the lipstick over it. Because of the slip, the colour ends up being more sheer, and can ease you in to the transition. This is the one I used the most for red lips. But you need to be careful, the slip might make it go nuts, so keep an eye on it.

Third is the “Dab Away Your Tears”. Dab the lipstick on to the lips until you achieve the pigmentation you like. You can build it up a bit, or let it be a bit more sheer. But this gives you a little more of a matte look, and because it sheers it out a bit, gives it a less powerful look than the next one.

Lastly we have the “Full Kablam!”. Apply the lipstick on to the lips for full colour. Use a lip brush to lightly diffuse the edges for a softer look, or to define it even more.

Anyway this was just a follow up post to the swatching I did the other day here.

CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolour <3

CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolour

I first came across these lipsticks because Sparkled Beauty asked me to do a CP for her awhile back (I think it was a BOGO deal). And usually anything she wants CP’ed is worth having.

However I was more in to glosses, so I didn’t bother buying them for myself.I am kicking myself for not trying these out sooner, as they have been quite the delight to have in my collection.

CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolour

I got a chance to use these babies thanks to Beauty United, and have been trying to use them as much as I can.

I actually had Red Hot as well, but forgot about it as that was stolen by my Mother. She loves red lipsticks :)

What does CoverGirl have to say about the Lip Perfection Lip Color?

Bright, gorgeous colour that can transform your day and your lips. Enriched with silk moisturizing complex, our formula helps sustain moisture levels and helps create soft, smooth, beautiful lips in just 7 days.*
-via website

CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolour
I know my skin looks off, but on my skin this was the best I could do to make the colours close to what I get.

CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolour
From the upper left corner, clockwise:
Seduce 307, Eternal 350, Bombshell 327

Seduce is a recent addition to the line (I believe), and is a lovely colour. Not too bright so it looks odd on me, but not too dark that it is too vampy for everyday wear.

Eternal is one that I have used quite a bit of, since receiving it just before the holidays. As a deeper dark pink, it made life fun.

Bombshell but then Bombshell came along, and has completely taken over. I know that my lips are a little wonky in the picture, but that is my fault for not taking care of my lips, not the lipstick.

One of the reasons why I like this line, at least for these three, is that they go on with such ease. I mean, I don’t have to fight it. They apply to smoothly. I do find that some are a tad more drying over the hours than others, but for the most part, I don’t have issues. I like that they last long, and are pigmented in one swipe (though I found my Bombshell needed just a bit more help than the others I’ve tried). Finally some do stain a little, so keep that in mind. You will probably want to add this to your makeup bag, if you apply it in the morning.

You can find these at,, SDM, Rexall etc for about $8-$10. Though a lot of the stores have sales on CoverGirl frequently so you can always wait for those. Also there are $1 off coupons hanging about at P&G BrandSaver.

*Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own*

Week 3: It’s gotta be about the lips

Hello Lovely Readers :)

EDIT: Jan2814
Hello Readers, My Winner is Jenn Scarlet Beauty! I have just emailed her.
Thank you so much for entering this Birthday giveaway month :)

Welcome to the third week of the giveaways I am having this month (and I believe my last).

This is my birthday month, and I just wanted to share a bit of love with my readers.

So up for grabs is your choice of 3 Annabelle TwistUp lippies (though I would HIGHLY suggest you check out Royale as one of those three choices :P).

Annabelle Twistups are one of the products I have been fond of from the brand.

Annbelle TwistUp

Annabelle TwistUp
Vamp – Monroe – Cherry
(These three were provided for review purposes HERE)

To enter, which one is the shade you need to get? You can check them out on the website HERE

Unfortunately this is limited to Canadians, and this giveaway will end next Sunday at midnight. The winner will have 24 hours to respond to my email, where, if I do not receive a reply, I will then draw another winner. In participating in this giveaway, you agree to provide a shipping address, as I will purchase and have this giveaway shipped to you.

Lastly, this giveaway is sponsored with my own funds, as I wanted to share something with my readers. I’m thankful for those who have checked out this blog, not merely for the giveaway opportunity, but have followed me throughout this entire journey :) I do hope to get to know you more, if you choose to be cool and stick around~

Anyway, it is Monday, so I hope that you have a great one.

Holiday Nails: Lipstick & The Art of Seduction

I did a mini series of holiday nails last year, and well, I figured I would try again this year :)

I should also mention that Nail Polish Canada has their 2nd annual Holiday Nail Art Challenge which you can check out and enter HERE.

Anyway, to start things off…
I wanted to do something red, and with glitter. I think I did okay with what I had planned out.

Holiday Nails 2013

Holiday Nails 2013
I used The Face Shop Lovely Mix Nails PK103, which is similar to another brand…which I posted HERE. I applied two coats to just the upper half of the nail of my middle and ring finger.
I then applied two coats of American Apparel Lipstick on my index and pinky, then applied it to my middle and ring finger in a curved shape. I then applied two coats of Color Club The Art of Seduction to the middle, ring, and thumb. I attached these plastic rhinestones along the curve of the Lipstick polish (so even if the curve wasn’t drawn well, it doesn’t matter too much, as you will be covering it up a bit with the rhinestones). I sealed everything off with a coat of Gelous, and then a coat of Seche Vite.

Holiday Nails 2013
I know the post title doesn’t really fit with the Holiday Theme, but I do like how it turned out in the end. I didn’t want it too over the top, but just enough bling that it stood out. It does seem a bit, Valentines-y, but the red glitter makes me think of Christmas more than Valentines. So I think I’m safe :P (But I may recreate it for Valentines as well…)

Well that is the end of the first post for the Holiday Nails 2013 Series. Can’t wait to show you what else I have in store :)

I will hopefully be posting one a day for every weekday up til Christmas Day. I am trying myself to be creative, but have also relied on Pinterest to help me with inspiration. Seriously. Thank goodness for Pinterest and other fabulous Nail Art Bloggers :D

*all products in this post wee purchased with my own funds*