Glitter liquid liners…

A little while back, one of my fav drugstore bands Annabelle Cosmetics, reshared a video on their Instagram feed. I then went right to work putting my liquid liner to use!

Here is the original video. Anyway check out the rest of her feed HERE. I love her liner skills :D

Anyway, basically she used the Annabelle Glitterama Liners to liner her eye, pat on an eyeshadow, then redefined with the glitter liner again.

So that got me thinking. My Marcelle Lux Metallic Liquid Liners were at their end of life AGES ago…but wanted to get in a few more uses before I said goodbye (as of the moment I believe they have been discontinued).

Glitter Liquid Liner

I took Ultraviolet and smeared it about the eyelid. I then applied Annabelle Cosmetics Pigment in ______ (yeah…I don’t remember what it was called) on top of the liquid liner while it was still tacky. Once it dried down a bit, I used the same pigment to blend out the edge (which doesn’t show as much in the picture :T). Slap on eyeliner and mascara…and TADA.

Basically I hadn’t thought of doing this. Using a glitter/liquid formula as an adhesive for the pigments. Love it. Simplicity is key now that I’m getting older. It is the only way I can even think of wanting to venture out into a different colour other than my typical gold and browns. I blame age, but really it is sheer laziness lol

Glitter Liquid Liner
It is a tad clumpy closer to the lash line, as I fiddled with it too much. But I still like how it turned out.

Glitter Liquid Liner

Glitter Liquid Liner

Glitters from The Face Shop

Did you know that the Face Shop has opened up a few locations in Toronto?

They had one in Pacific Mall, but in all seriousness, I thought it was a fake shop. Can you blame me?!

Anyway there is one at Fairview Mall, and at the Eaton Centre.

The Face Shop Glitter

Well I got this as part of my birthday gift a few months back. I have a few Face Shop nail polishes that I got when I went to Korea a few years back, but this is my first glitter from the line.

The polish has decent coverage, and applied nicely.

One coat on the pinky nail, but two coats on everything else.

The Face Shop Glitter

I like the mix of colours and sizes of the glitter. Looks like I might consider more if I can find the room in my stash to store them lol -____-

Valentine’s NOTD #2

Valentine's NOTD #2

Who says you need to do nail art to enjoy a Valentine’s themed nail?

So today I have Nails Inc Sprinkles in Topping Lane.


The polish is a pink base with dark blue, light blue, silver, red, and pink sprinkles.

I found this on clearance at a SDM, but I have been seeing it elsewhere for reg price. In any case, the formula is nice, but the sprinkle bits are a bit of a pain. As you can see it doesn’t spread evenly, so you will need to use the dabbing method to patch it up. I left it to show you the difference.

Valentine's NOTD #2

I know it is like the glitter bits have been puked up on the nails…but yet they are kind of interesting, no?

Anyway, it might be a little much for some, so you could use it to do a french nail, or use it as an accent polish instead. Either way, it is still pretty :)

Did you see yesterday’s Valentine’s NOTD?

Valentine’s NOTD #1

*Products in this post were purchased with my own funds*

A little regret…

The sale section, as well as the cheap little deals you can buy at the bottom of the checkout on Sephora…are deadly.

I mean you decide to spend some money…when you shouldn’t. Ignoring that, you decide to buy something. One little thing won’t hurt. And it shouldn’t, wouldn’t, until you get to the checkout and see the little $12 or whatever priced deal.

Well…if you don’t know how that feels…well…*twiddles thumbs* xD

Anyway, today I just wanted to show the little swatch of NARS Enchanted.

I noticed that it was $12, so why not, right?

NARS Enchanted

NARS Enchanted
It looks really pretty, but I wasn’t expecting all the glitter.

In addition it ended up being a little too light. Which meant that it was hard for it to show on my skin. Shucks again.

NARS Enchanted
All that glitter…not usually a fan of glitter in my blush. Shimmer = ok…but not glitter.

NARS Enchanted
Once you dust off the glitter, after the blush dries down a bit, it does look nice.

In my case this was a very glittery, and very light colour. Using a duo fibre brush didn’t give me enough colour, so I use my fingers to pat and blend it on my cheek instead. The product itself is also quite gritty because of the glitter, and I found that as the day moved on, the glitter would transfer itself to other places…or just migrate down. Not a great final look really.

So in the end…I wish I didn’t buy it. But couldn’t help the price tag lol

Probably will go to one of my friends who are lighter than me. If they don’t mind glitter :)

Anything you bought recently that you regret picking up?