Sunset Gradient

sunset Gradient

For some reason of another, the week I did this, I was wanting to do a gradient nail. In the past year, I don’t dabble too much in to the fancy nail…but I did.

sunset Gradient
I applied a coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On. Then I applied American Apparel Butter to the upper half of the nail. Once I let that dry, I swiped American Apparel Butter, Jacob Retro Chic, and Loreal Orange You Jealous? on to the piece of sponge. I like keeping the sponge on the narrow side so that I don’t get nail polish all over my finger. You can use the glue and sponge method though.

sunset Gradient
I sponged the stripes on the nails, adding more polish once I run out. With this sponge, it is a bit of a pain. I have to work fast or little bits pull off and stick to the nail.

sunset Gradient
I sealed it all in with a top coat, and voila. All done.

It was a little rough on the index finger, but I still liked how it turned out :)

Polka Dots

It took me a really long time in my youth…to realize it was polka, and not poka.

I still laugh at how silly that was.

Anyway, I was supposed to have a Cover Girl review up today…but I got super lazy in editing the pictures. My bad.

So today I will share a NOTD from a little while back.

I don’t usually do dots on the nails…but had this odd craving to do so.

So I pulled out my American Apparel nail polish and went to work (I used Sunset Blvd and Poppy).

And yes, that is a bit of settling in the polish. Not cool…but the colour is still pretty…when I could capture it…

Also, my nails aren’t as pointy any more. It was too long for me to type properly…or text properly. But I did have fun with them :)

I picked these up awhile back, which I shared HERE

Sunset Blvd isnt as orange as I capture it to be. Hence I added the cooler picture which makes my skintone look off.

Polka Dots

Polka Dots

Polka Dots


Just can’t get the hang of it…

I love seeing all the great marble manicures on Instagram and blogposts. The thing is, I don’t seem to get them right at all. At first, I was using water that was too cold, so it would harden before I could play around with it. Another time the polishes just kept separating in the little container. Another polish would push through the other rings of polish, and rip the design up…The latter is what happened again to me for this one…

One of the other reasons I don’t attempt them as often, is because of the clean up. Luckily all nail bloggers have been utilizing the liquid glue method…and it is just great for my purposes of marbling.

Smear it around the nail bed, and voila. Protected. Unless you are like me and forget how far up you applied it…and dip your finger even deeper.

Oh, I also use a Soju-Jjan (or a shot glass), which I wrapped in plastic wrap. I didn’t want to ruin it, and found this is one way I can avoid it.

Anyway, the nail bed is a mess as I kept screwing up. So reapply, reapply, and reapply…

Even when I look at the pattern…it looks too…gross. Like polish that was thrown up. Yes…unfortunately that is the only way I can think of putting it at the moment.

(Finally started using felt for removal, and LOVE IT)

Anyway, is there a polish method that you just can’t get the hang of?? I can’t be the only one right?! OTL

Holiday Nails Gradient Up!

HOliday Nails Gradient Up

I like gradients a lot. But it seems I do better when I work with glitters. I guess its just easier

HOliday Nails Gradient Up
I used
China Glaze Party Hearty
American Apparel Smoke Dazzle

Party Hearty is not as dense as I would have liked it to be, so I used Smoke Dazzle to help fill in the gaps. I applied Smoke Dazzle to the tip of the nail first, then applied Party Hearty. To have it look more sparse, wipe the bush in the bottle a few times, to get off as much excess as possible. Then kind of dab the nail. Then move further down and apply a another coat. One tip for glitter gradients is that it does get a tad thick, so when it is a little dry, press down on it with your finger. Lightly. That will help to flatten the glitter, and to get rid of bubbles or whatever.

HOliday Nails Gradient Up

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