Sitting around…waiting…

My sleep schedule has been officially messed up! I finished working with my students yesterday…which means I am on hardcore hunting duty!

Anyway, I applied to a recruiter late Sunday evening. I know I haven’t reached the end of their 2-3 day wait period, but the personal luck pessimist in me says that I won’t get a reply.


I messed up the summary. Note to self/Note to anyone…if you have a small form to fill in a certain amount of words, so it in word. When you are done, paste it into the form on the website. Basically, I had gone past the number of words, so I was editing in the little form. I submitted (I try to argue to myself that it was 1am, and that I was just tired…), I realized that I had missed deleting two words! ACK! Anyway, that is why I don’t think I will hear from them.

So where does that leave me?

Well, I was browsing some hashtags on Instagram, and came across an individual who had taught, but had just returned home from her contract. SCORE! So I made an inquiry, and got two more chances to try and get through this. I also learned of another recruiter that is apparently fairly reliable from yet another Instagram user, who posted her blog link.

I was trying to get my documents verified/inquire about verification from the Korean Consulate, but it always, ALWAYS goes to voicemail. I also do not get a call back despite leaving a message. So it looks like I will have to make a trek downtown to ask them in person. Then, when I get a proper answer, will have to hunt down a Notary to get my documents done. I just wanted proper answers so I wouldn’t have to waste time, waste money…but I guess it can’t be helped.

Back back to the point. I need this opportunity to go through soon. I wanted to actually attend my friends wedding in January. Plus with other life events, would rather be abroad. I actually emailed her today. And already was so disapppointed T___T I still am holding on to a glimmer of hope, but unless her wedding is the end of the month, I probably won’t make it. Ah well. At least I have time to make the other wedding in March.

On the mention of weddings, I actually have 6 weddings that I am invited to for 2015. One I am in, the two in Korea, 3 high school friends, and one other family friend. Just nuts O___O First time I had this many. I peaked at 5 a few years back when I was more active in my church. Now that was brutal on my student wallet. But all great times of course, so no worries.

Okay…I think I have finally forced my body into exhaustion. My eyes are starting to hurt. This seems to be the only way to sleep lately, since I panic worry about the next month. I’m already packing…just let me leave!! haha…I’ll keep you updated :)

Liebster Nomination by NerdyLibrarianGirl

This is REALLY REALLY late. I got this in the summer…and just doing this now. Soooo sorry. But here goes :)

The NerdyLibrarianGirl nominated me for the Liebster Award. Do I know what that is? I mean I had seen it around before, but didn’t really pay attention. Tags and awards usually die with my post, but I do love doing them when I can. Plus I got to virtual meet another blogger :) Always great meeting others who are based in Canada. If you are a blogger as well, lmk :)


The 11 questions are:

1. Which current celebrity do you think has the best makeup?
Personally I have always been a fan of Mila Kunis’ makeup. Or Cameron Dias…Emma Watson. Oh, Drew Barrymore should be in here as well. Fresh faced, but not overly done up like another person who keeps spamming my social media world OTL

2. If you had to pick, which one of these 1980s movie characters would you be? (Claire from The Breakfast Club, Baby from Dirty Dancing, or Sloane from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)
Hmmm…I think it would be Claire. I don’t really identify with Baby, and I can’t remember what Sloane was like.

3. What is your number one, absolute favourite lipstick of all time?
Crap. This is hard. Vasanti Sweden? I’ve bought it twice since I wore it so much. Or even Soft Rose by Revlon. But then again..there is Annabelle TwistUp in Royale…

4. What is your favourite shade of eyeshadow right now?
Shade…hmmm…I think it would have to be gold (Annabelle Goddess), or greens like Loreal Infallible in Antique (notice I can’t stick to just one thing lol)

5. Is there a nailpolish shade you’re currently loving?
I love all my polishes. But I got to say that I have been enjoying wearing any of my holo polishes.

6. What was the first makeup or beauty product you remember buying?
I think it was in grade 10, I bought an Annabelle White Eyeliner. The thing was, it was hard, and wasn’t very pigmented. So I didn’t touch Annabelle for a long time. Funny, cause now it is one of my go to drugstore cosmetics. In grade 11 or 12, I went to MAC with mom to buy a black eyeliner. Unfortunately the woman suggested I get a khol liner, despite my oily skin. I couldn’t use it, as I turned into a racoon in 5 minutes.

7. Which decade’s makeup style do you like best? 20s/30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s?
I’d go with 50s or 70s. Not too over the top (for me), but still lovely~^^

8. What splurge-worthy, high-end makeup item is on your wish list right now?
Anything Burberry. I keep seeing it pop up on my feeds. Armani (just to visit the lovely Sand at the Sherwary Holt Renfrew location. Plus the Armani story behind the cosmetic line, is actually nice), or maybe Chanel…But seeing as spending a lot of cosmetics, though I would love to, isn’t something I can maintain in my lifestyle at the moment. It is just a wish.

9. What are you currently binge-watching on Netflix or whats in your recently viewed list?
I actually started watching Supernatural again. I watched the first two seasons when it came out, mainly because Jensen is attractive. Recently started watching it again, and got to say I have grown to really like Misha Collins as Castiel.

10. Have you ever tried a makeup or beauty DIY and if so, how did it work out?
DIY beauty, was the egg yolk masque that mom used to do every week. Basically it was egg yolk on the face, mixed with this Korea powder, and you stick tissues over it. Once it hardens, you peel it off your face.

11. What is one helpful makeup or beauty tip you could share?
It is never too early to take care of your skin. Oh man, do I wish I took care of it more. The acne in my teens years made me despise facial care as it used to irritate it. I also would HIGHLY suggest you find an eye cream that works for you quick. It took me way too long, and well…I can see it having an effect.

Anyway, thanks so much for tagging me! Make sure you check out her blog. She is doing a fun series about high end lipsticks! So check it out :D

Last week on Instagram…

So @pixiwoos shared this today. As I get older, this point shows up more and more.

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I started the week with this…
It rings so true as I get older. My favourite one was this one flakey friendship. She was in the US, and told me to meet her at Niagara. Kept telling me to buy tickets to take the Greyhound to meet them. Something kept telling me to wait. So wait I did. 8 Hours before I was supposed to meet her, I get a call. They met with issues at the border (with her then partner), and she couldn’t come over. In any case, the point is…evaluate. Over course, don’t over analyze, but…evaluate.

My grandmother always had plastic bags folded up and tied with elastic bands in her handbag. So cute…Got it from her, cause I don’t like tossing my bags as well lol

I had WANTED to get these cups…but didn’t get a chance to drink one when it was out in the summer. BUT! I was meeting up with M & S, and well…we went to the new Chatime beside the Bata Shoe Museum…and BAM! This was $6CAN for the Milk Black Tea with Tapioca. I was a happy, HAPPY Camper.

Im super late for the #12daysofbeauty #beautyunited #photochallenge. Bbbbbbut at least you guys still have time to enter. Today its all about "Baby, its cold outside" With the temps dropping, its easy to forget to keep keep hydrated by slathering yourself with stuff (before, after, and even the in between!). I got this box filled w winter goodies, and the lovely BU decided to also offer one up for readers. Thankful they not think of just me, but you all as well. Comment below stating "enter me". A winner will be selected by noon, Dec 18. If I have no received a reply by 9pm that night, I'll pick another winner (I have to stick to the deadline to submit). This giveaway is only open to those with Canadian addresses. For those who dont have Instagram, shoot me an email or tweet me. #canadiansonly #canadiangiveaway #canadianbloggers #bbloggers #olay #pantene #christmas

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#BeautyUnited has given the bloggers an opportunity to giveaway a pack of GREAT goodies. Check it out on the Instagram picture for more info :)

After tutoring, I went to my Mom’s friends store, as she and Mom wanted to chat a bit more. I saw her arrange this piece, and it was quite interesting. I actually am not a fan of flowers (in general…chocolates>flowers)

Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun

What to do…
What to do.

Seeing as I came in a little late, the day I landed in Korea, I ended up wandering about. I wasn’t super jet-lagged because I tried to stay up during the flight. But I was EAGER to get my eat on!
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun

Since I was staying near Dongdaemun History & Culture Park, Exit 4, it meant there was a bunch to do.

One of them was to walk around the Dongdaemun Design Plaza/동대문디자인플라자.
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
I’m amused at myself. I bought buns and ate them inside. There was a guy who asked me to take his picture. He has gone to the US to study, and had recently come back for a mini vacation. He wanted me to take action shots of him, so I took a bunch of pictures. But I forgot to take my pictures of the inner area! Well, there are signs, and little areas that have statues, trains??? Basically a mini little play park for kids. Lots of seating area.

Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Then there is Hello APM
Miligiore/밀리오레 동대문점
Good Morning City/굿모닝시티

Tall buildings, with lots of little shops inside. I actually went in because I needed to buy nail clippers, since I broke a nail on the way to DDM Inn. But customer service was a little crappy, and I didn’t want to spend money on clippers, lol.

Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun

Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Twisty Ice Cream Cones. Interesting to watch, as the maker has to manipulate it in order to fill it completely. It wasn’t awesome to eat, but fun odd thing to do.

Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
It was a little sweet, which isn’t something I like, but it was still quite yummy

One of the nights, I wandered along the Cheonggyecheon stream (Visit Korea/Wiki)
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Some areas were REALLY sketchy. So do be very careful of your surroundings. There is usually a lot of couples that are paired off, sitting off the ledge. Some have their feet in the water. Others are hiding and smoking. Stairs to get to the main street level is very spread out. You also have to keep an eye out, as they are a tad hidden at times. BUT, very VERY relaxing.

I walked along it during the day, while coming back from something else another day…
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
There was live music, and everyone was standing on the bridge, listening to the soothing sounds.

Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
Korea 2014: Wandering Around Dongdaemun
The fun thing about this area, was that it is basically the wholesale district. This means that there is a TON of people who have their own businesses, buying things from midnight to 6am.

This was interesting to me, as this wasn’t something I had experienced before. I mean, there were TONS of people walking the streets, haggling with street vendors, or buying merchandise for their shops. I think I spent about 1.5hours just wandering one of the building floors. I mean, a lot of the stuff is repeated, but it was just interesting to see the transactions happening between the seller and buyer. My friend was saying how her aunt would take a huge bag, and look like she was buying for her store, just so she could get the best discounts. Mainly cause a lot of these places only sell to buyers who have stores to sell in. If you buy multiples, of colours or whatever, you can get better deals. So that was fun. Some of the people had such heavy bags, they just dragged it along the floor. I tripped a few times…If you want to see a great map, check out this blog
. I went to the area that was just north of the Design Plaza. Basically the NamPyeunghwa area.

The streets were also filled with these big bags, which were either deliveries for the stores inside, or to be shipped out to other parts of Korea.

Oh, another thing was that it was 1am, on a Thursday night, and there were kids out! Not teens…kids. Kids who were like 10 years old. It was so odd.

Korea 2014 Flying with Delta
Korea 2014 EG Sim
Korea 2014 Sleeping Accommodations