Extra care when you are sick…

Sooo…everyone I know seems to be sick. The weather going nutso kind of does to people. In any case, I got a cold, and still trying to recover. Doesn’t help when I am constantly around people who are sick too lol. Oh well, I blame my poor immune system >_<

In any case, being sick means that we need to take extra care. We wash our hands more, we cough in our sleeves. But, if you wear makeup, you want to take extra care there as well.

Of course, there are those that don't bother with makeup when they are sick. I am not one of them. It is here, that palettes and spatulas come in handy. I put some of the products on the palette, and dab from there, rather than straight from the product. I also try to wash my brushes even more frequently (use them once, and then put in the pile to wash). When it comes to pencils I sharpen.

These pictures were from last year…but they still apply so I thought I would use them. It is actually funny to see these now…as my brows are fatter! I've been trying to grow them for the last year (my brows are so pathetic, they take forever to grow), but I thought I wasn't seeing progress. But, yay! not a HUGE difference, but the fact that I also fatten them up with brow products also helps :P

Sick day...


Sick day...

I used CoverFX (pro pots that I bought a few years back), to cover up redness around the nose. I dabbed the MUFE HD foundation around the areas that needed a bit of cover, such as the cheeks. Lip products to plump my the dead lips that were dry, then brows and mascara.

I get that this is a lot of others who would be sick.

Are you the type to disregard makeup during the coughing fit, or one to pretend you aren’t sick?

Last week on Instagram…

Dear Jill over at JilloJello turned me to Cookie Butter. I had heard about it, seen about it here and there. However, I didn’t get the hype. I mean, since it is not available in Canada, people purposefully travel to pick it up in the US at Trader Joe’s. Due to miscommunication, one of the jars I brought back for her, was opened…so it became mine. The thing is, I didn’t like it. It didn’t get the hype. So I left the jar alone for two months. But it was just sitting there…I had to finish it…right? So I started trying it with different crackers. That was when it started growing on me. I just finished it up (well, there is a scoop left), and got to say that I am a little sad. I’m hoping to go to Buffalo before the new year…but not sure. I hope I do, so I can get us a few more :P I have found out, thanks to CB, that we can find a knockoff in our own supermarkets. Haven’t checked yet, but I hope I do soon.

So I got my BrandBacker Kiss Products Instawave to review. I was pretty exited to get it, because…it is a curler!! My hair is such a pain to curl, that I used to purposefully ruin it a bit so that it would take to heat styles better. Yeah, not a smart thing to do, but I was desperate lol. Anyway, I should have a review about these soon :)

I shared about the Madam Glam UV Gels that I received for review HERE

I met with someone to chat over food. I love that as we get older, yes, experiences might differ. However, you can still befriend someone who is younger than you, or older than you. It was interesting to see how my life experiences, and that of someone in their early 20s, was similar and different. Give and learn. Anyway, we ate at Salad King because she hadn’t had it before, and I hadn’t eaten there in AGES. I was a happy camper.

High school friend had a rather important birthday. Decided to go axe throwing at B.A.T.L. I didn’t get there in time for the actual event, as I had another birthday dinner to attend, but I got to see the venue. Very in the middle of nowhere, and out of sight, but it seems that they had fun. (Oh, that was also my 700th picture post on Instagram :P)

I was a little disappointed. Well, a lot actually. My Mother brought this to my attention, since she thought it was a little odd. I was VERY annoyed. And, I’m glad that it seems I had some right to be, as I did wonder if I was over reacting. Anyway, Mom went to pick up prescribed meds from Rexall Pharma Plus Pharmacy. This is what she got back (the one missing was taken by my Mother). The box wasn’t even the proper box, I guess because they just needed somewhere to put the things. What actually bugged me, was the fact that they were all cut up from different packages, without any expiry dates. Which got me thinking, that how much do we know about even the loose drugs that we need to get when we get sick. I mean, I would hope that it would be carefully maintained. But…with this, I figured you never know. I want to go complain, but she is saying just let it go. Need to check in with my cousin (nurse, husband a dr), and then see where to go from there.



Musical Friday with Fink

Reading the comments, apparently a lot of people heard it through Suits. I, on the other hand, heard it through Scorpion. I actually liked the fact that it was so…rusty? Yet, at the same time, really resonated with me.

In any case, so dang catchy, I found myself listening to this a lot recently.

Trying Out Madam Glam

*Products in this post were provided for review purposes. Views and opinions about the product are my own experiences on the product*

Madam Glam UV Gel

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Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Madam Glam, wondering if I’d like to dabble in their new UV Gels. Of course I said yes, since I have fallen in love with soak off gels since my first venture through Finger Paints. Plus, they have gorgeous glitter polishes on their site, so that left a happy impression on me to start (oh yes…I love me my glitters :P). So, I received the base coat, colour coat in Deep Brown Red #412, and the top coat.

Madam Glam UV Gel
So, I want to start backwards. One of the things people hate about these type of, long lasting nail products, is the removal. I did a very quick application at first, where I applied the trio to the middle of my nails. I found that the removal of the Madam Glam gels were quite easy. The acetone soaked in well, making the removal process quite simple. I personally found it easier than the Gelish gels that I have in my collection.

Madam Glam UV Gel

The application process:
- Apply an even layer of the base coat, clean up any application on the skin, and cure for 30 seconds in the LED/2 minutes in a UV
- Apply an even layer of colour coat, clean up any application on the skin, and cure for 30 seconds in the LED/2 minutes in a UV (repeat as many times as necessary, though I wouldn’t suggest you do more than three as gel polishes generally get thick by the end of the process then)
- Optional: Decorate nail as you see fit
- Apply an even layer of the top coat, clean up any application on the skin, and cure for 30 seconds in the LED/2 minutes in a UV

Madam Glam UV Gel
(Excuse the bump on the middle finger. That wasn’t the product fault, it was me having improperly removed the previous gel and messed up the natural nail)
I only have the one colour to try out (thought not for long, seeing as they have a great promo going on right now…details at the end of this post), but I also found the polish a little thick (which makes me think mine was just a little different, as Manic Talons didn’t have that issue with the same one. On that note, check out the more swatches of different colours on her blog). However, the top coat levels it out very nicely, so as long as it isn’t patchy, you can remedy it there. I used two coats in the pictures (though I did end up using three for my right hand), but would have been happier with three. It would allow for more of an even coverage on the nail. Darker colours do need the proper time to cure, so I wouldn’t suggest using too thick of a coat

Wear time was quite good, or standard for soak off gel polishes. Though I didn’t cap the tips (which I usually forget to do -___-), it didn’t seem to affect the tip wear, in comparison to the other gels I use. On my right hand (dominant hand), I did cap my nails, and can say that capping them is quite beneficial, as they should last easily up to two weeks without a problem. The uncapped left hand, did have a few minor chips at a little over a week. But again, I blame my not capping, as my dominant hand was perfectly fine.

Madam Glam UV Gel
What I LOVED about the bottle, was that the colour on the top of the bottle, really did match the actual colour in the bottle. Too often, there are gels that do not represent the actual product. That drives me up the wall. I have a Quo by Orly that was supposed to be purple, and turns up blue. I then have a FUSE polish, which doesn’t look like the bottle either. So, the bottle does match, and is pretty spot on when you look at the swatch on the website as well (though take in to consideration that colours on monitors may vary slightly).

Madam Glam UV Gel
Madam Glam UV Gel
The brush manipulates easily, though I did find it a little bigger for my own nails, in comparison to my other gels. Just means that I had to work it a little differently, but didn’t make application any harder. But since it fans outs nicely, it means you can get a lovely application at the base of the nail.

Madam Glam UV Gel
Also, because the caps are clear (to indicate the clear base and top coat), I marked them B for base coat, and T for top coat. Just for my own ease. It is one thing that bugs me about some of my other bottles, so I liked that I could customize it like this.

Price may seem a little heafty, but considering that Finger Paints are 9.8mL, and GElish are 9mL, and the Madam Glam are 15mL…it really is a no brainer that you are getting a better deal with them. Especially when they are all roughly the same price. BUT, Madam Glam does have various promotions that pop up in my inbox, so that does bring the price down.

For example, as of the moment by going to the website (kind of a tracking link, not a monetary referral link), and inputting the code “YGEL30OFF“, you get…30% off! Yes yes…I know that was obvious, but just in case :P

So, by buying two colours + promo code + free shipping, you would pay about $25US (not sure if there is taxes on that). Under ~$38 if you get the start up trio of base coat, top coat, and a colour.

They actually have a early Black Friday promo going on, which you can find on the website as well.

Madam Glam UV Gel

Now, word of caution.
The world of gels is not for those who are careless. There are issues associated with them if you are not interested in the application or the proper curing processes. As such, I cannot claim to be a professional at them, nor can claim an expertise in the the understanding of the chemical theories behind it. If you want to read up, I suggest going HERE, a link that BeautyGeeks shared, a few times. It is a rather long thread.