Reminiscing about childhood…

Still working on math, but needed a smaller eraser than what I was using. Went nuts looking for my erasers…

Found the ones I used to collect as a kid…I couldn’t let them go because of sentimentality

Anyway, I just laughed thinking about some of these. I normally have horrible memory, so considering I remember these…its story time :)

Before I collected nail polish, blush and eye shadow…I collected stickers and erasers.

Anyone remember Yikes Erasers (I think they did pencils as well). I liked them cause some where see through like this one.

When I played the violin, my teacher used to bribe me w pochacco erasers to keep proper form (again, see through)

Clifford & the car were from book fairs in grade school. I bought the car cause its a squishy eraser lol the korean money one is one that my cousin bought me (cause I wanted it) when I went to Korean for the first time when I was 6 (I think)

Lastly the hello kitty. I used to go to Saturday School for math and english in grade 4. It was held at Oise St George, so I would have to take the subway home. Well if you know the station, you know its connected to the Oise building. Well inside the station there is a little shop to buy candy. One day, I saw the Hello kitty erasers. It was a pack of 5, and they were thin rods. I had to have it. So I saved some money, and secretly bought it. But the thing is, 5 wasn’t enough. So I took a box cutter and sliced them up to thin Hello Kitty slices…yeah…I don’t get it either, but this one survived lol

I was such an odd child :)

Okay…bad to working on learning this math for the morning teaching session… oTL

Would you might lending me some insight?

For a few years now, I’ve said that I wanted to buy a ring to commemorate the year. I was supposed to do it when I was 21…then 25…but it didn’t happen. This year I have decided enough is enough and will be buying a ring for myself. The problem is finding one! One that won’t bore me immediately, but also isn’t too cute to wear for a few decades.

I also wanted to buy a ring because I am sentimental. I want to be able to pass something down to my children or my grandchildren. I did have a ring that my Paternal Grandmother left my Mother. Mom didn’t wear it since it was when we owned the restaurant, so I took it for my own wear. Except that it was a bit big on me, as my Grandmother had intended it for the boys to wear. One day, as my friend and I were heading downtown to roam, I got off the streetcar and looked down at my hand, or did something. And had a heart wrenching pain. The ring was missing. I guess it had slid off at one point when I was moving, and I didn’t realize. Because we had traveled a lot that day, I couldn’t pin point where it might have gotten lost. I contacted TTC as well, but no luck. I remember that day so well, because in the middle of a hot summer day…at the corner of Queen St and Spadina…I bawled my eyes out. Enough that a police officer stopped and checked if I was okay. It hurt. And it took several weeks for me to get used to…and I actually stopped wearing my rings for a long way after that. But I do love my rings.

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 6.28.54 PM
Paloma Picasso® Hammered Ring $165CAN
Now I have always like the simplicity of the Paloma Picasso line. I like the hammered detailing of this ring. But I can’t help but think that I have seen many sterling silver hammered rings on Etsy many years ago, when I wanted to buy a ring for my birthday.

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 6.29.00 PM
Paloma’s Sugar Stacks Ring $660CAN
Another ring I want in a non-coloured stone…but that jacks up the price. So this is merely wishful thinking. Maybe in the future, but not for this year.

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 6.29.05 PM
Frank Gehry® Torque Ring $360
This is another one that I like because of the way that it is structured. Sharp lines, yet the type that I like buying because it is simple at the same time. I would have to see this in person though, as I don’t want something too chunky, as my fingers have to deal with that on a regular basis -__-


I also contemplated maybe just getting a bunch of stacking rings…or start with one stacking right, and add one every decade. If so, then there were a lot from Pandora that appealed to me.

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 3.54.46 AM
Silver Ring with Cubic Zirconia $175

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 3.58.31 AM
Autumn Breeze $100

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 3.59.17 AM
Spiral Rose $80

Sincerity $65

Thomas Sabo

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 4.03.07 AM
Glam & Soul Ring $164

David Yurman

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 4.08.19 AM
Crossover Narrow Ring $325

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 4.09.28 AM
X Crossover Ring with Diamonds $350

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 4.10.08 AM
Color Classics Ring with Moon Quartz $350

But my cousin in Korean is connected to David Yurman Korea somehow. It was advertising, management?? I can’t remember -___- So might be better to wait til I go to Korea.

In any case I just want something nice and simple. Im budgeting about 200-300? Do you have any suggestions of places I can check out? Let me know :)

Looking back on 2013

As I get ready to welcome in the new year (in a minute)…I thought I would look back at some of the stuff that happened in 2013 (I did one for 2012).

Before I do, I just wanted to say that from the bottom of my heart…thank you for reading the blurbs that I post. Thank you for commenting, tweeting, emailing and Facebooking me. Thank you for the fun conversations that we have had, and the interesting comments of love, encouragement, and in sharing in my joy/sorry/anger etc. I still get a little overwhelmed that people even both to do that…but so thankful that you do :D

Also thank you to all the lovely PR Reps, and Brands who have supported this blog. Really, without them it would be hard to sustain my blog, on my student budget. So I am grateful for the ones who have been so kind to let me dabble in some fun products, regardless of the outcome.

I hope that 2014 will be a great year for us all, and hope that it starts off wonderfully for you!

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Some products to consider if you are a student…Part 1

*First happy birthday to my friend EK :D Yay! Can’t wait to celebrate with you*

This post ended up being rather long, so I wanted to split it up in to two parts. Today I will show the first.

Now the title does state “student” however it really isn’t restricted to just to them. In addition, I recognize that not all students would want to have all the products I might be suggesting, or even want to because they don’t use as much to start off with. That’s cool. Again these are just suggestions that have helped me with my student life at the moment, so I figured I would share.

In any case, I wanted to start off with the posts that is directed to what I like to carry about with me, for different types of days that I need to tackle. With that in mind, let’s go! :D

My Essentials

As a student, there are things that I try to have with me at all ties. Those things change, but I try to have them. Since I like browsing “What’s in Your Bag” Flickr Collection, or “What’s in your Makeup Bag”, posts, etc…I figured that I would share some pictures of this topic.

My condensed goodies

My Essentials

There are days when I am at school for 9 hours. Because of that, sometimes I want to have highly condensed bag to carry around. That means that I try to keep things at a minimum. So this is one of them. Mini brush I bought from The Body Shop. I love it, mini, and works well with my hair. Plus it was like $5 or something. USB is necessary as a student. This is actually a loaner from my friend, I like it cause Pooh is attached to it :P Advil that also contains flu medication for Just in Case situations. A few coins in a baggie so that they don’t dirty anything. This is basically emergency money. Oil blotters, which don’t really need an introduction. Visine is another thing that doesn’t need an intro, I mean, long days in front of a computer mean that they need some help sometimes. EOS Cucumber lotion*, well lotion in general is necessary, as the dryers at school in combination with their soap seem to dry out my skin quickly. I like the EOS one because of the fact that it is flat, space saver (I wrote about it more here). BBW Sanitizer, which I try to snag when they are on sale. This one smells quite potent though, so you may want to test them out in stores. Sephora mirror. The Hello Kitty Excel tin container (which btw are awesome for storage) container mini eyeglass screwdriver, nail clippers, scissors, bandaids and bobbi pin. I usually also shove in a hair tie.

Spending most of my day at the library (or potentially overnight)

My Essentials

In addition to what I might have up there, when I know I need to stay late in to the night at the library (cramming), my bag changes yet again. I add a mini vial of perfume, I add the thermal water spray (this one is La Roche Posay, which is such a fine mist that it feels wonderfully luxurious). Spritz this on your face, and you feel refreshed. The Crest Mouthwash is also a good idea. This is a bottle I got through BzzAgents, as I was approved for a campaign back in the summer.

My typical bag

My Essentials

Now, if I know I’m only out for a few hours, or I need to look decent, this is the bag I am more likely to carry to school/out. I have a few things that I have already mentioned, but I add a bit more makeup. I have the Stila Convertible Colour, as I can use it on my cheeks and my lips. The Posietint cause I love tints, and mini sizes are awesome for travel. Two sample vials of perfume, one that might be more appropriate for date night, and one for the day. An eyeliner that I can rely on, in this case the Annabelle Smudgeliner, as it has a wonderful smudger on the other end (this is from a stash I got Macnunu to CP for me long ago). Finally, MUFE concealer to touch up spots on the face.

Since I’ve already talked about things that I would carry about with me, I figured I would also mention a few things that one might consider to have in their personal stash. Now I mention variations, in no way am I saying you need all! I only have several options cause of the opportunities I have had with various PR, sales, and friends.