New OPI pick ups from Dollarama

OPI at Dollarama

The day I went to the Myers Apple Farm, we all went to Mississauga to eat. While there, since the Dollarama was across the street, I popped over while waiting for our food.

So glad that I did.

You see, Dollarama has been selling OPI, NOPI, Essie, Sally Hansen etc nail polishes for a REALLY long time now. HOWEVER, I just could never find them at the stores that I would frequent. For a nail polish hog, it was so frustrating not to be able to find them.

In any case, I picked up four as they were $3 each. Basically, it seems that a lot of what we see in Dollarama, are reformulated NOPI as OPI, or renamed bottles of previous collections from OPI. Yeah, I don’t get it either…but you can see the ones that have been matched up @imabeautygeek.

Anyway I only got two swatches for you today, but the other two are equally pretty. Just will come over eventually, as I need to get rid of the yellow gel polish (it peeked through the lighter ones).

OPI at Dollarama
Stir Fried Eggplant
A deep purple, almost dark burgundy like. Has gold and purple shimmer, but very hard to see once on the nail. A little harder to work with. Formula was a tad thick and streaky.

Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow
Slightly watery, creme, deep green. You could probably pull off two coats, but I went with thin 4.

Golden Waves
Metallic gold. Looks beautiful in the bottle, but the metallic doesn’t really translate to the nail. More like a shimmer.

Girl Color
Pretty pale pink, with very light blue shimmer. Hard to see on the nail, but you can see that it reflects differently.

OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama

OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama

Anyway, if you do see them, its worth a shot trying them out. NOPI polishes don’t always work well with my nails, but these ones have held up so far.

Also, check the beauty aisle for Burts Bees wipes, and other hair care items.

I might still be wishing that Daiso would get their act together and come to Toronto, but at least the newest additions at Dollarama has held my pleas at bay for a little bit longer :)

Sunset Gradient

sunset Gradient

For some reason of another, the week I did this, I was wanting to do a gradient nail. In the past year, I don’t dabble too much in to the fancy nail…but I did.

sunset Gradient
I applied a coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On. Then I applied American Apparel Butter to the upper half of the nail. Once I let that dry, I swiped American Apparel Butter, Jacob Retro Chic, and Loreal Orange You Jealous? on to the piece of sponge. I like keeping the sponge on the narrow side so that I don’t get nail polish all over my finger. You can use the glue and sponge method though.

sunset Gradient
I sponged the stripes on the nails, adding more polish once I run out. With this sponge, it is a bit of a pain. I have to work fast or little bits pull off and stick to the nail.

sunset Gradient
I sealed it all in with a top coat, and voila. All done.

It was a little rough on the index finger, but I still liked how it turned out :)

Putting the ridge filler to the test…

*This post contains products received for testing and reviewing purposes. Views and opinions about the product are my own*

Many months back…(wow…months…)
I received a box of goodies…this box to be precise.

Nail HQ Ridge Filler
Today I will be focusing on the Nail HQ part of the box :)

Nail HQ was recently brought in by FarleyCo Beauty. A product of the UK, Nail HQ is all about treatment of the nails.

Retailing from $7.99-$11.99CAN, they might seem pricey but treatments work to help with issues down the road. So an amount invested now, will pay off later on.

I received the Ridge Filler, and the Growth for Brittle Nails. But that one went to my friend, as she has trouble with weak nails that break often.

Nail HQ Ridge Filler
Nail HQ Ridge Filler

According to the blurb on the website…

Specifically formulated for weak, damaged and thin ridged nails. This smoothing Ridge Filler gives a subtle sheen finish that revitalizes the nail. The formulation gives it unique hydrating, moisturizing and conditioning attributes which will help nails become more flexible, help regulate nail growth and improve the wear of nail enamel by providing adhesion properties.via Farley Co Beauty

Nail HQ Ridge Filler
Nail HQ Ridge Filler
Flows nicely, and isn’t hard to work with.

So what did I think?
First off, when I come across something as a ridge filler, I want to immediately take to my holos and mattes to test them out. That is what I did with this one.

(Oh! Sorry about the dryness. I always forget to oil it up before taking pictures >_<)

Nail HQ Ridge Filler
(This was a Revlon LE Matte Polish from a Christmas collection a few years back)
On the left we have the nail without Ridge Filler, on the right we have a layer of Ridge Filler. If you look at the nail on the left, you can see that there are fine vertical lines. It breaks up the reflection of light. So, generally the one on the right looks more uniform in terms of application.

Nail HQ Ridge Filler
(This was a holo from the Nabi line)
Again, on the left we have the nail without Ridge Filler, and on the right a layer with Ridge Filler. The difference between these two are a little harder. The one on the right does have a fine line running through it, but it isn’t as prominent as the one on the left. That one, you can see several lines running through the nail. If I applied a second thin layer of Ridge Filler, I’m sure I would have avoided any ridges, but…wanted to stick with one.

As a side note, the Ridge Filler makes the finish of the next immediate coat a tad on the matte side. Not a huge deal, as most of us use more than one coat of colour, but thought I would note that.

One thing I really liked about the ridge filler, was the way it could easily smooth out the new growth and my gel polish. By using a bit of this, I would layer on top a regular polish, and it still looked pretty decent.

The lovely Ottawa based makeup artist Melody Iafelice shared her before and after pictures on Instgram. I basically did what she did, then added a colour layer over it. A way to extend the gel polish, as it does get annoying to remove.


Like I said in the beginning, I also received Growth. Since I don’t really have troubles with breakage (at least with the new shape), I passed it along to my friend J to help test it out. I usually hear her complain how she hates that her nails don’t grow and keep its length, so I figured it was perfect for her.

With Pentavitin “Moisture Magnet” and a unique nail strengthening complex including Biotin. These replenishing ingredients help provide the moisture balance necessary to have flexible nails and prevent brittleness and breakage. This formula also contains a unique complex designed to help moisturise, condition and strengthen nails. Acqua-Biomin/Calcium Y3 Complex and Vitamins A and D as well as Nonychosine E – to help normalize nail growth. Via – Farley Co Beauty

So what did J have to say?

  • she applied every other day
  • helped to grow out her nails for sure, that was the difference she saw for the first while
  • unfortunately for her, as her nails grew, she noticed peeling
  • peeling led to tip breakage

Not sure what to do there. But, it did help for growth for the first bit. Wondering if maybe with continued use it would have strengthened it a bit more? Kind of like how using oils at the cuticle help to grow stronger nails from the base of the nail…just a pondering thought though.

Anyway, these guys are available on the FarleyCo Beauty Website, as well at the following retailers:

    Select Guardian
    Select IDA
    Select Pharmasave
    Select Proxim

Out with the old…

A few weeks back, I had to the pleasure of attending a friend’s wedding. I wanted something fun on the nails, but not too in your face.

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to mix in pigments and do a soak off gel.

I say thought…because it took me just a little over two hours -___- The longest I have spend on doing soak off gels.

Basically, I wanted to ensure that the pigment wasn’t messing up the gel, so I made sure to over cure it (yes it compromises the integrity, but I didn’t want other adverse reactions). Anyway, that extra step just took awhile to finish up.

Gel Polish
Marcelle on the left, Jesse’s Girl on the right

Anyway, I mixed in Marcelle Lux Eye Dust in Vegas to Finger Paints (leans more gold than yellow). I applied that mixture to the index, middle, and ring finger. For the thumb and pinky, I went for a yellow pigment Jesse’s Girl Eye Dust in Sparkle Gold.

Both of these pigments, though gorgeous, have spent a great deal of time untouched in my stash. So putting them to use made me feel…happy :P

Oh, I should put in what I dealt with before I started this…

Gel Polish
Four weeks of growth! It was horrible because they were unbearably long, and I really REALLY couldn’t type (phone or laptop). I don’t know how others with longer nails do it. I lack the skillz in that area (yes, “skillz” with a z!)

Gel Polish
Anyway, I was pretty satisfied with it, but it started chipping at the 1.5 week mark. Which I get, as I did over cure it. But I wish it didn’t. I liked how it looked :P