Musical Friday…looking back #1

Oh highschool pop-y music…

what would I have done without you?

Treble Charger, a Canadian Pop Punk group released this in 2000 (Wiki). I knew all the lyrics back then. It was just so damn catchy.

In any case, this is the first of the songs I’m looking back on to. The songs that kept me awake in classes, or generally were stuck in my head at one point or another.


I finished classes today, and handed in my last two essays. Exams, summer school, and I will be done forever. I cannot wait.

Musical Friday – Coin Laundry (#왁스 #사랑한적도없는)

Oh Wax (aka 왁스)…

What I delightfully soulful voice you have.

Just listening to the song made my heart ache a bit.

If you want the English translations, apparently they added it to the video, so just click the CC.