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Last week I had an opportunity to see a advance screening of Philomena, thanks to Harper Collins Canada and eOne Films. I went with Mom, and well we enjoyed the movie. It was about a woman who finally overcomes the shame that she was made to feel about her choices, and find the son who was taken from her. I found that it was a great performance by Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. Makes you remember that no matter who you are, you are in no position to judge someone. That’s just not our job.

I received an order from Sephora, and well…I guess with the lack of glue and the cold, POP went Hourglass Dim lol But I am glad that Hourglass took a look at the picture I took, and took it in to consideration for the quality control. Not sure if I want to exchange it or just leave it after returning it…thinking…

Love a #campus covered in #snow :) #Mississauga #utm #studentlife

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We finally got real bits of snow…and it is a lovely time especially on campus.

I got one of the first Influenster Canada Vox Boxes! Influenster gives you an opportunity to test out a box of random products, for free, and you get to review them. You can look in to signing up for future boxes HERE.
(I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes)

I got another box of goodies thanks to #BeautyUnited. I will be posting a few pictures as part of their #12DaysofBeauty challenge, and I hope to host a giveaway for the lovely products that I was able to receive, for one of my readers! So stay tuned :D
(I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own.)

XD you will be bombarded by #beautyunited @covergirl tonight…

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Super happy w their appetizers… #beautyunited #toronto #redswinetavern

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#thehives #toronto #acc #covergirl #pink #BeautyUnited

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Total blast xD #pink #truthaboutlove #BeautyUnited @covergirl

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Saturday, I got to attend the Pink Truth About Love Tour concert at the ACC, thanks to #BeautyUnited and Covergirl. Before heading over to the ACC, we met up at Red’s Wine Tavern where I had a lot of yummy appetizers (especially the Crispy Potato Flatbread. So good I got another one :P) Anyway, I was SUPER excited because of the fact that I have liked Pink since her debut. As a double score, she did some of the songs that she debuted with, and surprisingly I still knew the lyrics to nearly all of the songs xD In any case, it was awesome. Also, she did a few things like the hair request and the kiss…which you can read about HERE, just loved how she responded to the requests. If you ever get a chance to watch Pink in concert, I would totally suggest it. She knows how to put on a great show :) Oh The Hives also opened for her, and dang…those men were just nice as well :D Love that they have lasted so long, and the fact that there was constant audience interaction. Such a great show. Anyway if you are interested in seeing more pictures, check out the Facebook Album HERE.
(I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own.)

Late lunch at #swisschalet #ribs followed by an ultra sweet hot fudge #brownie sundae #drool xD

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I got to have a late lunch/early dinner at Swiss Chalet, and got the ribs…which I haven’t had in nearly a decade. Not too bad. Though I did enjoy the dessert more, even though it was a tad too sweet.

Anyway dear readers, thanks for checking out the post today.
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Otherwise I have my Holiday Nails posts going up later today, a continuation from the series I did last year. So hope you enjoy it!

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I had a semi busy week of fun~ I actually started, what I hope is my last year, today…so I really wanted to do fun things for my final week of freedom. Luckily I got to attend certain events, and spend time with a bunch of friends :)

Participated in my first #timeplay at #cineplexodeon and got 2nd place :D

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Out of the blue Mama wanted to check out a movie. We decided to watch The Butler. But it was also the first time I got to participate in Time Play. For the longest time, I didn’t realize you needed a Time Play App. I thought you used the regular Cineplex app to play…lol

I got to watch an advance screening of Life of Crime, thanks to a contest I won through Twitter from Loreal Paris Canada. It was my second time being at the Bell Lightbox, and a second time watching a TIFF film

I was the only one playing :P #timeplay #cineplexodeon

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I went to another movie, this time to watch Mortal Instruments, thanks to Farley Co. I went during the early afternoon, so when I got in to the theater, I was the third person in the audience. I ended up crashing a couples alone time lol. Anyway a trio came in much later, and another duo came half hour in to the movie…I think they were movie hopping, as they high five’d their success when they sat down.

On another topic, I’ve seen some of Godfrey Gao‘s dramas, but can I just say that I liked him a lot in the movie? Wish there was more of him…

#isaacmizrahi #theshoppingchannel #chatelaine

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I got to attend the Isaac Mizrahi event held by Chatelaine and The Shopping Channel. It was held at Paese, and it was an interesting time. I wrote about it HERE if you wanted to check that out :)

Though this was technically taken very early Monday morning, I’m putting it in now. I suddenly got rush tickets to Rush the Movie by eonefilms, so I seriously got ready in 10 mins and dashed out the door. The awesome surprise was that Niki Lauda was present at the Rush Premiere, as well as the family of James Hunt! I thought that was a great surprise for the audience at Roy Thomson Hall last night :D I totally do not regret going despite knowing I’d be tired today :P

TIFF “Rush”

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 2.21.15 AM

What a movie.

Early Sunday, I saw a tweet about Rush Movie tickets by eonefilms. I retweeted it without a second thought. I was busy all day…and didn’t check twitter til 7:10. I noticed I had a DM…

I had won two passes to see Rush that very evening!

I ran to wash my hair, did my brows and ran to catch the bus. You see, I only had til 8:30pm to get to the place to pick up my tickets. Seeing as on any given day it takes me about 50 minutes to get from my house to downtown…I was frantic.

Luckily life was in my favour today and I was able to get to the pickup location right at 8:26!

Then I proceeded to Roy Thomson Hall, where the premiere of Rush was taking place.

Now remembered I said I was in a rush…well I isn’t know until I left that it was at Roy Thomson Hall. So I was terribly under dressed for the event. But I waited in line for an hour…and after a few calls, had a friend to watch the movie with.

The problem is that they upgraded us from the balcony to the main…but they over booked the main seats. So everyone was annoyed. Luckily my friend and I found singles (though we were separated) and I got to enjoy the movie.

Now about the movie…

Wow. I really enjoyed it.

To back up, the movie is in the simplest sense, is a story about a rivalry of two Formula One drivers.

However it is more than that, as it also displays the strong sense of respect and dedication. In some
ways there I also accountability.

Yup my summary sucks, so go read more about it on the TIFF website HERE

What I loved about the movie first off was the little micro details. The flames as the engines were set in motion, the pistons working their magic. There was a scene of a spider hanging on the wall just before the race, which just seemed so right. The close ups of certain important points of the movie that make your cringe, but make you see…

There was also the fact that real clips of events were merged in to the movie as well, making the scenes even more significant.

What made the event more surreal wasn’t the fact that Chris Hemsworth was there (though seeing Thor up close is always nice…) or Olivia Wilder (whom I am a fan of). Nope…what made it more surreal was that Niki Lauda was in the audience, as well as the family of James Hunt! I was frantically switching between taking videos and pictures…just…amazing.

(Niki Lauda in the red cap)

I took a few clips, but these two were the ones I wanted to share. Apologies for the bad quality, as it’s an old point and shoot…and I screwed up macro settings (apparently my camera doesn’t like it when I use the digital zoom and the macro setting lol).

Anyway, unfortunately it seems the only other showing is today at noon :T wish there was more time to suggest that you check it out, as I personally think for a movie about a real event, it was definitely well made, especially when you consider the little things that went in to the movie making.

TIFF “Life of Crime”

A few weeks back, I saw a tweet from Loreal Paris Canada. It was a chance to win #TIFF13 screening tickets!

Of course I immediately emailed them to enter the giveaway…

and BAM! I ended up winning a pair of tickets :D

I was pretty excited seeing as I haven’t seen a Tiff Movie since…I believe Sympathy of Lady Vengeance back in 05/06. I actually really didn’t want to go, but friend of mine wanted me to come as her bf at the time was able to snag tickets.

(Taken as I was waiting in line to enter…)

Anyway, we weren’t told what we were watching, and I was SUPER curious as there are a bunch of movies that are playing this year. After being sent to several different floors, as there was HUGE miscommunications between the TIFF volunteers, I finally got to the right place and stood in line.

Was about to sit down in the row…when I hear my name! Which was really unexpected. Turned out two guys I went to High School with were in the same row! (Now high school was a long time ago, but I bump in to one of them frequently on the bus)

Okay enough background chatter right?

The movie ended up being LIFE OF CRIME! Directed by Daniel Schecter
Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 7.43.38 PM
(screenshot from the TIFF website)

Now I’m not a huge fan of Aniston, but was pleasantly surprised to see Mos Def and Tim Robbins (despite his gross character, I like how versatile he is. Plus Shawshank is still a movie I like).

Basically, the movie is about two criminals who decide to kidnap the wife of a wealthy man, and hold her for ransom. What they don’t know is that the couple’s relationship has been quite rocky.

Being a period piece, set a few decades ago…I wasn’t too sure how this would play out. Generally I felt that this isn’t an overly exciting movie to watch. You kind of suspect what might happen…though not spot on. You feel for Aniston’s character, but it just seemed the entire movie just skims the surface. I mean, just when a development is about to happen…we are torn away to something else.

However this isn’t to say that you won’t laugh a few times. And the movie does end off with a laugh as well! As as long as you aren’t expecting a movie with a huge adrenaline rush, then it might be something to consider checking out at the end of TIFF.

I didn’t snag any swag, despite wanting to find someone to give me a TIFF bag, but I did score a packet of free scented tissues! lol Oh tissues, I felt like I was in Korea :P

Life of Crime on the Tiff Website

Wiki Page (though not a lot of info)

Elmore Leonard Website with a bit of the book on it

Anyway is there a movie you are hoping to catch this TIFF season?