Moving even further down the alphabet…

*I received initial products for a lovely Christmas Gift. No obligations attached. I purchased another tube throughout the year*

At the end of last year, I had received two little packages of Marcelle products (accidentally got doubles). It was lovely, because I got them when we had that crazy winter blackout, and left without heat for a week?? I can’t remember…could have been just a few days…I should look back on the post…buuuuuuut…lets move on.

In any case, I got these packages, and inside was the DD Cream which I had yet to have tried out.

Marcelle DD Cream

What does DD stand for?

Daily Defense. It packs in a punch when you read…

Going beyond a BB Cream, DD is an all-in-one tinted cream that not only corrects but really protects your skin from external aggressors. With its platinum-infused formula, Marcelle’s DD Cream reinforces skin’s natural defenses and improves the overall appearance of skin by reducing impurities. Its powerful ingredients make it a fearsome shield against environmental aggressors such as pollution, stresses, and UVB rays. With SPF 25
-via Marcelle Website

Marcelle DD Cream
A pump. The packaging for mine looks different because the outer casing broke. So I had been using it tubeless. In the first picture, you can see that the lid broke. That is the second one that mom has (she used up the one that we were sent, and I had to pick up a new one for her…more on that in a bit). The pump actually is pretty great. I found that it allowed me to control the amount I wanted to use.

Marcelle DD Cream
Marcelle DD Cream
The colour is actually a little bit darker on my hand, but a rather decent match for my face. For the record, my face is the darkest part of me. I inherited that from my dad, who is exactly the same way. Doesn’t really matter if we use sunscreen or not -___- So, it matches me quite well. That being said…

Marcelle DD CreamMarcelle DD Cream
I have to admit, I like the DD cream a little better than their BB cream. They shouldn’t really be compared, as the DD cream is definitely heavier than the BB by far. In addition, it just does a few things to my skin that the BB doesn’t quite get completely. Make no mistake though, I love them both. But I usually reach for the DD cream when my skin is acting up, and just needs more help.

Tightens pores (it fills in my pores rather than tighten)
Visibly improves skin texture (definitely looks better)
Evens and smoothes the look of skin (does smooth out my skin)
Promotes removal of skin impurities (I couldn’t tell, but maybe because it is hard to track?)
Controls shine (holds back the oilies for a decent enough of time)
Offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits (skin does feel plump and not tight)
Protects skin from environmental stressors (not sure how to measure this)
Helps prevent signs of aging (in the long run by protecting, I guess it could)
Soothes and calms dry/damaged skin (dry bits were not emphasized by it)
Provides anti-dull radiant complexion (there is a bit of a radiance)
Dermatologist tested
-via Marcelle Website

So, my experience is obviously stated in the brackets above. Now I mentioned earlier that I had to pick up another DD cream for Mom. Mom is more high maintenance than I am, when it comes to makeup. Well, doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, but as she hit a certain milestone, she has been feeling…the need to try and hold on to whatever youth she thinks she is losing. Which is insane really, because she does look younger than her age for sure. In any case, when she was using her first tube, it made a little spurt when she pumped it. She totally called me immediately, telling me to pick up another for her. I found it funny…that is how I am when it comes to my favourite mascara or shadow pencil.

Thus, it is safe to say that my Mother loves it. When you look at the before and after picture of my skin, you can see that it covers up my horribly clogged pores (was still suffering from the abuse I put it through from school, luckily a bit of work has lessened the grossness). Also, my skin has been lacking that little lustre. So, the fact that this perks it up, is pretty nice. It isn’t full coverage, but it does enough that I don’t have to feel I MUST use concealer, though I would if some of my spots were too inflamed. I also felt that it kept my oily skin at bay longer, at least longer than the BB cream.

So is there any downfall?
Well, price for the alphabet creams is always one factor that gets people (this is nearly $27CAN). One of the reasons why I have a friend who orders the Missha one, as it is only $10. But, Annabelle & Marcelle both have sales on the website once in awhile, or there were coupons on SmartSource, or they go on sale frequently at various stores as well. Another for me was the fact that the packaging is a little fragile. I still have one of the tubes I was sent, the one that is naked. It has cracked at the neck of the opening. I did a minor patch up with some glue…but it won’t stick around long enough. Luckily I used it up. However, I think that the weakness in that part of the container is due to the fact that the outer casing broke. Mom hasn’t seen that happen with her new one, or the last one she used. So I’m not holding that to be a huge downfall of the packaging.

As the greens turn to yellow, red, and orange…

Favourite Greens

…I can’t help but remember my lovely greens.

I took these ages ago, but better now than never.

Favourite Greens
The lower part of these pictures is spliced to try and convey how lovely the shimmer is.

1 – Annabelle Cosmetics Smoothliner in Emerald. Look at that pigmentation! Smoothliners don’t last on my oily skin as long as their Smudgeliners do, but I still like using this because of how rich it is. Plus, I categorize it as a Cheap Thrill product.

2 – The Body Shop Shimmer Cube in #22. Deep, and looks oddly mysterious…no? The shimmer cubes can be quite…finicky to work with. However, since their original release, I have been obsessed with the packaging. So I work extra hard to make them work when I do put them to use. I find that the upper bit is VERY dry to work with at times, so I shave a bit of it off, and it becomes much easier to work with. It is labeled on the back, but I have rearranged the individual cubes so many times, I can’t match them to their proper names.

3 – Loreal Infallible in Permanent Khaki. I know it doesn’t really look green, but it does in the pot. Soo…I couldn’t help but add it in. I guess it is more of a green tinge khaki? Which makes sense, as the name itself has the word “khaki” in it. In any case, a lovely product to use.

4 – MAC Pigment in Antique Green. I don’t use my loose pigments enough anymore, but I can’t bear (…is that the right one?!?) to part with them. I mean, Antique Green is okay in its dry form, but I love using it foiled, or patted over a sticky base. Plus, it just looks so lovely in the pot.

Also, I guess I should just admit to myself that I have hit a posting slump. With the new change in my life, I guess it was inevitable, but didn’t want to admit it. But, going to try and keep up, as i do have things that I still want to share.

In any case, hope that you liked the post today. Do you have a favourite green to suggest?

Packing for a week away…

*some of the products in this post were sent for review purposes*

…when I went to Korea in September.

You see, I hadn’t flown since my last trip to Korea in 2010. So it was important to me to get the necessities, while ensuring I didn’t have too much bulk. I opted to take a 22 inch bag, as I had plans that would make it difficult to maneuver bags that were too large. After coming back home, I regretted not taking something a little bigger…but we will get to that later.

So, what did I end up packing in terms of makeup and other stuff??

To Korea I Go!

To Korea I Go!
Was feeling a little sick, so I packed night time cold medication. Packed the Motrin because of potential headaches that could happen. You see the black ring near the lid? I actually put hair elastics around it. From stalking Instagram, I knew that it was still warm enough to wear shorts and dresses, so I packed the Venus Snap Razor* and the Satin Care Shaving Cream*.

To Korea I Go!
Mirror is always needed. Tweezers for stray hairs. Skin Food Eyebrow brush, Make Up For Ever Aqua Brows. The fact that it is waterproof is important as I figured I would be sweating a bunch. I took the Revlon lipstick, the EDM Flat Top Kabuki, and the Annabelle CC Compact. I use it heavily over my sunscreen, so it covers enough. I got a 7 day sample of Ole Henriksen from Sephora (one of their promos), and took that for my daily and nightly regimen. It was nice, because it was a decent amount of product, and I could toss out the packages once I was done. The Vichy Sleep Masque was used for the plane, to try and ensure that I was properly hydrated. The Biore Cleanser was for the days I needed an extra boost. I got three uses out of it. Lastly, MUFE Full Cover Concealer, to cover up the little things on my face. Good thing I took it, because the flight to Korea totally messed up my face -____-

To Korea I Go!
I actually ended up repacking this, because I had missed the X3 Clean Sanitizer (which ended up being a HUGE help on the plane and in Korea while out and about). I also needed to pack in the other liquid stuff that I wanted to keep with me, just in case my luggage was lost.

To Korea I Go!

  • floss picks
  • Fresh Soy Cleanser (not my favourite, but needed to use up the sample)
  • Clinique Moisture Surge Spray
  • Aquafresh tooth paste
  • Bioderm moisturizer sample
  • I decanted a bit of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery into the little dropper container
  • Glamglow sample for a masque while I was there
  • Oil blotting film
  • Urban Decay Deslick
  • CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous*
  • Olay moisturizer
  • Shiseido Sunscreen
  • Carmex
  • Perfume sample vials (I had three that I put in a little ziplock baggie, but two popper on the way over -__-)
  • Visine for my eyes
  • B brand highlighter, tint, primer
  • Tarte Lip Surgence
  • The Body Shop Tint
  • MAC Cremesheen gloss
  • MUFE sephora birthday sample lipstick
  • Hourglass primer sample
  • MUFE Aqua Cream (for all over eye colour/lining my lower lash line)
  • I also took mascara, but not in the picture

To Korea I Go!
I thought I would be perming my hair in Korea, so I packed the Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo. I didn’t want to buy it in Korea, as it was expected to be a little pricey. Besides, this was about $2.50 when Walmart Canada has its rollback. I packed extra glasses to wear. I bought the men’s watch from Aldo. I wanted something that didn’t matter if I scuffed up…but I came to really REALLY like it over the travel. It is now a daily staple :P Best part was that it was only $10 on sale. Mini brush is needed for my crazy hair. I also packed various chargers and such in the black glass case. I picked up the Monopod online for about $6. I took my old digicam to take a few videos if needed. Then there is music, and then a pencil case for makeup pencils and pens to write.

To Korea I Go!
I packed UD liners, Annabelle Brow Pencil*, MUFE Shadow Pencil, and the black Marcelle Eyeliner. That was it for my pencils.

You will notice you don’t see a tooth brush. Or body wash…yeah…I totally forgot them -___- I ended up having to buy them from a 711 lol.

Anyway, I tried to keep things simple, and yet, it was pretty over packed. I mean I didn’t need so many lip products, seeing I was only there for a week. I also ended up not using the liners because I just used the MUFE Aqua Cream every day instead. I did, however, moisture like a nut on the plane…but unfortunately once I got off, my face was still a mess. It was breaking out like MAD. I had so many comments from my cousin about it…almost drove me insane lol.

So, that was the stuff I ended up taking over with me. Since I got that out of the way, I can start releasing the posts from the time I was there. Hopefully get the first one, about the flight over, in a few days.


Is there anything you end up forgetting when you pack?


On a side note, it is my brothers birthday today. Another year he gets older…reminds me of how far we have come from being the fighting little brats.

The Daily Stash…

My daily stash


My daily stash
So then…what is in the bag?
This bag is from one of our awesome Beauty United boxes from Christmas. Such a great size to stash all this stuff in, and easily spotted in the bag.

My daily stash
Generally this is what I try to carry.

Yes, it looks like a lot. But…here’s why.

I have become quite lazy when it comes to my daily face. My friends and I are going to be hitting milestones soon, and well, as my friend put it, “I don’t need to impress others”. Not to say that we do makeup to impress others, but it just got to the point it wasn’t super necessary for me to spend precious time doing my face…when I preferred to get a bit more sleep. So, lately, there are days when I don’t do very much. I mean, I didn’t do much in Korea as well, and BOY did my cousin keep telling me I should.

In any case, there are times I don’t go out with makeup, but then need to spruce up in the evening for drinks with friends. That is why I started carrying mini’s of some things that will help me on my way.

  • Oil Blotters
  • Marcelle BB Cream (from the trio they put out in the summer)
  • Urban Decay Eyeliner (double as an all over lid colour)
  • Mouthwash
  • Olay Hand Cream (nothing scented heavily)
  • Kiehl’s Lip balm
  • NYC Applelicious tinted lip balm (to add colour to my lips)
  • Buxom Mascara sample
  • The Skin Food LIp & Cheek Duo for cheek colour
  • X3 Clean Hand Sanitizer (again nothing scented, for emergencies)
  • The Body Shop Mini Brush (to brush out the tangles)
  • and then the miscellaneous…

My daily stash
I depotted the shadows in the MAC Devoted Poppy palette. I mean, it was annoying to use, cause I only really wanted access to two colours. One of which I still use nearly every single day. It has a great mirror, and deep enough to stash a few extra things inside.

  • Bandaids (just in case I get blisters from shoes)
  • perfume sample ( purchases are awesome for this)
  • Bobby Pins on a fridge magnet
  • Hair ties
  • Hair screws (I keep the good Goody Screws on my dresser, so the cheaper ones are for on the fly events)

So there it is. All the randoms that I have in my bag. Some things really don’t change, but others do.

Is there anything you carry that you have to have in your every day essentials bag?

I guess I should throw in a pad in there, just in case of emergencies…I keep forgetting.