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Lipstick Tag

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For my purposes, I don’t use lipstick exclusively, so “lipstick” here will mean general lip products (but not including clear balms. Cause that’s another story)

How many lipsticks do you own?
Way too many for a gal who doesn’t use lipsticks as much as she should -__- For sure under 100, but over 50. But that includes glosses, tints…hmmm…maybe it is over a 100…oh wow…

What was your first ever lipstick?
I was about grade 5 or 6, and I got this black lipstick from Wet n Wild, for the Halloween party at school. We were forced to come with a costume, so Mom and I rushed to Pharma Plus so I could buy a Witches hat. I paired it with a black dress that I had. Then when I got to school, a girl I knew said it was too plain, so she said I could buy her lipstick from her. I paid a dollar lol. Then there was a Bonnebell Mocha tint balm that my friend gave me…that I dropped on to the tracks at St George Subway station. That was a sad day.

Lipstick Tag
What is your favourite brand for lipstick?
Hmm…this one is hard. I would have to narrow it down to Innisfree, and Revlon. Since my budget doesn’t really allow me to buy expensive ones frequently…but if I did, it would include the YSL, Shiseido (I get them when I can at the sale in Markham) or Guerlain (Mom loves them). But I also do love my drugstore ones a lot, like Marcelle and Annabelle, as the formula is just right for me.

Lipstick Tag
What is your most worn lipstick?
Benefit Lady’s Choice (I think its DC’ed now but still have one in backup. I hoarded it), Revlon Kissable Balm Stains in Crush, Revlon Berry Couture, Vasanti Sweden, and I am trying to wear the YSL one a lot more too…while trying to save it at the same time lol

What is your favourite finish?
Cream..tint? As long as it isn’t a glittery mess, I’ll wear it.

Lipstick Tag
How many lipsticks do you currently have in your handbag? (Including balms and glosses)
I got two balms, Revlon Raspberry Pie, YSL Volupte Sheer Candy #4, and Stila Pomegranate Crush Stain. Not too bad :)

Lipstick Tag
Lipstick Tag
How do you store your lipsticks?
In a Fererro Roche container, for the ones I don’t use as often. I have this 24 slot container I bought from BIC for the ones I do use more regularly. Then I have a container from Dollarama (love these) that I store off season ones.

Lipstick Tag
Lipstick Tag
(Covergirl on the Left, Vasanti on the Right)
What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
Vasanti USA, or Cover Girl Seduce. I like darker reds, and yet I like these even though they aren’t as dark as I like them normally. USA is a little dry at times, but still very pretty.

What lip products are you currently lusting after?
I’m not allowed to lust after more products! Haha…but really, I don’t. I think because I have so many, and it has finally registered, I don’t really have lemmings. If I had to say, then it would be the new products that Joe Fresh came out with in the spring. However they aren’t expensive, so it isn’t like I can’t pick them u right now.

Miss Manga Mascara…

Hello dear readers.
Sorry for the rather long absence from the blog in respect to reviews and rambles. Semester ended, semester started, life, laziness, and enjoyment all got in the way of me sitting down and editing pictures. But I have missed it, so slowly coming back :)

So moving along, today I wanted to share about a mascara I picked up last month.

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
(Miss Manga pictured along with a few of the manga series that I have in my collection)

Knowing a lot of Toronto Beauty Bloggers has its hazards.

Recently, one was that they all posted awesome pictures of receiving the new Loreal Miss Manga mascara to try out (they even got the coloured ones that will release apparently in August, according to Jill).

Anyway, the packaging was cute, and I just happened to find that they were on sale at SDM. So I scooped it up for $6CAN at SDM.

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
Miss Manga is Lorea’s answer for the manga or anime nut, to acheive the long lashes we see in the artwork. However, when I actually think of lashes in manga or anime, I actually think of Sailor Moon’s Usagi (aka Serena as we know her in North American 90′s dubs). She has like 3-5 lashes :P

(On that note, did anyone see Crystal?? I was a little disappointed, and even more so to find out it will only release every two weeks OTL)

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
As you can see, I got the waterproof version, as I am on the last leg of my Fairy Drops Volume Burst Waterproof mascara.

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
The tapered design is to help you reach all the hard to reach lashes, and makes it a little more easier to handle when it stand it upright to coat your lower lashes like I do.

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara
The key to this wand is the 360 movement wand…but personally I find it the worst quality, at least for my own use.

You see, I find it too flexible that I cannot push up on my lashes like I would with my other waterproof mascaras. Because of this, I lose the extra lift I would usually get. Not a huge deal if you don’t mind being careful and giving your lashes a light squeeze with your curler. But I like to avoid that as waterproof ones tend to be a little sticker and stick to the curler.


I was willing to ignore that, and the fact that it doesn’t volumize my lashes as much as would have liked…mainly because of its extreme lashes abilities.

I can apply this in the morning, then 14 hours later, it still looks just as fresh. Even if the rest of my face has melted off, or shifted due to my oily skin. So the fact that I don’t experience flaking or smudging at all, is really a huge plus in my books. That is why I am willing to put aside the not so volumizing part of the formula. Besides, I like layering mascara’s, so I can always use something else, and use Miss Manga to seal it in. (I was recently in Niagara for a friends Bachelorette, and Miss Manga stayed put for 18hrs! :D)

Loreal Miss Manga Mascara

Well then…what’s the verdict?
Price is a huge thing for me, but seeing as I was spending about $15CAN for Fairy Drops (which was my previous HG), the regular price of about $11CAN for Miss Manga isn’t bad at all. However, since I snagged mine at $6, I would definitely keep an eye out for sales. That being said, I know I would pick up another eventually (though I do have a lot of other formula’s to get through, like my love Marcelle and their Mascara raincoats :P). Now I have read with other bloggers that they experienced smudging. I’m lucky I haven’t, but lately am using mineral foundations, or BB creams. The lack of oil might have helped in that area. However I do have a monolid, and don’t really use primers lately, and yet still haven’t had issues. So if you do give it a try, I will keep my fingers crossed for you :)

Are you a fan of liquid illuminators?

Back in the end of winter, I got an email from Sephora that they had a promo where we could redeem a free full size NARS Illuminator with our purchase. Of course I got suckered in a bought one. I mean full size?! I missed out on the Dior Lipstick, so I knew I had to get on this. So I did.

NARS Illuminator

The reason why they were giving these away, was primarily due to the fact that NARS was redoing their packaging, and the Illuminators are now in shorter wider squeeze tubes with a flip top.

I don’t mind.

But I haven’t used a lot of liquid highlighters, so that was the tricky part. I have used Benefits High Beam, and Banilla Co’s Moonlight, but this wasn’t like those at all.

NARS Illuminator
NARS Illuminator
NARS Illuminator

First off, the NARS Illuminator in Orgasm, had more slip to it. On my oily skin, it didn’t quite dry down. So if I wanted to use it under something, it would kind of shift about. Second, It seemed to chunky for me, which made it noticeable when I mixed it in with my foundation or whatever. BUT, if I layered a light blush over it, it really made it pop as the flecks reflected the light more. That part I absolutely loved.

A little goes a long way with this, so though it is a tad expensive at $36CAN (@Sephora), but again it goes a long way. Plus it comes in 4 different colours. I probably won’t get another, as I want it to be a more dry type of product, but that is merely preference. So I’ll stick with my powder illuminators :)

Working in a new gel liner into the routine…

Several weeks back, I put in another order with Sephora. Then I realized that I got hit with duties. I knew they were charging them, but they changed the cash out page, so I didn’t realize that the taxes and duties were combined in to one calculation. It wasn’t like that before, as it would show the taxes and duties separately. I was insulted that they were suddenly being so devious in charging their customers. It seems to flirt back and forth, so I am more careful in putting orders with Sephora now. I still have an issue with the CS though, as I tried to return it after calling in, and they told me I could receive duties back in store. Nope. So need to call them back and tell them that they were wrong, and I want my moola back. We will see how that goes. #endrant

Sephora Smoky Cream Liner

So I needed a new cream liner as I wanted to put the new Real Techniques Silicone Liner to the test. I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this, and am so glad that I did. It was only $6CAN (well $8/9 if we factor in the additional duties they charged me), and on clearance. You might be able to catch them on the website sale page, as it constantly comes back in stock, but generally YMMV. I wish I had gotten to these sooner, so I could have grabbed the black.

Sephora Smoky Cream Liner

First, I mean look at how pretty the shimmer bits are in the gel. The picture isn’t accurate in terms of colour, but that shimmer!

Sephora Smoky Cream Liner

In any case, the bronze is just dark enough to wear during the day, to add a hint of definition to my otherwise plain eyes. In addition, I have found it to be incredibly long lasting, as it lasts the 8 hours I am out with no problems.

Sephora Smoky Cream Liner

The only problem I did have was with removal. If I didn’t remove it properly, it would flake in to my eyes, or the shimmer would melt into my eyes, and I would be screaming bloody murder. Hot dang does it hurt!

But I mean aside from that…its pretty good haha…

Anyway, I might venture back in to the gel liner scene…we will see. As for now, I am content with this being in my routine, especially for the cheap price I should have paid for this.