Polka Dots

It took me a really long time in my youth…to realize it was polka, and not poka.

I still laugh at how silly that was.

Anyway, I was supposed to have a Cover Girl review up today…but I got super lazy in editing the pictures. My bad.

So today I will share a NOTD from a little while back.

I don’t usually do dots on the nails…but had this odd craving to do so.

So I pulled out my American Apparel nail polish and went to work (I used Sunset Blvd and Poppy).

And yes, that is a bit of settling in the polish. Not cool…but the colour is still pretty…when I could capture it…

Also, my nails aren’t as pointy any more. It was too long for me to type properly…or text properly. But I did have fun with them :)

I picked these up awhile back, which I shared HERE

Sunset Blvd isnt as orange as I capture it to be. Hence I added the cooler picture which makes my skintone look off.

Polka Dots

Polka Dots

Polka Dots


Last week on Instagram…

If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instagram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post. If you can, then yay :)


Oops. Sorry for dropping the ball and not publishing pictures with this this morning.

I only asked for baseball cards…so I could eat the gum, and bro could have the cards. Oh selfish selfish me…

Went to Costco. Went home. Opened trunk, reached in to grab bag. Greeted by slimy goo. WTH? Turned on light, noticed the entire of the Palmolive soap had emptied out in the trunk. *insert angry words here*. It took us nearly 2 hours to clean the interior, and to wash out the mats. It still stinks, and the interior is still sticky. Perfect. I don’t know why it didn’t come sealed. We wouldn’t have thought of it anyway, as it has never happened to us, and we always buy our Palmolive at Costco :T I did write them a letter, to suggest a product packaging change. Let’s see what I get as a response. What a waste.

Our family doesn’t do store bought Kimchi. Mum is convinced it sucks (well…it really did used to suck a long time ago *enter decade and a half ago*). Store bought Kimchi has come a long way, and yet she still insists on making it. Luckily mom learned old recipes from older Korean people over her life, so I don’t have to complain about the taste. But I really do need to start learning how to make it…even though I know I will probably stop eating it, or buy it as well.

Other than that, nothing much more to report back on the week on Instagram. It was pretty boring there, as I didn’t have much to share. Maybe this week will be different :) Hope your Monday’s have started off well!

Tag! You’re it!…Lipstick tag

Lipstick Tag

Tagged by Kelly @GlitterDiaries (You can see her original post HERE)

For my purposes, I don’t use lipstick exclusively, so “lipstick” here will mean general lip products (but not including clear balms. Cause that’s another story)

How many lipsticks do you own?
Way too many for a gal who doesn’t use lipsticks as much as she should -__- For sure under 100, but over 50. But that includes glosses, tints…hmmm…maybe it is over a 100…oh wow…

What was your first ever lipstick?
I was about grade 5 or 6, and I got this black lipstick from Wet n Wild, for the Halloween party at school. We were forced to come with a costume, so Mom and I rushed to Pharma Plus so I could buy a Witches hat. I paired it with a black dress that I had. Then when I got to school, a girl I knew said it was too plain, so she said I could buy her lipstick from her. I paid a dollar lol. Then there was a Bonnebell Mocha tint balm that my friend gave me…that I dropped on to the tracks at St George Subway station. That was a sad day.

Lipstick Tag
What is your favourite brand for lipstick?
Hmm…this one is hard. I would have to narrow it down to Innisfree, and Revlon. Since my budget doesn’t really allow me to buy expensive ones frequently…but if I did, it would include the YSL, Shiseido (I get them when I can at the sale in Markham) or Guerlain (Mom loves them). But I also do love my drugstore ones a lot, like Marcelle and Annabelle, as the formula is just right for me.

Lipstick Tag
What is your most worn lipstick?
Benefit Lady’s Choice (I think its DC’ed now but still have one in backup. I hoarded it), Revlon Kissable Balm Stains in Crush, Revlon Berry Couture, Vasanti Sweden, and I am trying to wear the YSL one a lot more too…while trying to save it at the same time lol

What is your favourite finish?
Cream..tint? As long as it isn’t a glittery mess, I’ll wear it.

Lipstick Tag
How many lipsticks do you currently have in your handbag? (Including balms and glosses)
I got two balms, Revlon Raspberry Pie, YSL Volupte Sheer Candy #4, and Stila Pomegranate Crush Stain. Not too bad :)

Lipstick Tag
Lipstick Tag
How do you store your lipsticks?
In a Fererro Roche container, for the ones I don’t use as often. I have this 24 slot container I bought from BIC for the ones I do use more regularly. Then I have a container from Dollarama (love these) that I store off season ones.

Lipstick Tag
Lipstick Tag
(Covergirl on the Left, Vasanti on the Right)
What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
Vasanti USA, or Cover Girl Seduce. I like darker reds, and yet I like these even though they aren’t as dark as I like them normally. USA is a little dry at times, but still very pretty.

What lip products are you currently lusting after?
I’m not allowed to lust after more products! Haha…but really, I don’t. I think because I have so many, and it has finally registered, I don’t really have lemmings. If I had to say, then it would be the new products that Joe Fresh came out with in the spring. However they aren’t expensive, so it isn’t like I can’t pick them u right now.