Moving even further down the alphabet…

*I received initial products for a lovely Christmas Gift. No obligations attached. I purchased another tube throughout the year*

At the end of last year, I had received two little packages of Marcelle products (accidentally got doubles). It was lovely, because I got them when we had that crazy winter blackout, and left without heat for a week?? I can’t remember…could have been just a few days…I should look back on the post…buuuuuuut…lets move on.

In any case, I got these packages, and inside was the DD Cream which I had yet to have tried out.

Marcelle DD Cream

What does DD stand for?

Daily Defense. It packs in a punch when you read…

Going beyond a BB Cream, DD is an all-in-one tinted cream that not only corrects but really protects your skin from external aggressors. With its platinum-infused formula, Marcelle’s DD Cream reinforces skin’s natural defenses and improves the overall appearance of skin by reducing impurities. Its powerful ingredients make it a fearsome shield against environmental aggressors such as pollution, stresses, and UVB rays. With SPF 25
-via Marcelle Website

Marcelle DD Cream
A pump. The packaging for mine looks different because the outer casing broke. So I had been using it tubeless. In the first picture, you can see that the lid broke. That is the second one that mom has (she used up the one that we were sent, and I had to pick up a new one for her…more on that in a bit). The pump actually is pretty great. I found that it allowed me to control the amount I wanted to use.

Marcelle DD Cream
Marcelle DD Cream
The colour is actually a little bit darker on my hand, but a rather decent match for my face. For the record, my face is the darkest part of me. I inherited that from my dad, who is exactly the same way. Doesn’t really matter if we use sunscreen or not -___- So, it matches me quite well. That being said…

Marcelle DD CreamMarcelle DD Cream
I have to admit, I like the DD cream a little better than their BB cream. They shouldn’t really be compared, as the DD cream is definitely heavier than the BB by far. In addition, it just does a few things to my skin that the BB doesn’t quite get completely. Make no mistake though, I love them both. But I usually reach for the DD cream when my skin is acting up, and just needs more help.

Tightens pores (it fills in my pores rather than tighten)
Visibly improves skin texture (definitely looks better)
Evens and smoothes the look of skin (does smooth out my skin)
Promotes removal of skin impurities (I couldn’t tell, but maybe because it is hard to track?)
Controls shine (holds back the oilies for a decent enough of time)
Offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits (skin does feel plump and not tight)
Protects skin from environmental stressors (not sure how to measure this)
Helps prevent signs of aging (in the long run by protecting, I guess it could)
Soothes and calms dry/damaged skin (dry bits were not emphasized by it)
Provides anti-dull radiant complexion (there is a bit of a radiance)
Dermatologist tested
-via Marcelle Website

So, my experience is obviously stated in the brackets above. Now I mentioned earlier that I had to pick up another DD cream for Mom. Mom is more high maintenance than I am, when it comes to makeup. Well, doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, but as she hit a certain milestone, she has been feeling…the need to try and hold on to whatever youth she thinks she is losing. Which is insane really, because she does look younger than her age for sure. In any case, when she was using her first tube, it made a little spurt when she pumped it. She totally called me immediately, telling me to pick up another for her. I found it funny…that is how I am when it comes to my favourite mascara or shadow pencil.

Thus, it is safe to say that my Mother loves it. When you look at the before and after picture of my skin, you can see that it covers up my horribly clogged pores (was still suffering from the abuse I put it through from school, luckily a bit of work has lessened the grossness). Also, my skin has been lacking that little lustre. So, the fact that this perks it up, is pretty nice. It isn’t full coverage, but it does enough that I don’t have to feel I MUST use concealer, though I would if some of my spots were too inflamed. I also felt that it kept my oily skin at bay longer, at least longer than the BB cream.

So is there any downfall?
Well, price for the alphabet creams is always one factor that gets people (this is nearly $27CAN). One of the reasons why I have a friend who orders the Missha one, as it is only $10. But, Annabelle & Marcelle both have sales on the website once in awhile, or there were coupons on SmartSource, or they go on sale frequently at various stores as well. Another for me was the fact that the packaging is a little fragile. I still have one of the tubes I was sent, the one that is naked. It has cracked at the neck of the opening. I did a minor patch up with some glue…but it won’t stick around long enough. Luckily I used it up. However, I think that the weakness in that part of the container is due to the fact that the outer casing broke. Mom hasn’t seen that happen with her new one, or the last one she used. So I’m not holding that to be a huge downfall of the packaging.

Last week on Instagram…

Oh man…still recovering from last night.

I went to a wedding of a good friend of mine. An event I have been waiting for since last December :D

In any case, I was not too impressed with all the staff at The Venetian Banquet Hall. That’s all I will say since I am still hoping that action will take place.

Beginning of the week started horribly for a few reasons. More importantly that people can be so ignorant. Unfortunate. Luckily the rest of the day went better.

I picked up a few things, thanks to the Sephora code I got on an employee on Instagram. Thankful for that :)

Because of the said wedding, I was treating my face like crazy since I was breaking out a lot. Peel off masque for the clogged pores, and a sheet masque to work the pores. I did a clay masque towards the end of the week.

I went dress hunting a few times, and this was the only dress that was ‘suitable’. I wasn’t a 100% in love with it, but it did its job for the night.

I received a few packages I was excited to get. BzzAgent Hair Campaign, An envelope that was STUFFED with Annabelle Goodies. Because I was so happy, I made a mini video too.

The wedding. The Bride was keeping the party favours underwraps, but accidentally let it slip the last time we all met to have dinner. However, I didn’t realize they had found these containers to put them n! So cute :D

The didn’t want to have some of the usual things you have at a wedding, so they hired Ray Chance. Really cool Street Magician, who really did get our attention! The video was poorly done on my end, but basically he started with drawing a circle, writing the world ball underneath. Shut the pad, then opened it, and BOOM! Out fell out the real bowling ball. Haha…It was fun. “Who’s got the lemon? Andrew’s got the lemon. I do I do…”



Musical Friday with Lee Jae Hoon

Okay, who am I kidding?
The last few weeks of music have been of all the people I have loved since the first day I heard them. They are all technically…on the old school side, but nevetheless great listens.

Today we have Lee Jae Hoon, of the group Cool, with the MV “I See You”. Yet another group I have loved since my teens. You can find more info about them at Soompi

New OPI pick ups from Dollarama

OPI at Dollarama

The day I went to the Myers Apple Farm, we all went to Mississauga to eat. While there, since the Dollarama was across the street, I popped over while waiting for our food.

So glad that I did.

You see, Dollarama has been selling OPI, NOPI, Essie, Sally Hansen etc nail polishes for a REALLY long time now. HOWEVER, I just could never find them at the stores that I would frequent. For a nail polish hog, it was so frustrating not to be able to find them.

In any case, I picked up four as they were $3 each. Basically, it seems that a lot of what we see in Dollarama, are reformulated NOPI as OPI, or renamed bottles of previous collections from OPI. Yeah, I don’t get it either…but you can see the ones that have been matched up @imabeautygeek.

Anyway I only got two swatches for you today, but the other two are equally pretty. Just will come over eventually, as I need to get rid of the yellow gel polish (it peeked through the lighter ones).

OPI at Dollarama
Stir Fried Eggplant
A deep purple, almost dark burgundy like. Has gold and purple shimmer, but very hard to see once on the nail. A little harder to work with. Formula was a tad thick and streaky.

Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow
Slightly watery, creme, deep green. You could probably pull off two coats, but I went with thin 4.

Golden Waves
Metallic gold. Looks beautiful in the bottle, but the metallic doesn’t really translate to the nail. More like a shimmer.

Girl Color
Pretty pale pink, with very light blue shimmer. Hard to see on the nail, but you can see that it reflects differently.

OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama

OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama

Anyway, if you do see them, its worth a shot trying them out. NOPI polishes don’t always work well with my nails, but these ones have held up so far.

Also, check the beauty aisle for Burts Bees wipes, and other hair care items.

I might still be wishing that Daiso would get their act together and come to Toronto, but at least the newest additions at Dollarama has held my pleas at bay for a little bit longer :)