Musical Friday with Lee Jae Hoon

Okay, who am I kidding?
The last few weeks of music have been of all the people I have loved since the first day I heard them. They are all technically…on the old school side, but nevetheless great listens.

Today we have Lee Jae Hoon, of the group Cool, with the MV “I See You”. Yet another group I have loved since my teens. You can find more info about them at Soompi

New OPI pick ups from Dollarama

OPI at Dollarama

The day I went to the Myers Apple Farm, we all went to Mississauga to eat. While there, since the Dollarama was across the street, I popped over while waiting for our food.

So glad that I did.

You see, Dollarama has been selling OPI, NOPI, Essie, Sally Hansen etc nail polishes for a REALLY long time now. HOWEVER, I just could never find them at the stores that I would frequent. For a nail polish hog, it was so frustrating not to be able to find them.

In any case, I picked up four as they were $3 each. Basically, it seems that a lot of what we see in Dollarama, are reformulated NOPI as OPI, or renamed bottles of previous collections from OPI. Yeah, I don’t get it either…but you can see the ones that have been matched up @imabeautygeek.

Anyway I only got two swatches for you today, but the other two are equally pretty. Just will come over eventually, as I need to get rid of the yellow gel polish (it peeked through the lighter ones).

OPI at Dollarama
Stir Fried Eggplant
A deep purple, almost dark burgundy like. Has gold and purple shimmer, but very hard to see once on the nail. A little harder to work with. Formula was a tad thick and streaky.

Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow
Slightly watery, creme, deep green. You could probably pull off two coats, but I went with thin 4.

Golden Waves
Metallic gold. Looks beautiful in the bottle, but the metallic doesn’t really translate to the nail. More like a shimmer.

Girl Color
Pretty pale pink, with very light blue shimmer. Hard to see on the nail, but you can see that it reflects differently.

OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama

OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama
OPI at Dollarama

Anyway, if you do see them, its worth a shot trying them out. NOPI polishes don’t always work well with my nails, but these ones have held up so far.

Also, check the beauty aisle for Burts Bees wipes, and other hair care items.

I might still be wishing that Daiso would get their act together and come to Toronto, but at least the newest additions at Dollarama has held my pleas at bay for a little bit longer :)

As the greens turn to yellow, red, and orange…

Favourite Greens

…I can’t help but remember my lovely greens.

I took these ages ago, but better now than never.

Favourite Greens
The lower part of these pictures is spliced to try and convey how lovely the shimmer is.

1 – Annabelle Cosmetics Smoothliner in Emerald. Look at that pigmentation! Smoothliners don’t last on my oily skin as long as their Smudgeliners do, but I still like using this because of how rich it is. Plus, I categorize it as a Cheap Thrill product.

2 – The Body Shop Shimmer Cube in #22. Deep, and looks oddly mysterious…no? The shimmer cubes can be quite…finicky to work with. However, since their original release, I have been obsessed with the packaging. So I work extra hard to make them work when I do put them to use. I find that the upper bit is VERY dry to work with at times, so I shave a bit of it off, and it becomes much easier to work with. It is labeled on the back, but I have rearranged the individual cubes so many times, I can’t match them to their proper names.

3 – Loreal Infallible in Permanent Khaki. I know it doesn’t really look green, but it does in the pot. Soo…I couldn’t help but add it in. I guess it is more of a green tinge khaki? Which makes sense, as the name itself has the word “khaki” in it. In any case, a lovely product to use.

4 – MAC Pigment in Antique Green. I don’t use my loose pigments enough anymore, but I can’t bear (…is that the right one?!?) to part with them. I mean, Antique Green is okay in its dry form, but I love using it foiled, or patted over a sticky base. Plus, it just looks so lovely in the pot.

Also, I guess I should just admit to myself that I have hit a posting slump. With the new change in my life, I guess it was inevitable, but didn’t want to admit it. But, going to try and keep up, as i do have things that I still want to share.

In any case, hope that you liked the post today. Do you have a favourite green to suggest?

Last week on Instagram…

Life has been rather uneventful as of late…That is the life of a baeksu.

In any case…

I went to meet my friend AY on Friday. After a rather pitiful afternoon, I needed a pick me up yummy dessert before we went out for drinks. So off we went to Patbingsu. Definitely a great pick me up, especially with the right company :)

Picked up the Arizona. I know it has an insane amount of sugar, but it was on sale for 2/$3 bottles. Anyway, the packaging is pretty…

Lastly, I have a rather important event to attend next week, and since a hair thing fell through, I thought I should refresh the colour of my hair. I dye is every 3 months with the Loreal HiColor for Dark Hair. It works well, but the colour only sticks around for about a month and a half. So right now, you can’t see any of the Auburn Red, that I had initially dyed it with. Anyway, I heard that there were people who refresh their colours with semi-permanent dyes, so I figured I would give it a try…but the horrible bleeding testimonials have me wary. I did pick these tubs up on clearance for about $4 each…so it can’t be too bad…righ?!??? *finger crossed*