Do you prep your hair?

I am horrible when it comes to cutting my hair. Horrible.

I wash every day, dry nearly every day (though in the summer I try to just air dry), so my hair does get abused a bit much.

So what is a gal to do?

I used to ignore it…until I started getting a bunch of hair care products from Beauty United, aside from just shampoo and conditioner.

I mean I couldn’t just claim laziness and NOT use them right?

I didn’t like using products that claimed to fix split ends. I mean fix them? They have been split! So I like to think of them like this. A temporary superglue that wear down if you don’t continue to use it. A temporary fix to get you to your next annual hair cut.

Below is what my hair typically looks like when I don’t work it…

Hair Prep

Dry, frizzy, and just a bit of a mess. I notice it more when I try and brush it out. I end up having to tackle the knots that have formed throughout the day.

Basically if I don’t work with products, that is what my hair reverts to. With just a shampoo and conditioner…like the one below by Pantene Everlasting Ends, I find my hair a bit more manageable.

Hair Prep
Hair Prep

So it looks a little less frizzy.

You know how hands get dry, and when you apply a lotion, it gives you a fix?

Well that is what I have been liking about repair cremes. The use of the Split Fix, or the Ultimate 10 BB Creme, helps to moisturize my ends, making it looks pretty decent for most of my day.

Hair PrepHair Prep

I do find that I need to reapply a bit after about 5-6 hrs, but not a huge deal for me.

After the Pantene Beautiful Hair event, I have been using Damage Detox. It was the line that was used on me to do my hair that day, and has worked well to make my hair feel smooth. Of course no one is touching my hair except for me, but hey at least I can play with it :P

Hair Prep

It does seem pricey, as SDM has them for over $5. But you they do go on sale quite often, and are on roll back at Walmart now for $3.92. I actually like the Rehab Creme. It is like the extra conditioning conditioner that comes in a home dye kit. But I don’t need to use quite as much to get the same effect. Plus it smells nice like Pantene usually does.

Hair Prep

I liked using those three up there during the Holiday season.  The Pantene Expert Keratin Repair Ampoules were a first for me. I think they are being phased out though, as I have seen them on the clearance rack around a few stores. I thought it was an oil, but it is a creme that you leave in for a bit, before washing out. Personally I liked the Damage Detox better. I felt that the effects lasted longer. The Silky Moisture Whip was a sample that I got before. This picture is from the holiday season, but I bought another (on the third full size can now O___O). I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like it is doing much, but the extra care it provides my hair makes it smooth after blow drying it out. It is hard to explain, but I basically notice a difference for my routine, so I’ve been sticking to it.  I know the Vidal Sassoon is for Boost & Lift, but I have been using it to smooth the top of my head. I spray on my hands, and smooth it over. I have a bunch of short hairs sprouting, so this keeps it a bit more manageable. Seriously…my hair is a mess without the love I get from all these products.

So what about product buildup?

I do find a little. Especially if I use something that is more waxy. Most noticeable when I brush my hair, and you see the film it leaves behind. It happens more when I use the Split Fix, so though I like it, I use the Ultimate 10 BB instead. I use this clarifying shampoo that I got for free from Sally Beauty. I use that once a week. Aside from that, I don’t find that the top of my head feels weighed down, which is important as my hair is pretty fine.

Anyway, dang that was a long ramble. I know…

Even with that ramble about products, I still have a BUNCH more to get through. That is after unloading a few on friends. I have basically become the hair fairy lol

Hair Prep

I have started trying out the Advanced Keratin Repair Keragloss spray recently…so I’ll talk about that later, as I have Fekkai and some other goodies I still have to try out.

Do you have a styling product you like??

I know that I mentioned a lot of P&G stuff, but if there is something you like that isn’t, do let me know :)



*Disclosure: I am a #BeautyUnited blogger. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own*

Spring Elle Canada Beauty Box

Opened up my mail box and POOF! Inside this lovely box was stuffed inside.

Elle Canada Beauty Box

I got one in the fall, but I like the design of the box, and that is coming from a person who is not that fond of pink :P

Elle Canada Beauty Box

Elle Canada Beauty Box

Elle Canada Beauty Box
The lovely things that were stuffed inside.

Elle Canada Beauty Box
It also included a little booklet, which contained how-to’s of a few looks.

Elle Canada Beauty Box
I actually like Glamorous Grunge, not that it really looks grungy in any way. But the hair and the neutral look just looks so great on the model.

Elle Canada Beauty Box
CoverGirl Bombshell Volume
Gillette Satin Care
Pantene Repair & Protect
Crest 3D White Strips

Elle Canada Beauty Box
It also contained a few coupons, which is always a nice touch as well.

My teeth are too sensitive to the Crest White Strips, so those go to my brother. Pantene is my go to brand for hair anyway, so that will be put to good use. I am pretty bad when it comes to shaving…I dry shave. But have been trying to break that habit, so luckily I’ve gotten used to putting shaving creams to use (thanks to Beauty United). I already had the CoverGirl Bombshell from Beauty United, but it isn’t a product I like using. It is a little tough for my short, sparse, stubby lashes. But I do have a friend in mind who can take it off my hands.

Anyway this box is a freebie through Elle Canada. The spring box is now over, but you could be kept in the loop for the fall on if you sign up for their newsletter HERE. Aside from that, you can read more about the products HERE. It is a great way to try out products without having to shell out regular price. But the problem is that if you are hooked…you will start hoarding products lol.

Last Week on Instagram…

If you are reading this on a reader, you might not see the Instagram photos. You will either need to check out my Instagram HERE, or check out the post. If you can, then yay :)

I headed to school for an exam. Once I was done, it was pouring. But guess who didn’t have an umbrella -___-

I dyed my hair back on February 1st, and the red had all come out by then. And my ends were looking really raggedy. Thus I thought it was time to dye it up. This is my second time using the Loreal Hicolor. I actually like it. Yes it does fade a little quickly, but I mean I wash my hair everyday, so no surprise there. In any case, it flattens out my fried hair cuticles (I think that is what you call them), for a few week. Makes it look good. Anyway, I experience bleeding for about a week. No big deal. Oh, and my skin isn’t that smooth. Gotta love certain functions on apps lol

I met up with Watercoloursky, and M last Thursday. M took us to a relatively new BBT place after eating at Mother’s Dumplings. Though there was a slighly awkward situation, I liked STAY Cafeteria. Interior is so pretty.

HJ came over to hang out. Figured we would redo her shellac, as the place that she got them done did a HORRIBLE job. Cut her cuticle and then ended up cutting her skin so she bled. The shellac also peeled off a little over a week. So we watched Simpsons, ate nachos, and had fun chatting over random things.

Take out from Zet’s Restaurant. First time having their pork souvlaki, and omg so good! It seems pricey at $13, but seriously it was enough food for two meals, three if you don’t eat too much. I’m drooling thinking about them now…

Well I have another exam today, and not really looking forward to it. I have to write so much! Prof expects us to write 2 paragraphs for 3 questions, than 2 essays (proper essays) for two topics -___- All in three hours. Let’s just say I will be writing like my life depended on it haha OTL


Essie Ssssexy

Essie sssssexy Magnetic
Great formula. So smooth and just..great application.
Unfortunately I couldn’t get the snake pattern as my nails are quite curved.
You could stop at one coat, but I did two as I usually do for magnetic polishes. Do a thin layer and a medium coat so that you can manipulate the magnetic particles.

Essie Ssssexy

Essie Ssssexy

Essie Ssssexy

Essie Ssssexy