Olay Total Effects CC Cream

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Olay Total Effects CC Cream
Olay Total Effects 7 in 1
CC Cream
Pore Minimizing CC Cream

Another Alphabet product. At the same time, it is different.

You can find this in Fair to Light, and Light to Medium. If you were planning on using this for mere colour, you will be disappointed. Think of it as a lightly tinted colour corrector. It spreads thin, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble trying to make this blend in. A tube will cost you roughly $24CAN at Walmart.ca, which is a tad on the pricey side. Especially if you are looking for more pigmentation. If you are, there are others you can turn to. This one chooses to work for us by filling in pores and other imperfections one might have.

FYI, a little heavy on the scent, so might not be for everyone.

Olay Total Effects CC Cream
Olay Total Effects CC Cream
Right side looks more filled in, than the left side (So it makes it look moisturized/not that many lines)
Lines aren’t as apparent, but it does seem to settle in the dry lines on my hand. Which doesn’t turn out to be a bad thing, as it helps to fill in pores on my face.

Olay Total Effects CC Cream
Bare skin – With CC Cream – With mineral foundation over CC Cream
I like that it grabs on to the loose mineral foundation quite well. My skin looks more yellow for the last picture, but that is because of my foundation and not the CC. You can see that the CC evens out my skin tone, where my skin is red. It slightly helps to fill in the pores, which is more apparent with something over it. I cannot just leave my face with the CC cream. If you have skin in better state (not battling acne since your teens, and not currently battling adult acne), then this might be something you want to check out.

Again with the late night post…

Here I am…writing at 2:30 yet again.

But I can’t sleep. Again.

I waited til 9pm last night, and when I didn’t hear back…I shot off an email to one of the new contacts that I was introduced to yesterday.

Guess what?
They emailed me back within two hours. I’m sure the other one gets a lot of applications, but it would have been nice to stick to their own deadline, or just tell me “no”. In any case, I’ve dusted my hands of them.

Now, I mentioned that I needed to be back in Toronto for my friend’s wedding in November. I let them know that in the preliminary email. All my friends who have taught in Korea at Hakwon’s have said that they haven’t had issues with taking vacations. But then again, they did this back when they graduated undergrad about 7 years ago. Guess things have changed, as even the Hakwons have more strict days for vacation times.

In any case, if I don’t take a week off, they are willing to discuss working with me. That is going to be tight, but then again AY knows. I’m thankful she would rather me be there for a short while, rather than not being there at all. So, how have I worked the schedule?

  • Leave Korea Wednesday night, come back to Toronto by Wednesday night
  • Attend rehearsal dinner Thursday/Friday night
  • Ensure I know choreography for the dance
  • Make sure bridesmaid dress is alright
  • Be awesome for her wedding day, and cry buckets for my dear friend
  • Dance the evening away
  • Send off the happy couple
  • Run back home, grab luggage
  • Hop back on plane Sunday morning, arrive back in Korea Monday morning

At least…that is the plan so far. Otherwise, maybe I can find a half year gig, transfer my E2 into an F4, and tutor until the wedding. Ah…molla. Guess we will see what this recruiter says. Either way, I’ve started digging up all the English Conversation materials I used at SA many years ago. Also started looking for games. Doesn’t hurt to have something prepared right :P

*fingers crossed*

Sitting around…waiting…

My sleep schedule has been officially messed up! I finished working with my students yesterday…which means I am on hardcore hunting duty!

Anyway, I applied to a recruiter late Sunday evening. I know I haven’t reached the end of their 2-3 day wait period, but the personal luck pessimist in me says that I won’t get a reply.


I messed up the summary. Note to self/Note to anyone…if you have a small form to fill in a certain amount of words, so it in word. When you are done, paste it into the form on the website. Basically, I had gone past the number of words, so I was editing in the little form. I submitted (I try to argue to myself that it was 1am, and that I was just tired…), I realized that I had missed deleting two words! ACK! Anyway, that is why I don’t think I will hear from them.

So where does that leave me?

Well, I was browsing some hashtags on Instagram, and came across an individual who had taught, but had just returned home from her contract. SCORE! So I made an inquiry, and got two more chances to try and get through this. I also learned of another recruiter that is apparently fairly reliable from yet another Instagram user, who posted her blog link.

I was trying to get my documents verified/inquire about verification from the Korean Consulate, but it always, ALWAYS goes to voicemail. I also do not get a call back despite leaving a message. So it looks like I will have to make a trek downtown to ask them in person. Then, when I get a proper answer, will have to hunt down a Notary to get my documents done. I just wanted proper answers so I wouldn’t have to waste time, waste money…but I guess it can’t be helped.

Back back to the point. I need this opportunity to go through soon. I wanted to actually attend my friends wedding in January. Plus with other life events, would rather be abroad. I actually emailed her today. And already was so disapppointed T___T I still am holding on to a glimmer of hope, but unless her wedding is the end of the month, I probably won’t make it. Ah well. At least I have time to make the other wedding in March.

On the mention of weddings, I actually have 6 weddings that I am invited to for 2015. One I am in, the two in Korea, 3 high school friends, and one other family friend. Just nuts O___O First time I had this many. I peaked at 5 a few years back when I was more active in my church. Now that was brutal on my student wallet. But all great times of course, so no worries.

Okay…I think I have finally forced my body into exhaustion. My eyes are starting to hurt. This seems to be the only way to sleep lately, since I panic worry about the next month. I’m already packing…just let me leave!! haha…I’ll keep you updated :)