About Me

About Me

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas

Hi there. Despite the crazy looking picture there (which is from THIS post), I want to welcome you to the little blog of mine.

My name is Esther (I often go by “rasilla” online, but I will respond to it if you call out to me :P).

Born and raised in Toronto, I like watching Korean Dramas, Running Man, nail polish, a gorgeous blush, reading, swinging on swings, and wandering about Toronto. I am currently in the deep end of my 20’s, and working on finishing up a degree. As such, I try to share things that suit the type of budget that others might be interested in as students themselves. In addition, I blog to share things that will suit those who might be similar to me, in the sense that they are also plagued by super oily skin! Ack! (If you are one, do leave me a comment :))

I originally started this blog as stress relief (and to share my addiction views on books, Korean dramas, and online shopping experiences). Over the years it has evolved a little bit, and we have what you see now.

You will notice that my blog is titled “In a Nutshell”. It is not something that I am fond of, but does suit me in an odd way. The title is a tad funny because it is hard for me to be that condensed! You will see that most of my posts are a tad on the lengthy side, and well…that’s just the way I am :P

Just to add, all that is written on my blog is only MY personal view.
One personal view does not represent the entire population.
So take it with a grain of salt. Though if mine were horrible experiences, I do hope that you will have better ones.

November 20, 2012: 160 000 views June 14, 2013: 200 000 views

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